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16-year old teenager hacked Apple’s mainframe — downloaded 90gb of secure files and accessed customer accounts...
16-year old Australian teenager successfully managed to take down Apple servers repeatedly and download some 90GB of secure files and accessed customer accounts.
By techlog360 on 2018-08-18 18:52 UTC
Eelo — New privacy-enabled Android-based operating system without Google footprints...
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Meet eelo — the mobile operating system based on Android to create privacy-enabled smartphones — a gift from the open-source community. The Linux enthusiast and Mandrake Linux developer, Gaël Duval is behind the creation of this new Google-free, privacy-lock OS. Actually, eelo is not a completely
By techlog360 on 2018-01-04 07:10 UTC
Upcoming Intel Chip-Level Security Bug Fix Is Going To Slow Down Linux & Windows PC By 30 Percent...
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Fix for a massive chip-level security bug in Intel processors produced in the past 10 years is going affect the performance of your Linux and Windows laptops. According to The Register, this major security hole in Intel chips could allow, “normal user programs – from database applications to
By techlog360 on 2018-01-03 15:49 UTC
IBM Quantum Computer Beaten Google To Attain Ultimate Quantum Computing Supremacy...
Recently IBM Quantum Computer succeeded in achieving a task previously thought to be impossible.IBM Quantum Computer outranked Google by attaining 56-qubits Quantum Computing supremacy which simulated with only 4.5 terabytes of memory. According to the principal investigator of the IBM study,
By techlog360 on 2017-10-27 07:50 UTC

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