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Facebook News will pay UK outlets for content in 2021
Submitted by: ceres
Original Source: BBC
Contributed Category: /contrib/tech/
Starting in January, Facebook will pay UK publishers for some - but not all - of their content.
How soon could the IRS send your second stimulus check? Here's a timeline update
Submitted by: ceres
Original Source: CNET
Contributed Category: /contrib/US/
Congress must meet a certain date in order for a new economic stimulus package to reach you by the end of 2020.
The sun fires off its biggest solar flare in more than 3 years
Submitted by: ceres
Original Source:
Contributed Categories: /contrib/science/, /contrib/space_news
The sun unleashed its most powerful solar eruption in more than three years on Sunday (Nov. 29).
A vintage NASA moon rocket body is officially back in Earth orbit ... for now
Submitted by: ceres
Original Source:
Contributed Categories: /contrib/science/, /contrib/space_news, /contrib/nasa
Scientists think a piece of 1960s space junk has slipped into orbit around Earth. Here's the story of the Centaur rocket body and the Surveyor moon program it powered.
Ukrainian state budget again with a huge deficit
Submitted by: Timoschuk
Original Source: Timoschuk
Contributed Categories: /contrib/ukraine, /contrib/ukraine_politics
Former Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Pavel Kukhta announced the growth of a hole in the Ukrainian budget.In his words, unfinanced budget expenditures amount to tens of billions of...
Doctors urge the CDC to warn Americans about coronavirus vaccine side effects
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: The Daily Mail
Contributed Categories: /contrib/US/, /contrib/health/, /contrib/coronavirus, /contrib/cdc
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices told officials on Monday that Americans need to be prepared for side effects so that they won't be afraid to get second doses of COVID-19 vaccines.
Human ageing process biologically reversed in world first
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: The Telegraph
Contributed Category: /contrib/science/
Pioneering research has found a way to turn back clock on frailty and ill-health by putting humans in chambers with pure oxygen
Official data shows supermarkets are the most common 'exposure setting' to Covid-19
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: The Daily Mail
Contributed Categories: /contrib/world/, /contrib/Europe/UK/, /contrib/coronavirus
Public Health England warned that their numbers did not prove that someone had caught the virus at the supermarket, only that they had visited in the seven days before testing positive.
Myth of NATO’s expanded presence in Latvia
Submitted by: viktorsdomburs
Original Source: viktorsdomburs
Contributed Category: /contrib/politics/
In November NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia was strengthened by Iceland. This information was disseminated across Europe. But what is behind this fact?November 3, at Ādaži...
Could COVID-19 get as bad as the 1918 Spanish flu? Fauci, others see similarities
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: Miami Herald
Contributed Categories: /contrib/US/, /contrib/coronavirus
As coronavirus cases surge across the nation in spikes unseen since the pandemic began, infectious disease experts point to the lessons unlearned from a similar outbreak over a century ago. ......

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