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 2017-09-24 06:26 


Russian, Chinese navy practice detaining vessel at drills in Far East... +

The inspection of the alleged intruders was held by the marines of the Pacific Fleet and marine units of the Chinese Navy...

 2017-09-24 06:23 

Estonian Public Broadcasting

Luik: Air defense a critical capability gap of Baltic Sea region... +

The security of the Baltic Sea region is currently stable thanks to the contributions of NATO allies, but air defense is a critical capability gap in the region, Minister of Defence Jri Luik (IRL) said at the CEPA Forum 2017 conference in Washington....

 2017-09-24 06:21 


112: Volker says Donbas elections can be held after introduction of peacekeepers... +

Prerequisites for holding local elections in ORDLO will appear after the introduction of peacekeepers to Donbas.This was stated by theUS State Department’s Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volkerin an interview withDzerkalo Tyzhnya. According...

 2017-09-24 06:17 

RTV Slovenija

At Subida, the only "Slovenian" restaurant with a Michelin star: dinner under trophies and sleeping in a nest... +

Subida is an institution be it their interpretations of the old Friulian dishes, or boutique hotel management setting an example to a number of followers....

 2017-09-24 06:13 


Associated Press: Russian oppositionist Udaltsov detained before Moscow rally... +

MOSCOW Russian news reports say a prominent opposition figure who was recently released after serving more than four years in prison has been detained again ahead of an unsanctioned rally in Moscow. Sergei Udaltsov, leader of the Left Front, was among ab...

 2017-09-24 06:04 


[ Lithuania ]

Lietuvoje minima Keliaujanij ir vairuotoj diena... +

Sekmadien Lietuvoje minima Keliaujanij ir vairuotoj diena. Skaityti daugiau...

 2017-09-24 06:00 

Sputnik International

Let The Good Times Roll: Swimming With Raccoons... +

Two pudgy raccoons swimming in a pool....

 2017-09-24 06:00 

Sputnik International

Polling Stations for Parliamentary Election Open in Germany... +

German election officially kicks off on Sunday....

 2017-09-24 06:00 


[ Lithuania ]

R. Kurtinaitis patvirtino: E. Mockeviius atvyksta Lietuvos ryt... +

Vilniaus „Lietuvos ryto“ krepšinio komandos priekin linij sustiprins Egidijus Mockeviius – tai patvirtino treneris Rimas Kurtinaitis. Skaityti daugiau...

 2017-09-24 06:00 


[ Lithuania ]

Prezident: ineti i nam tai, kas labai asmenika, iki iol yra sunku... +

„Kai pradjome kalbti apie smurt ir pirm kart 2011-aisiais primme statym prieš smurt artimoje aplinkoje, koks pasipriešinimas buvo, kaip buvo nenorima išnešti šios problemos iš nam. [...] Kai pasirod didiulia...

 2017-09-24 05:58 

Sputnik International

S Korean Ruling Party Slams N Korean Foreign Ministry's Speech at UNGA... +

On Sunday the South Korean ruling Democratic Party criticized the speech of North Korean foreign minister at the UN GA meeting....

 2017-09-24 05:55 


[ Lithuania ]

Rugsjo 24-osios kultros renginiai ... +

LRT KLASIKA apvelgia sekmadien Lietuvoje vyksianius kultros renginius. Skaityti daugiau...

 2017-09-24 05:53 


German elections: Will Merkel win 4th term as chancellor?... +

Chancellor Angela Merkel and her ruling Christian Democrat/Christian Social Union alliance are favored to win the German parliamentary elections, but other parties such as the Left Party, Social Democrats and the right-wing Alternative for Germany are set...

 2017-09-24 05:35 


Venezuelan President Maduro expected to visit Russia and attend Russian Energy Week in early October... +
 2017-09-24 05:23 


First casualty? French paratrooper killed in anti-terrorist op in Iraq/Syria... +

A soldier in a French Army special reconnaissance regiment was killed in a combat-related incident on Saturday somewhere in the Iraq and Syria warzone, the French government confirmed despite the unit officially not being deployed to either of the countri...

 2017-09-24 05:20 


Moscow to limit traffic in downtown because of marathon... +

Traffic in the downtown will be closed "on Sunday from 07:00 am to 17:00 pm," the metropolitan department of transport said...

 2017-09-24 05:08 


Over 70 mountaineers from Pakistan to participate in Southern Military District... +

The exercise will take place on a mountain training range near Nizhny Arkhyz settlement...

 2017-09-24 05:02 

Sputnik International

Trump on North Korea's Leader: 'Little Rocket Man' Won't Be Around Much Longer... +

Donald Trump has responded to the North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong's UN General Assembly speech with threats that Kim Jong Un "won't be around much longer"....

