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 2016-12-02 04:29 


Nikola One, America's first hydrogen-powered semi, is straight outta the future... +

With a claimed range of 1,200 miles and massive amounts of emissions-free power, could the Nikola One revolutionize trucking?...

 2016-12-02 04:28 


The White House goes augmented reality with new '1600' app... +

Following the breakout success of Pokémon Go, the White House is apparently looking to capitalize on the sudden interest in augmented reality. A new, official White House app called 1600 allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet and a $1 bill.....

 2016-12-02 04:08 

Digital Trends

Twitter finally has a VP of product courtesy of its latest acquisition... +

Twitter has finally found a VP of product thanks to its new acquisition. The company has snapped up San Francisco-based startup and app maker Yes Inc., with its co-founder Keith Coleman assigned the important role. The post Twitter finally has a VP of pro...

 2016-12-02 04:00 


Wait and Bleed: Theranos Drains Henry Kissinger and Others From Leadership... +

Two months after sketchy blood-testing startup Theranos revealed it was closing all of its labs and firing hundreds of employees, the company announced a new round of bloodletting on Thursday with the retirement of its board of counselors made up of forme...

 2016-12-02 04:00 

PC Magazine

Readers' Choice Awards 2016: HDTVs and Computer Monitors... +

Your full-time screen companions must excel. Here are the display brands that meet and exceed those expectations....

 2016-12-02 04:00 

PC Magazine

Tech on a Budget: 20 Gift Ideas Under $20 ... +

Sometimes it pays to remember that you don't always have to spend big to get a big thank you....

 2016-12-02 04:00 

PC Magazine

Snapchat Spectacles: Everything You Need to Know... +

We break down the specs, features, and locations where you can buy a pair of Snap, Inc.'s chic connected sunglasses....

 2016-12-02 04:00 

PC Magazine

How Delphi, Mobileye Are Fast-Tracking Driverless Car Tech... +

In addition to other sensors, the two companies are using cameras in cars to capture and crowdsource road data....

 2016-12-02 03:58 


FBI gains expanded hacking powers in cases involving anonymizing technology... +

(Reuters) - A last-ditch effort in the Senate to block or delay rule changes that would expand the U.S. government's hacking powers failed Wednesday, despite concerns the changes would jeopardize the privacy rights of innocent Americans and risk possi...

 2016-12-02 03:51 


Korea to start pilot program next year for coinless society... +

The Korean central bank will begin a pilot program next year where convenience stores will give change in the form of prepaid cards rather than coins, as part of its plan to make the country a coinless society by 2020....

 2016-12-02 03:38 

Ars Technica

Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Death Stranding trailers premiere at Game Awards... +

Plus, new Mass Effect trailer, and an unclear diatribe about voice actors' strike....

 2016-12-02 03:31 

The Register

Google turns on free public NTP servers that SMEAR TIME... +

With a leap second coming up, smearing's quite a good idea Google's turned on a set of public network time protocol (NTP) servers.…...

 2016-12-02 03:26 

Tech Times

Facebook To Rely On AI To Crack Down On Fake News, Offensive Live Videos... +

According to Facebooks head of artificial intelligence research, AI could help the company weed out fake news and sensitive content on users newsfeeds. The problem is Facebook doesnt know how to approach it yet....

 2016-12-02 03:24 


'Guardians of the Galaxy' gets the Telltale Games treatment... +

Telltale Games is taking its episodic style out into the galaxy. The Guardians of the Galaxy, that is. Details are scant at the moment, but in a statement, the developer's Kevin Bruner says that, "In Marvel's Guardian's of the Galaxy: ...

 2016-12-02 03:19 

Tech Times

Android 7.0 Nougat Now Rolling Out To LG G5 On US Cellular... +

U.S. Cellular also released the Android Nougat update for the LG G5, closely trailing Sprint and T-Mobile's respective rollouts. The update schedule is the fastest among all OEMs, with 78 days separating its launch from Nougat's own announcement....

 2016-12-02 03:18 

Tech Times

OnePlus 3 Gets Android 7.0 Nougat Via OxygenOS Open Beta 8... +

OnePlus has now officially released the Android Nougat build for OnePlus 3 devices. The software update brings standard Nougat improvements such as split screen multitasking alongside minor cosmetic changes to OxygenOS....

