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Syrian state media show Assad praying at start of Muslim holiday amid surge in army casualties
Foxnews: World | Mon Jul 28, 2014 11:00 UTC
Syrian President Bashar Assad prayed at a Damascus mosque at the start of a major Muslim holiday on Monday amid reports of an unprecedented high death toll among his troops battling Islamic extr...

Strategies for energy security and climate protection are one and the same
Al Jazeera America | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:59 UTC
EU is finally realizing that it can achieve energy independence by meeting climate goals

Malaysia Airlines wants to rebrand, considering name change | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:58 UTC
After the back–to-back tragedies of MH17 and MH370, Malaysia Airline’s reputation has been tarnished, and the airline is considering a complete brand makeover, from seeking new investors to a name change.

Teenage Girl Kills, Dismembers Classmate: Japan Cops
NBC News | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:58 UTC
TOKYO, Japan - A high school student was arrested on suspicion of killing and dismembering her 15-year-old classmate, police told local media on Monday. The ...

Thousands of guns unaccounted for by Afghan security forces | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:45 UTC
Information on nearly three-quarters of a million guns purchased by the US for the Afghan National Security Forces is either missing or duplicated, an audit of SIGAR inspectors revealed, sparking fears they could have ended up in Taliban hands.

Bee studies feel sting of pesticide manufacturers – MPs | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:41 UTC
Corporate funding from pesticide manufacturers threatens to contaminate research into the impact of agricultural chemicals on the declining bee population, warn a committee of MPs.

California Fires Threaten Hundreds Of Homes
Sky News | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:41 UTC
Nearly 2,000 firefighters battle blazes burning near a wine-growing region east of Sacramento and near Yosemite National Park.

Ukraine clashes intensify as army tries to pressure rebels
Foxnews: World | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:36 UTC
At least eight civilians have been killed by fighting and shelling in two Ukrainian cities held by separatist militants, officials in the rebellion-wracked east said Monday.

UN rights chief: Flight 17 possible war crime; Ukraine civilian toll could violate int'l law
Foxnews: World | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:36 UTC
The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 may be a war crime, U.N.

Students floated to safety from South Korea ferry
Euronews: Lead | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:33 UTC
Students who survived the South Korean ferry disaster described for the first time how they disobeyed orders and escaped to safety. The Sewol ferry sank on 16 April near Jeju Island, off the coast

Video: Slaviansk mourns mass grave victims
France 24: World | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:31 UTC
Weeks after separatist rebels were driven from their former stronghold of Slaviansk in eastern Ukraine, the city’s residents are still coming to terms with the aftermath of the fighting.

Fracking to be allowed in UK national parks in ‘exceptional circumstances’ | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:24 UTC
The UK government will allow fracking in national parks and heritage sites in “exceptional circumstances,” say new guidelines. Around half of the UK is now open to shale gas exploitation, despite growing public concern over the environmental impact.

Meat supplier says China unit in food scandal violated standards, promises safety campaign
Foxnews: World | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:17 UTC
A U.S. meat supplier says a Chinese unit embroiled in a safety scandal has fallen short of its requirements for maintaining high standards.

Russia Ordered to Pay $50B Over Yukos
ABC News (US): International | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:09 UTC
An international court on Monday ordered Russia to pay over $50 billion in compensation to the former majority shareholder of now-defunct oil producer Yukos over the expropriation of the company more than 10 years ago. In one of the largest arbitration ca

India riot city curfew relaxed
BBC: Asia | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:08 UTC
India's Uttar Pradesh state relaxes a curfew in the city of Saharanpur after clashes between Sikhs and Muslims left three dead and 20 hurt.

Venezuelan ex-general arrested after U.S. request
CNN: World Lead | Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:07 UTC
Venezuela says Aruba will release Hugo Carvajal, a retired military general wanted in the United States for alleged drug-trafficking ties.

Japan teenager arrested for beheading classmate
Euronews: Lead | Mon Jul 28, 2014 09:59 UTC
A 15-year-old Japanese schoolgirl has been arrested for allegedly killing and dismembering a classmate. Police claim the girl beat her friend on Saturday, strangled her then cut off her head and

Indian nurses trapped in Libya
BBC: Asia | Mon Jul 28, 2014 09:57 UTC
A group of Indian 65 nurses trapped in the fighting engulfing parts of Libya want to return home, officials say.