 2017-09-24 04:35 

Sputnik International

Ecuador Prolongs Asylum for Wikileaks Founder Assange... +

The President of Ecuador granted the prolonged Asylum for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange as the whistleblower's life may still be in danger, he said in an interview....

 2017-09-24 03:25 

Sputnik International

Russia to Fund Development of Il-114 Aircraft and PD-35 Engine Until 2020... +

Vladimir Putin specified the further works on the regional Russian airliner Il-114 as one of the top industrial priorities for Russia in coming years....

 2017-09-24 03:20 


Bolshoi Theater addresses 242nd season premiere to children... +

A theatrical concert featuring The Young Persons Guide by Benjamin Britten and zoological fantasy by Camille Saint-Saens will take place on Sunday at the New Stage of theater...

 2017-09-24 02:45 

Zero Hedge

The Danger Of Patriotism... +

Authored by Bob Livingston via Personal Liberty blog, My friends, it is frightening how simple we are and how easily we are manipulated simply because we are intellectually lazy. The U.S. establishment has confused cause and effect by and through a flag-...

 2017-09-24 02:40 


Man of the people, or Euro fat cat? Chancellor hopeful Martin Schulz bids to take Merkels post... +

With Germany heading for federal elections on Sunday, RT looks at the controversies surrounding Martin Schulz, the Social Democrat candidate to challenge Angela Merkel. ...

 2017-09-24 02:15 

Zero Hedge

Putting America's Record-Breaking $20 Trillion Debt In Global Context... +

The U.S. federal government just passed a record $20 trillion in publicly held debt. That’s bigger than the entire economy of every country in the European Union, combined. As HowMuch.net notes, the debt will only grow higher unless President Trump ...

 2017-09-24 01:49 

Sputnik International

Trump Accuses Iran of Cooperation with North Korea After Missile Test Launch... +

Donald Trump claims that Iran and North Korea cooperate after Tehran's recent ballistic missile test-fire....

 2017-09-24 01:45 

Zero Hedge

China's Maritime Strategic Realignment... +

Authored by Brian Kalman, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson via SouthFront.org, China has begun construction of the first Type 075 Class Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD). Construction most likely started in January or February of this year, with some satellite im...

 2017-09-24 01:29 


Fitch upgrades Russias credit rating from stable to positive... +

In a press release, the Fitch credit agency has upgraded Russias sovereign credit rating from "stable" to "positive,"; though it also predicted that economic growth will be slow and oil revenues will not rise to the heights of the early 2010s for some time...

 2017-09-24 01:23 


Semblance of normal life: Syrias Deir ez-Zor slowly recovers from ISIS siege... +

The lifting of siege around the city of Deir ez-Zor by Russian Air Force-backed Syrian army has tremendously eased the life of people there, but its still just a semblance of normal life, as the full eradication of Islamic State terrorists still lies ahea...

 2017-09-24 01:15 

Zero Hedge

Trump Bars Breitbart From Alabama Rally As Feud With Bannon Escalates ... +

Apparently, this is what Steve Bannon meant when he swore he would never turn on his old boss during a series of interviews he gave after leaving the West Wing. The simmering feud between Breitbart and President Donald Trump intensified on Friday as the T...

 2017-09-24 01:08 

Sputnik International

Researchers Give Drones Almost-Human Sight: Tech Could Allow for non-GPS Use... +

Researchers have developed an eye-inspired camera that could allow drones to significantly improve their visual capabilities, even in fast movement or low light conditions....

 2017-09-24 01:08 

Radio Free Europe/Liberty

Trump Questions Nuclear Deal After Iran Tests New Ballistic Missile... +

U.S. President Donald Trump says Irans test launch of a new ballistic missile underscores his doubts about a landmark nuclear deal over the issue and accused the Middle Eastern country of colluding with North Korea....

 2017-09-24 00:55 

Radio Free Europe/Liberty

Germans Head To Polls As Merkel Seeks Historic Fourth Term In Office... +

German voters head to the polls on September 24 in a national election that is expected to deliver Chancellor Angela Merkel an historic fourth term and the first right-wing party to parliament since the end of World War II....

 2017-09-24 00:45 

Zero Hedge

America's 'Fake' Stability & Boobs On Credit... +

Authored by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog, Do you ever hear something so startlingly mind numbingly ridiculous you realize it must be a sign things have gotten so fucked up something has got to give? As I was driving to work yesterday morning on...

 2017-09-24 00:44 

Sputnik International

Nazi Nukes: Man Finds Radioactive Evidence of Possible Nazi Atom Bomb... +

A German treasure hunter accidentally found what could be evidence that the Third Reich was closer to developing an atomic bomb than originally thought....

