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IRS will require facial-recognition to access online system...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/, /contrib/irs
The Internal Revenue Service will require taxpayers to take selfies and verify their identities through to access online accounts starting this summer.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-21 17:06 UTC
Social Media Bans of Scientific Misinformation Aren't Helpful, Researchers Say...
There are more effective ways to fight scientific misinformation than banning and removing content, according to the report.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-20 18:46 UTC
Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton Were 'Like Brothers'—Documentary...
Bill Clinton was "very close to Jeffrey" Epstein and the pair were "like brothers," according to a former friend of the New York financier.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-20 02:04 UTC
Prince Andrew's ex says Clinton, Epstein were 'like brothers'...
"Clinton was definitely very close to Jeffrey," Lady Victoria Hervey said in the new ITV documentary, "Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Pedophile."
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-20 02:03 UTC
Justice Sotomayor Claims Not to Understand the Distinction Between State and Federal Powers...
Justice Sotomayor professed not to understand the distinction between federal authority and state police powers during oral arguments.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-16 00:26 UTC
Undersea volcano eruption puts entire US Pacific coast under tsunami advisory...
Satellite images showed the cloud formed by the massive undersea volcano eruption early Saturday morning near Tonga.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-15 18:53 UTC
Tsunami advisory issued for U.S. West Coast after Tonga volcano erupts...
An undersea volcanic eruption near the Pacific nation of Tonga, triggered a tsunami warning across the islands and for some parts of Japan on Saturday, AP reports. The big picture: Tsunami advisories have also been issued for the West Coast of the United
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-15 18:48 UTC
Volcano erupts in Pacific, West Coast including San Francisco Bay Area under tsunami advisory...
A tsunami advisory has been issued for the west coast, including right here in the Bay Area.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-15 18:01 UTC
Glenn Beck Slammed Over Unvaccinated Status After Getting Sick With COVID-19 Again...
Conservative radio host Glenn Beck, who is unvaccinated, received a wave of backlash on Twitter after he revealed he was sick with COVID-19 for a second time. On Wednesday, Beck told radio host Mark Levin that he had been battling the virus for about a we
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-14 17:55 UTC
Oath Keepers leader, 10 others charged with seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 Capitol riot...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/, /contrib/politics/
The leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, was charged with seditious conspiracy related to the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-13 22:30 UTC
Alan Dershowitz reportedly lobbied Trump to pardon Ghislaine Maxwell before trial...
Former Jeffrey Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz lobbied then-President Donald Trump to pardon madam Ghislaine Maxwell before she could face trial, according to a report.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-11 01:39 UTC
Ghislaine Maxwell Juror Who Could Upend Conviction Works for Carlyle Group...
The juror in Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial whose press comments may result in a new trial for the convicted socialite works as an executive assistant at private-equity giant Carlyle Group Inc.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-07 17:03 UTC
Ghislaine Maxwell Possible Mistrial 'Punch in the Gut' for Epstein Victims—Lisa Bloom...
Ghislaine Maxwell "may get a new trial" over a juror's media interviews in a saga that is "just awful" for Jeffrey Epstein's victims, said attorney Lisa Bloom.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-06 18:49 UTC
Inside the messy effort to compensate 225 Jeffrey Epstein accusers...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/, /contrib/jeffrey_epstein
The Epstein Victims' Compensation Program had to assign a dollar value for 225 women who say the financier sexually abused them.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-06 18:48 UTC
Current spike of Omicron variant may come with unexpected results...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/, /contrib/covid-19
The Omicron variant has caused case numbers to spike higher than ever before, but doctors say there could be a silver lining.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-05 19:58 UTC
First Flurona Cases Detected In US: Double COVID, Influenza Infection Explained...
While the Omicron is still a major concern among health officials as it now makes up 95% of COVID cases in the U.S., there is another disease that medical experts are now worried about Flurona.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-05 18:59 UTC
Testing company confirms 1st known case of 'flurona'- flu and coronavirus - in Southern California...
A testing company on Wednesday confirmed a case of 'flurona' in Southern California, referring to the condition of being infected with COVID-19 and the flu at the same time.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-05 18:58 UTC
Pfizer to supply 10 mln additional courses of COVID-19 pill to U.S. govt...
Pfizer Inc said on Tuesday the U.S. government has agreed to buy additional 10 million courses of its COVID-19 oral therapy, bringing the total amount of order by the government to 20 million courses.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-04 17:12 UTC
Omicron Variant Symptoms: Latest COVID 'Making People Really Sick in a Different Way'...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/, /contrib/covid-19
The omicron variant is making people sick in a different way than past waves of COVID, a prominent NYC ER doctor says.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-04 17:11 UTC
'It's Just Going Straight Up:' NY COVID Hospitalizations Top 2021 Surge Levels as Omicron Drives....
The COVID-19 omicron variant now accounts for more than 95% of positive samples tested in New York.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-03 21:58 UTC
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