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Polls show Joe Biden entering the Democratic primary with a significant lead
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: CNBC
Contributed Category: /contrib/politics/
As Biden enters the already crowded Democratic presidential primary field, polls show him leading Sen. Bernie Sanders by significant margins before ever uttering a word as an official candidate.
6 Best Android Camera Apps you Must Have In 2019
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: OneTechMinute
Contributed Categories: /contrib/tech/, /contrib/android, /contrib/cameras
Okay, it is fine if you want to use your stock camera app......the best camera apps for android? Here, we are going to show your 6 Best Android Camera Apps.
Scientists are world's firsts to reproduce complete copy of 'anti-tumour antibiotic'
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source:
Contributed Categories: /contrib/science/, /contrib/health/
After 20 years of dedicated research, scientists have cracked the chemical code of an incredibly complex 'anti-tumour antibiotic' known to be highly effective against cancer cells as well as...
EU elections: Emmanuel Macron CRISIS as far-right Le Pen party threatens SHOCK win
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: Express
Contributed Categories: /contrib/world/, /contrib/france, /contrib/marine_le_pen
FRENCH far-right leader Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement national (National Rally) is almost neck-and-neck with President Emmanuel Macron's La Rpublique en Marche (Republic on the Move), a poll of...
Macron to announce response to 'yellow vests' after months of protests
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: Reuters Africa
Contributed Categories: /contrib/world/, /contrib/france, /contrib/yellow_vests
Shaken by five months of often-violent "yellow vest" protests, Emmanuel Macron will announce a package of measures that could include lower taxes and the abolition of France
Woman reportedly wakes up from coma after 27 years
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Contributed Categories: /contrib/world/, /contrib/Australia/
A car crash in 1991 left Munira Abdulla in a comatose state but her son never lost hope that she would wake up.
US 'Aggressively' Building Trump's Border Wall, DHS Chief Says
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: The Daily Caller
Contributed Categories: /contrib/politics/, /contrib/border_security, /contrib/mexico
“So normally for a federal project of this scope, from the time you get funded to starting, it’s over two years,” Kevin McAleenan said Tuesday on Fox News. “We’ve already built the [fiscal year]...
Trump says U.S. is sending "ARMED SOLDIERS" to border, claims Mexican troops "pulled guns on" National Guard
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: CBS News
Contributed Categories: /contrib/US/, /contrib/border_security, /contrib/mexico
President Trump continues to ramp up his rhetoric about the border as he fumes over illegal crossings
Reuters journalists lose appeal, 7-year sentences stand
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: Poynter
Contributed Category: /contrib/news_media
Myanmar's top court has rejected the appeal of two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists who are serving a seven-year sentence for, according to the country, breaking the Official Secrets Act.You...
Trump Orders Administration Officials Not to Attend White House Correspondents Dinner
Submitted by: Anonymous
Original Source: VOA
Contributed Category: /contrib/news_media
President Donald Trump, who bemoaned his treatment by the news media in a flurry of tweets on Tuesday, has barred members of his staff and administration from attending the White House...

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