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We offer live API and historical downloadable snapshots of our crawler index on a tiered paid subscription basis.  This includes availability through our configurable news API and SQL daily snapshot downloadables. Free trial access to our API is now open to all users.  You can use our API Feed Manager or our API Search Manager to automatically generate the URI request that you can use with your client to pull your feed or search results. 

The API will provide a URI with a trial 'client_id', 'secret" and all configurable options to be used with your client. The free trial is current available only for a limited time. Our API documentation can be found at

Free daily snapshot samples are available at If you came to this link looking for free rss news wire feeds, they continue to be available at

If you require a custom feed solution, integration, search consulting services or assistance please contact us.

News Feed Subscription Levels

Feed API

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Feed API

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Feed Lite

Search API

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Time Availability and Database Package Availability
Live / Last 24 hours check  check  check  check 
Historical < 30 days  check  check  check 
Historical > 30 days  check  check 
Downloads 2 check  check check N/A
Additional Database Availability
Press Releases check  check 
Topic Feeds
(Business, News Wires, Science, Tech)
check  check check check
US News
check  check check check
check  check check check 
Feed Output
Article Title, Link, Description, Category,
Publication Date, Site URL, Site Name,
Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Referrer Link,
Geo Region ID(s), Article ID.
check  check check check 
Body Keyword Excerpt check 
API w/output as SQL, json or XML check  check check check 
Static Downloadables check check check
Service Commitment
Contract 1 Year Monthly 1 Year
Restrictions1 (Single IP | Single Account) < 50,000 queries < 50,000 queries Max 30 records
per request
< 100,000 queries
Free Trial API3 API API3


check Included

Additional information

  1. Contact us for per query pricing over limit, multiple IP and accounts. Single server connection license with a TTL (time-to-live) of 5 minutes.
  2. See
  3. Free API trial is available with query limit restrictions. Simply create an account and use the API Feed Manager or our API Search Manager links to automatically generate the URI request.