Upcoming Intel Chip-Level Security Bug Fix Is Going To Slow Down Linux & Windows PC By 30 Percent...

techlog360.com | 2018-01-03 15:49 UTC

Fix for a massive chip-level security bug in Intel processors produced in the past 10 years is going affect the performance of your Linux and Windows laptops. According to The Register, this major security hole in Intel chips could allow, “normal user programs – from database applications to JavaScript in web browsers – to discern to some extent the layout or contents of protected kernel memory areas.” And the security patch is going to make your Intel-powered machine to run slower — five to 30 percent slow down, according to experts depending on the task and the processor model. Also, more recent Intel chips are going to reduce the performance hit.

By techlog360 on 2018-01-03 15:49 UTC
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