 2016-12-02 03:18 

Tech Times

IDC Predicts That 4G Smartphone Sales In 2016 Will Account For More Than 1 Billion Sold... +

Sales of 4G smartphones are expected to increase dramatically. About 1.17 billion 4G smartphones are expected to ship in 2016....

 2016-12-02 03:17 


One of the best iPhone games gets a long-awaited update... +

Tiny Wings' developer gave fans an early Christmas present with the games first update in more than two years. ...

 2016-12-02 03:05 


AWS unveils AppStream 2.0, runs on many types of VMs... +

After unloading a whole bunch of news this week at its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced a refresh of its Amazon AppStream service for hosting desktop applications that end us...

 2016-12-02 03:01 


Technology that dehumanised communications can now rehumanise it: Twilio... +

Software played a part in taking away the human component of communications, but now it's bringing it back and businesses should get on board, according to Patrick Malatack, VP of Product Management at Twilio....

 2016-12-02 03:00 


Payphone Boombox Straight Out of the 1990s.... +

Due largely to the overwhelming dominance of mobile phones, payphones are a sometimes overlooked relic from the 90's and earlier eras. While seldom seen out in the wild these days, they can however st......

 2016-12-02 02:49 


Former 'League of Legends' developers unveil 'Dauntless'... +

Jesse Houston, Sean Bender and Robin Mayne founded Phoenix Labs in 2014 after leaving League of Legends studio Riot Games, and they staffed their independent venture with folks from the Mass Effect team and other mainstream franchises. Today, Phoenix......

 2016-12-02 02:38 


Nikola unveils its hydrogen-powered semi-truck... +

It's not just passenger vehicles that are moving away from gasoline, big rigs are also saying goodbye to fossil fuels. In Salt Lake City today the hydrogen-powered Nikola One long haul truck was unveiled. According to the truck maker, the semi will b...

 2016-12-02 02:31 

Tech Times

Do You Think Donald Trump's Tweets Are Bad? You'll Hate The Fact That He Would Be Able To Text All Americans At Once... +

President-elect Donald Trump will soon gain access to the WEA system, which will allow him to send a text message to all Americans at once. Will Trump use the system similarly to how he airs his thoughts on Twitter?...

 2016-12-02 02:15 

Digital Trends

Frigidaire Professional Gas Cooktop with Griddle review... +

Featuring cast iron continuous grates, easy-to-use precision dials, and powerful yet efficient burners, Frigidaires Professional Gas Cooktop accomplishes the feat of making cooking with gas fun again. The post Frigidaire Professional Gas Cooktop with Grid...

 2016-12-02 02:15 

Digital Trends

Whats the best place to print photos? 7 top services (and 2 ways to print for free)... +

Looking for the best place to print photos? Finding a good printer that won't wreck the colors or blur the details is tough, but we've got you covered with seven options from the ultra-affordable to gallery quality. The post Whats the best place to print...

 2016-12-02 02:14 

Tech Times

Motorola Steps Back From Wearables For Now: Don't Hold Your Breath For A Moto 360 Successor... +

Motorola has pushed away plans for a new wearable product indefinitely, the company confirmed during a press event. There will be no successor to the Moto 360 for the time being, but things could still change for Motorola....

 2016-12-02 02:05 


Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg donates $100M to charity... +

Donation will be used fund initiatives on women's empowerment and building resilience after experiencing loss....

 2016-12-02 02:04 


Telstra, TPG among those chosen for Commonwealth telco services panel... +

The Australian government has selected Telstra, TPG Network, Macquarie Telecom, Verizon Australia, Nextgen Networks, and Sliced Tech to be the first members of its Whole-of-Australian-Government Telecommunications Services Panel....

 2016-12-02 02:01 


Star Wars holochess-inspired AR game Hologrid: Monster Battle hits closed beta... +

You can now let the Wookie win....

 2016-12-02 02:01 

Tech Times

Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay More Than $1 Billion To Patients Injured By Pinnacle Hip Implants... +

Johnson & Johnson and DePuy Orthopedics were ordered to pay $1.04 billion in compensatory and punitive damages to patients who were injured by the metal-on-metal Pinnacle hip implants. The amount is the third largest jury award of 2016....

 2016-12-02 02:00 

The Register

'AWS is fast, punches above its weight, stings Oracle, but no knockout'... +

Pundits note growth in Lambda, database efforts as highlights of conf AWS re:Invent  Amazon made news in a big way this week, kicking out more than a dozen new features and services for the AWS cloud at its annual re:Invent conference.…...

