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KuCoin Crypto Exchange Partners Simplex To Offer Credit Card Purchases...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/cryptocurrencies
KuCoin crypto exchange collaborates with Simplex to support crypto credit/debit card purchases with major coins- Bitcoin, Litecoin. Read the complete news!
By dianadsouza on 2019-02-13 04:47 UTC
Participants Of Crypto Projects And Their Functions...
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Blockchain technology is a special case of database and one of distributed ledger representatives heavily protected by mathematical encryption and hashing functions. All solutions in this direction belong to such a field of science and technology as the IT, which is full of questions, problems and
By blockspoint on 2019-02-11 12:24 UTC
Binance CEO Is The Next Motivator In This Crypto Industry...
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According to CoinMarketCap, currently, Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange around the world in terms of daily adjusted trade volume.
By dianadsouza on 2019-02-11 08:06 UTC
Litecoin Reaches Fourth Position In a Couple Of Hours...
Litecoin foundation announced the potential collaboration that serves the digital currency with greater privacy.
By dianadsouza on 2019-02-09 11:23 UTC
Google’s Search Giant Launches New Crypto & Blockchain Tools...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/cryptocurrencies
Googles new Crypto and Blockchain analytics tools aim to revolutionize blockchain search as the company did for information on the internet.
By dianadsouza on 2019-02-09 09:34 UTC
eFIN DEX exchange Review 2019...
eFIN is a secure, decentralize, private, unhackable, trading hub of the TokenPay ecosystem. It is the most technologically advanced crypto coin available.
By dianadsouza on 2019-02-09 06:25 UTC
Crypto Exchange Kraken Secures Blockbuster $4 Billion Valuation After $100m Mega Deal...
Following the completion of the largest deal in the cryptocurrency sector year-to-date, major U.S. and Europe-based crypto exchange Kraken is set to raise a funding round valuing the company at $4 billion. On February 4, as CCN reported, Kraken acquired C
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-02-05 21:16 UTC
Will Chinese New Year Celebrations Affect the Cryptocurrency Market?...
The Chinese New Year will soon officially start, and will naturally be most marked in China. However, the increasing globalization means that the effects of the Chinese New Year are felt all over the globe. Is the Chinese New Year likely to affect the cry
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-02-03 19:00 UTC
History Of Cryptocurrency. Part II: Decades Before Bitcoin...
From the previous article, you have learned a brief history of cryptocurrency predecessors — first digital money and electronic payment systems. Today we'll talk about the earliest stages of the cryptocurrency market development and attempts to create crypto money long before Bitcoin was invented.
By blockspoint on 2019-01-30 16:20 UTC
History Of Cryptocurrency. Part I: Origin Of Digital Currencies...
Let's talk about ryptocurrency history before the invention of Bitcoin: from smart cards to the first crypto money and e-payment systems.

At the root of online digital currency product is the very wish to get hold of rid regarding profit since it grew to become inconvenient. Even though, there
By blockspoint on 2019-01-21 07:48 UTC
Bitcoin Experts Predict About How High Will Bitcoin Reach In 2019...
Most individual investors are patiently holding onto their Bitcoin deposits to see if things would clear out any time soon. Bitcoin Experts predict..
By dianadsouza on 2019-01-19 07:44 UTC
New Academic Plan To Get The World Using Cryptocurrency...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/cryptocurrencies
There are some cryptocurrency projects that have slowed down or even stopped work.Those that work hard are more likely to make hay. A new Academic plan..
By dianadsouza on 2019-01-19 07:43 UTC
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Shift To Crypto Payments in 2019...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency is developing into mainstream monetary resource to carry transactions. Here are top 10 reasons to shift to cryptocurrency payments in 2019.
By dianadsouza on 2019-01-19 07:43 UTC
Top 10 Small Market Cap To Keep An Eye On in the year 2019...
Today, there are more than 2000 cryptocurrency projects at the moment. Here we shall review the top 10 small mart cap cryptocurrencies in 2019.
By dianadsouza on 2019-01-19 07:42 UTC
Ethereum Hashing Algorithm Keccak...
Ethereum uses hashing in several areas: mining, blocks connection, transactions reference, addressing scheme. Ethash as on of Ethereum hashing methods is adopted for all operations related to mining. The main reasons are that Ethash is fast and ASIC-proof. For all other hashing processes in
By blockspoint on 2019-01-14 09:55 UTC
Crypto Market Continues Intense Sell-Off: Bitcoin Price En Route to Yearly Low?...
On December 15, the Bitcoin price dropped to a new yearly low at $3,122, following a two-week sell-off from mid-November. The intense sell-off the cryptocurrency market occurred on January 10 has led the price of BTC to drop below the $3,600 mark, which m
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-01-11 06:39 UTC
Are You Looking For Blockchain Investments In 2019?...
Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast are looking for investing in 2019. Here are the five most viable blockchain investments to get into in 2019.
By dianadsouza on 2019-01-04 08:36 UTC
Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Pops Higher as Dow, S&P 500 Erase Pre-Market Gains...
The bitcoin price and the wider cryptocurrency market made a fevered leap back toward their recent highs on Friday, shaking off Thursday's substantial sell-off while the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and other US market indices fell back into
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-12-28 16:51 UTC
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