?Ready, reset, go! Cold War 2.0 | Mon Jul 28, 2014 09:55 UTC
The New Great Game in Eurasia never ceases to thrill with extreme plot twists. The Big Three players remain the same: the US, Russia and China. The devil is in the concentric subplots.

Breaking News Gaza Strikes Resume As UN Calls For Ceasefire
Sky News | Mon Jul 28, 2014 09:53 UTC
Israeli fighter jets target three sites in Gaza, as the UN Security Council urges both sides to agree to an immediate truce.

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Out of sedation, hospital shooting suspect is charged with murder in caseworker's death
Foxnews: Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 16:14 UTC
A man accused of fatally shooting his caseworker and grazing his psychiatrist at a suburban Philadelphia hospital complex has been charged with murder.

Utah man seeks to prove FBI has video of Oklahoma City bombing that shows 2nd person involved
Foxnews: Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 16:04 UTC
One man's quest to explain his brother's mysterious jail cell death has rekindled long-dormant questions about whether others were involved in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Hospital Shooting Suspect Charged With Murder
ABC News (US): Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 15:59 UTC
Out of sedation, hospital shooting suspect is charged with murder in caseworker's death

US Less Safe Than Several Years Ago, Top Official Says
ABC News (US): Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 15:49 UTC
The United States is now less safe than it was years ago, in part because a brutal terrorist group has been able to gain power in Iraq after the post-war government there "blew it," a top U.S. intelligence official said Saturday.

Typo in UC Berkeley grad's diploma goes viral
Foxnews: Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 15:46 UTC
A UC Berkeley grads diploma has gone viral on Reddit over what he calls a small typo.

Man Seeks Video of 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing
ABC News (US): Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 15:20 UTC
Utah man seeks to prove FBI has video of Oklahoma City bombing that shows 2nd person involved

Hospital Shooting Suspect Charged With Murder
ABC News (US): Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 15:15 UTC
Out of sedation, hospital shooting suspect is charged with murder in caseworker's death

Man Killed His Wife, Set Home Ablaze to Cover it Up, Say Police
ABC News (US): Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 15:15 UTC
Police officers in California are grieving one of their own as her husband sits in jail, accused of shooting his wife and trying to cover up her murder by lighting his house on fire.

Unconventional Ramadan camp draws D.C.-area kids
Al Jazeera America | Sun Jul 27, 2014 14:21 UTC
Young Muslim Americans learn traditional crafts and modern values during Islam's holy month

No booze for DC residents? New Hampshire calls it an oversight, may fix law to avoid confusion
Foxnews: Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 14:19 UTC
New Hampshire is assuring residents of the nation's capital that they can purchase alcohol in the state despite a law that suggests otherwise.

Search Ended for Father in Around-World Flight
NBC News | Sun Jul 27, 2014 14:02 UTC
The Coast Guard has suspended its search for the father who was accompanying his teenage son on an around-the-world flight that was set to make history.Babar...

Judge Strikes Down DC Ban on Handguns Outside Home
ABC News (US): Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 13:46 UTC
Judges strikes down DC ban on handguns outside homes

US Evacuates Embassy in Libya with F-16 Support
Foxnews: Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 13:13 UTC
U.S. State Department staff members including the Marine guards were evacuated safely Saturday from the U.S. Embassy in Libya.,More than 100 U.S. State Department staff members including the Marine guards were evacuated safely Saturday from the U.S. Embas

D.C. handgun ban ruled unconstitutional
CNN | Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:47 UTC
A federal judge ruled that Washington's ban on the carrying of handguns in public is unconstitutional.

Fed's targeting of asset bubbles leads to contradictions
Al Jazeera America | Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:41 UTC
Yellen's comments on overvalued markets welcome, but finding the right solution is tricky

Fast-Moving Blazes Race Through Northern California
NBC News | Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:35 UTC
Fire crews were battling two fast-moving wildfires in California that threatened many homes and forced hundreds of evacuations, officials said. A fire in the...

Playing ball with public dollars
Al Jazeera America | Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:34 UTC
Lawmakers should demand economic guarantees before giving taxpayer dollars to billionaire sports owners

Does feminism need men?
Al Jazeera America | Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:18 UTC
Theres no point in relying on men to rescue women

Unscrambling the California omelet
Al Jazeera America | Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:17 UTC
Why breaking the state into six is a terrible idea

Fire teams battle 2 fast-moving California blazes _ near vineyards and Yosemite National Park
Foxnews: Lead | Sun Jul 27, 2014 09:24 UTC
Fire crews were battling two fast-moving wildfires in California that threatened many homes and forced hundreds of evacuations, officials said.

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