 2016-12-02 01:58 

The Register

Shamoon malware returns to again wipe Saudi-owned computers... +

Iran suspected as likely source of re-vamped nastyware Thousands of computers in Saudi Arabia's civil aviation agency and other Gulf State organisations have been wiped by the Shamoon malware after it resurfaced some four years after wiping thousands of S...

 2016-12-02 01:56 


'Bulletstorm' is back, baby... +

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition takes the blood, brutality and bone-shattering moves from the original 2011 shooter and beefs it all up on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, due to land on April 7th, 2017. The remastered game features high-resolution tex......

 2016-12-02 01:55 


Snap up some prescription lenses for your Snapchat Spectacles... +

Being on the forefront of technology can be hard, especially if you can't see where you're going....

 2016-12-02 01:55 


Subway Expansion Uncovers Mastodon Remains at Least 10,000 Years Old... +

Last week, a construction project for the Los Angeles subway turned into a scientific excavationafter workers uncovered fossilized skull, tooth and tusk fragments from ancient elephant relatives that have been extinct for 10,000 years....

 2016-12-02 01:52 


Clinton’s Campaign Manager Blames James Comey for Her Loss... +

Clinton's private email server dogged her throughout the presidential campaign, but a single letter cost her the election, her campaign manager says. The post Clinton's Campaign Manager Blames James Comey for Her Loss appeared first on WIRED....

 2016-12-02 01:44 

Paul Thurrott SuperSite for Windows

Apple Said to Fly Drones to Improve Maps Data and Catch Google... +

Mark Gurman and Alan Levin | Bloomberg Apple Inc. plans to use drones and new indoor navigation features to improve its Maps service and catch longtime leader Google, according to people familiar with the matter. read more...

 2016-12-02 01:43 


Reddit's r/photoshopbattles took on a giant robot panda... +

Social Studies: The creativity over at Reddit strikes again with a Photoshop battle using a giant statue in Shenyang, China....

 2016-12-02 01:38 


Monkey See, Monkey Don't... +

For our first #ThrowbackThursday episode, we talk about the '90s and the shows that inspired us. Plus, Netflix finally gets downloading, and who else already has ...

 2016-12-02 01:36 


Who Gets To Trademark Iceland?... +

When you cover enough trademark disputes, you come to expect a fairly typical pattern to them. Entity X bullies entity Y over a vaguely similar use of a mark that often times is overly broad or generic, and then there is either a capitulation to the bully...

 2016-12-02 01:33 

Digital Trends

Self-driving retrofit software now available for free, but it comes with caveats... +

Regulators wouldn't permit to sell its retrofit self-driving device without proof of its safety, so now the inventor is giving the software away as open source code. Instructions for building the hardware are available free as well. The post Sel...

 2016-12-02 01:32 


After Brexit and Trump, Stephen Hawking says were at most dangerous moment... +

World-famous physicist Stephen Hawking says Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s presidential victory serve as wakeup calls amid what he says is “the most dangerous moment in the development of humanity.” A...

 2016-12-02 01:29 


Intel and Amazon to release a smart speaker reference design... +

Intel and Amazon plan to work together on a series of smart home initiatives in the near future, the companies announced today in conjunction with Amazon Web Services' (AWS) re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this week....

 2016-12-02 01:18 


Watch The Game Awards right here!... +

It's time for The Game Awards and you can watch the show right here on this page! Games like Uncharted 4, Firewatch and Inside are up for some pretty big accolades, but that's not all that's on tap. Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima is sch...

 2016-12-02 01:17 


Amazon, Seagate launch external hard drive that syncs to cloud... +

The Seagate Duet is available for $99, with one free year of Amazon Drive Unlimited Storage valued at $59....

 2016-12-02 01:14 


Petition to make Clinton president largest in history... +

More than 4.6 million people sign an online petition calling for the Electoral College to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump....

 2016-12-02 01:10 


Find out if your iPhone 6S is eligible for a free battery replacement... +

If your iPhone 6S keeps shutting down unexpectedly, you may be in line for a new battery on Apple's dime....

 2016-12-02 01:08 


Another Australian parliamentary year ends without data breach notification laws... +

Labor lashes out at Coalition for failing to pass a bill that it failed to pass in 2013....

 2016-12-02 01:05 


AT&T's purchase of Time Warner likely to be approved under Trump... +

Will Trump violate another campaign promise?...

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