 2017-09-24 00:17 

Sputnik International

Russia Will Help Cuba to Restore its Infrastructure After 'Irmageddon'... +

Moscow prepares the considerable shipment of building materials and equipment for Havana, affected disastrously by the devastating Hurricane Irma....

 2017-09-24 00:15 

Zero Hedge

Elon Musk Isn't Alone: Vladimir Putin Asks "How Long Before The Robots Eat Us"... +

Elon Musk isn’t the only one whose afraid that advances in artificial intelligence will leads to something akin to the creation of Skynet. The Daily Mail is reporting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed reservations about artificial ...

 2017-09-24 00:01 

Radio Prague

Robert Kesan and Druh Trva One of the best bluegrass bands to come out of the Czech Republic... +

Czech bluegrass has a tradition dating all the way back to the 1960s. But it took several decades before it was acknowledged in the land of its origin, the United States....

 2017-09-23 23:45 

Zero Hedge

The Sermon On The Mount[ain Of Debt]... +

Via Global Macro Monitor, “Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.” – President Herbert Hoover The Hoover administration thought there was no room and was ideologically opposed to fiscal expansion to stimulate a...

 2017-09-23 23:38 


Putin discusses Russias economy growth with ministers... +

Russias economy has reached a trajectory "of a rather sustainable growth," President said...

 2017-09-23 23:29 

Sputnik International

DPRK says Nuke Launch at US "Inevitable"... +

Pyongyang claimed on Saturday that launching nuclear-armed ballistic missiles toward the US is "inevitable" due to US President Donald Trump's labeling of DPRK leader Kim Jong-un as "rocket man," according to a statement by North Korean Foreign Minister R...

 2017-09-23 23:20 


Drugs & arms trafficking are not as profitable: Cryptocurrency miners on why they gamble ... +

A businessman from Russias mining capital in Siberia says he regrets not mining cryptocurrency earlier, as it saved him from a terrible crisis. Fans of cryptocurrency mining say it gives them a sense of freedom, as well as bringing profits. ...

 2017-09-23 23:13 

Zero Hedge

"Japan Has No Illusions That Rates Will Ever Rise": Is This What The Endgame Looks Like... +

By Victor Shvets of Macquarie Capital Japan Debt Mountain: does it matter? For almost 25 years, Japans debt burden has been the poster child of what would happen to others if capital is misallocated, bubbles burst and then clearance and required reforms a...

 2017-09-23 23:07 

Sputnik International

Catalonia Won't Obey Single Law Enforcement Coordinator Appointed by Madrid... +

Catalonia's authorities refused to acknowledge the single law enforcement coordinator appointed by Madrid on Saturday to cease the impending October 1 independence referendum amid growing protest sentiment....

 2017-09-23 23:01 


Over 600,000 sign petition to save Uber in London... +

More than 600,000 people have signed a petition urging Transport for London to reverse its decision not to renew Ubers licence. ...

 2017-09-23 22:45 

Zero Hedge

Drone Footage Shows Puerto Rico Devastation From The Air ... +

Hurricane Maria caused widespread damage to Puerto Rico. Drone footage captured the scene in San Juan and Canvanas on Sept. 21. As we reported earlier, flash flooding caused by the storm has prompted the NWS to warn that a dam in the northwestern part of...

 2017-09-23 22:35 

Sputnik International

American Football Cries Foul on Trump over Son-of-a-Bitch Comment... +

After calling a prominent football star a son-of-a-bitch and suggesting that fans walk out of games if players display actions of peaceful protest, stars of the sport, as well as members of the brass that run and regulate the game, have universally condem...

 2017-09-23 22:24 


Russian women's national volleyball team defeated Turkeys team, reached playoff... +

The Russian volleyball team won 3-1 its match in the Group C...

 2017-09-23 22:21 

Sputnik International

US Cannot Shoot Down DPRK Missiles: Global Defense Experts... +

The US State Department stated on Friday that the countrys military defense networks will shoot down a North Korean ballistic missile if it flies over the island territory of Guam, but experts in the field have claimed that the Pentagon is flat-out wrong....

 2017-09-23 22:20 

Radio Prague

Team Europe takes 9-3 lead on second day of Laver Cup... +

The second day of the Laver Cup tournament in Prague saw Team Europe extend its lead over Team World to 9:3. Federer and Nadal both won respective singles matches against Querrey and Sock and also their first-ever doubles together on Saturday evening to...

 2017-09-23 22:20 


Mortgage rates expected to drop below 10% by year-end - Russian Economy Minister... +

Affordability of housing purchases for the population has increased over the last decade, Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin said...

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