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China records more local Covid cases so far this year than in whole of 2021...
Mainland China reported 1,337 new domestically transmitted Covid cases with confirmed symptoms on March 13, the National Health Commission (NHC) said on Monday. That brought the total this year to more than 9,000, compared with 8,378 in 2021, according to
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-03-15 03:01 UTC
Shanghai asks residents to stay put in latest move to curb COVID...
Shanghai government is asking its residents not to leave the city unless absolutely necessary, the c
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-03-12 22:11 UTC
China locks down city of 9 million amid new spike in cases...
China has ordered a lockdown of the 9 million residents of the northeastern city of Changchun amid a new spike in COVID-19 cases attributed to the highly contagious omicron.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-03-12 22:11 UTC
Exclusive: The federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines while those same outlets provided positive coverage of the vaccines...
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In response to a FOIA request filed by TheBlaze, HHS revealed that it purchased advertising from major news networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as cable TV news stations Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, legacy media publications including the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-03-07 14:20 UTC
Continuing the school-mask mandate for under-5 kids is a cruel and anti-scientific pander to ignorance...
Pandering to rank ignorance, Mayor Eric Adams is leaving the school-mask mandate in place for children under 5 — who face utterly trivial risk from COVID, and significant risk of learning failure from masking. In the entire rest of the world, next t
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-03-06 03:33 UTC
Stealth Omicron Covid variant is dominant in the UK 10 symptoms to look out for...
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A sub-variant of Omicron, also known as stealth Omicron, is now the dominant strain of the virus in the UK. Here are the key symptoms of the sub-variant you need to keep a look out for
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-03-02 23:35 UTC
Senate Passes Resolution to End Biden Healthcare Vaccine Mandate...
With six Democrats absent, Republicans were able to vote down President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate on healthcare workers 49-44 on Wednesday, The Hill reported.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-03-02 23:27 UTC
New York to lift mask mandate for businesses and venues; mandate to remain in place for schools...
Gov. Hochul announced New York will lift its mask mandate for businesses and venues as of Thursday, while the mandate will remain in place for schools.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-02-09 21:07 UTC
Turkey records 107,530 new cases of COVID-19...
Turkey recorded 107,530 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. In addition, 23 people died from the virus during this time.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-02-04 00:17 UTC
Unvaccinated 97 times more likely to die from COVID than those with boosters, CDC data shows...
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Unvaccinated people are 97 times more likely to die of COVID-19 than those who are fully vaccinated and boosted, according to new data from the CDC.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-02-04 00:16 UTC
FDA curbs use of antibody drugs sidelined by omicron...
COVID-19 antibody drugs from Regeneron and Eli Lilly should no longer be used because they are unlikely to work against the omicron variant that now accounts for nearly all U. S. infections, U. S. health regulators said Monday. The Food and Drug Administr
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-25 00:02 UTC
Man Can't Get Heart Transplant Because He's Not Vaccinated Against COVID...
DJ Ferguson was set to receive a heart transplant, but because he has not got the COVID-19 vaccination, he is no longer eligible according to hospital policy.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-24 23:53 UTC
CDC adds 5 more Caribbean island destinations to its highest level of travel risk...
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moved five Caribbean island destinations into its highest-risk travel category for Covid-19 on Monday.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-24 23:52 UTC
No, blood donation centers don't sort blood by COVID-19 vaccination status...
Blood donations in the U.S. are not classified by a person's vaccination status, according to the American Red Cross and America's Blood Centers.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-24 23:52 UTC
Glenn Beck Slammed Over Unvaccinated Status After Getting Sick With COVID-19 Again...
Conservative radio host Glenn Beck, who is unvaccinated, received a wave of backlash on Twitter after he revealed he was sick with COVID-19 for a second time. On Wednesday, Beck told radio host Mark Levin that he had been battling the virus for about a we
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-14 17:55 UTC
Horowitz: Why did Scotland experience a spike in infant deaths?...
One of the most durable public health trajectories over the past 50 years has been the consistent decline in infant mortality in countries with first-world health care. Yet in September, Scotland experienced such a spike at least in neonatal deaths that i
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-11 17:54 UTC
Maria Bartiromo: "That is Disgusting! I Know for a Fact Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin Work to Treat Covid" (VIDEO)...
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Maria Bartiromo had Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Dr. Pierre Cory on her show on Sunday morning. Dr. Cory spoke out on how the dangerous CDC and FDA elites have prevented Americans from accessing affordable and readily available treatment drugs for COVID
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-09 16:52 UTC
COVID-19 booster shots: Here's what you should know about side effects...
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Side effects often tell us that our immune systems are actually working and are responding as they should to the vaccine
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-09 16:48 UTC
Does having a high COVID-19 antibody level mean you don't need a booster?...
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Can people with higher COVID-19 antibody levels wait to get their booster shot? This is a tool many people are hoping will give them reassurance, but here's what doctors recommend.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-09 16:47 UTC
Early-stage research suggests a milk protein combined with Benadryl may help fight COVID-19...
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Researchers may have discovered an effective prevention treatment strategy for inhibiting the virus that causes COVID-19 and its mutations, according to the results of a recent study.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-06 22:03 UTC
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