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Citizen scientist finds oldest white dwarf...
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A German volunteer scientist working with a NASA-led project has found the oldest and coldest-known white dwarf, which significantly is also ringed by debris and dust, the space administration says.

Disturbing look at life inside Neverland...
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The newly-released trailer for Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland paints an unnerving picture of life at the reclusive pop icon's former ranch.

Streets flood as Cyclone Oma approaches south-east Queensland...
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Tropical Cyclone Oma strengthened to category 3 overnight and was expected to come close to the coast and maybe even make landfall.

Australia is blocking a billionaire political donor from returning to the country over long held fears he may be a Chinese influence agent...

The controversial Chinese businessman, political donor, and alleged Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operative, Huang Xiangmo, has been denied entry back into Australia and his citizenship application has been rejected.

Man shot in incident at Brisbane Airport...
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POLICE have shot a man at Brisbane International Airport after he produced a knife and threatened to use explosives.

Man held in Brisbane airport bomb scare...
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A man has been arrested after he allegedly sparked a bomb scare at Brisbane Airport. He walked into the airport's international terminal on Saturday evening holding a metal box with exposed wiring and claimed to have a bomb, The Courier-Mail reports c

Emergency warning system hacked...
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A hacker was able to directly message tens of thousands of Australians after infiltrating an emergency warning system used by governments.

List of tech and startup events in Singapore...
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Mingling or gaining knowledge? We've curated for you the most comprehensive list of events in the tech and startup community, sorted by topic and date.

Police catch alleged bank robber after 40 years...
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A man has been charged over a series of alleged bank robberies across Sydney in the 1970s.

Warning to swimmers after deadly sting...
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A little boy has been flown to hospital for a suspected Irukandji jellyfish sting, amid fears the deadly animal is lurking in Queensland waters.

The Sydney Morning Herald's 20 most-read stories of 2018...
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From prime ministers to poo joggers, the stories are a glimpse of what captured our attention in a year of scandals, extreme weather and extraordinary rescues.

Assange loses court case over cat duties, internet bills...
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A judge rejects WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's request to loosen new living requirements, including paying for his internet and cleaning up after his cat, that he says are meant to push him into leaving the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Australians face $700b wealth wipe-out from world's riskiest debt levels: Morgan Stanley...
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Investment bank Morgan Stanley rates Australia as having the riskiest levels of household debt in the world and winding it back could result in a $700 billion hit to the nation's wealth.

Explosive device found at Soros' NY home...
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An explosive device has been found in a mailbox near the New York home of billionaire financier George Soros, a favourite target of right-wing campaigners in the United States and eastern Europe, the New York Times reported, citing police.

Mars might hold enough oxygen under its surface for life...
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/contrib/science/, /contrib/mars

We've long thought about the unlikely possibility of life on Mars, but it's under the planet's surface where those chances look stronger. A new study published in Nature suggests that the salty water which subsists under Mars' surface coul

Rupert Murdoch's six children are reportedly each set to receive a $2.8 billion windfall from the sale of 21st Century Fox...
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/contrib/business/, /contrib/news_corp

The monster pending approval from EU regulators. And when it does, each of Rupert Murdoch’s six children are in line for $US2 billion ($2.8 billion) payday, according to The Financial Times.

Cervical cancer set to be eliminated from Australia in global first...

Thanks to world-leading vaccine and screening programs, the dangerous disease could be almost unheard of in Australia in coming decades, new research has revealed.

Angry ABC staff weigh up 'sacking' their own board representative...

Possible vote escalates the turmoil inside the ABC and puts fresh pressure on its embattled directors to stand down.

Public execution: the future of the ABC looks grim through a PBS lens...

Despite the dominance of television culture, America's PBS offers our own public broadcaster a dire glimpse into its own future, should commercial rivals and agenda-driven politicians dilute its reach.

The scene after an earthquake and tsunami strike Indonesia...
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A 10-foot tsunami was triggered late Friday afternoon by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake and quickly hit the two cities and nearby settlements, about 800 miles northeast of Jakarta.

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