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AP Interview: Jerusalem Mayor Vows to Calm City
ABC News (US) | Thu Oct 23, 2014 16:18 UTC

Jerusalem's mayor is calling for a crackdown against a wave of Palestinian unrest, saying violence will not be tolerated in his city. Nir Barkat said in an interview Thursday that violence in the city has become intolerable. He spoke a day after a Pal

Swiss Scientists Determine Comet's 'Perfume'
ABC News (US) | Thu Oct 23, 2014 16:18 UTC

Rotten eggs, horse urine, formaldehyde, bitter almonds, alcohol, vinegar and a hint of sweet ether. That heady bouquet, according to Swiss researchers, is the 'perfume' of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Scientists at the University of Bern said

Vicar sham weddings trial collapses
BBC News | Thu Oct 23, 2014 16:08 UTC

The trial collapses of a vicar accused of carrying out hundreds of sham weddings - after the judge says immigration officers lied on oath.

Mayor, Wife Were Behind Mexican Student Disappearances: Officials
NBC News | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:54 UTC

MEXICO CITY A Mexican mayor and his wife were

Inside effort to stop homegrown terrorism
CBS News | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:54 UTC

The Obama administration is trying to find ways to stop home grown radicals and is looking outside of government for inspiration. Margaret Brennan reports on a new program in Maryland that is the first community-led program to fight violent extremism.

NHS funds rise 'tough but possible'
BBC News | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:53 UTC

Increasing NHS spending in England would be tough but possible, the health secretary says after health bosses warn 8bn more will be needed by 2020.

Latest White House Fence Jumper 'Disturbed'
Sky News | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:52 UTC

As the accused is charged, his father says it is not the first time his son has tried to get into the White House.

NK experts say: US must apologize in order to secure the freedom of detainees
Foxnews | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:48 UTC

The United States government must make a formal apology to secure the freedom of two Americans who remain imprisoned in North Korea after the release this week of Jeffrey Fowle, North Korean legal experts said Thursday.

Blackwater security guards found guilty in 2007 Iraq killings
CBS News | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:46 UTC

In a shooting that inflamed global anger over the Iraq War, more than 30 unarmed Iraqis were shot by Blackwater security guards in Baghdad in 2007. Seventeen of them died. A federal jury convicted four former guards in the killings on Wednesday. Clarissa

Aerospace Giant Boeing Books First Sales to Iran Since 1979
NBC News | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:45 UTC

TEHRAN, Iran Boeing has sold Iran $12,000 worth of aircraft-related documents, the first public dealings the country has had with an American aerospace fir...

Trading restriction halts steep slide of Portugal Telecom shares as markets mull next move
Foxnews | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:45 UTC

A ban on the short-selling of Portugal Telecom shares helped the stock rebound following a plunge that analysts say leaves it vulnerable to a takeover bid.

Zuckerberg stuns Beijing crowd with 30 minute Q&A session in Chinese | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:37 UTC

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg shocked an audience in Beijing this week when he conducted a half-hour-long question-and-answer session entirely in Chinese.

EU needs clear criteria for lifting Russia sanctions – German FM | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:33 UTC

The European Union has to come up with clear criteria for lifting sanctions against Russia, as it has to be done sooner or later, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s foreign minister, said.

Mexico corruption: State mayor, wife issued warrants over kidnapped students | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:33 UTC

The mayor of the Mexican town where 43 students disappeared last month is a “possible mastermind” of the abduction, along with his wife, believes the attorney general.

US-led airstrikes kill more than 500 militants, 32 civilians – report | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:32 UTC

?United States and coalition airstrikes in Syria over the last month have killed more than 500 jihadists, of both Islamic State and Al-Qaeda affiliated groups, and 32 civilians, according to a human rights monitor.

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Ohio State: Fired Band Director Was Dishonest
ABC News (US) | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:58 UTC

Ohio State says fired band director proposed disciplining assault victim, misled investigators

Police Employ High-Tech Tool in Pumpkin Riot Probe
ABC News (US) | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:56 UTC

New Hampshire police employing high-tech tool to gather evidence after pumpkin festival mayhem

Eric Frein Lookalike: I've Been Stopped Repeatedly
ABC News (US) | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:50 UTC

Man who looks like subject of manhunt says he's been stopped repeatedly, once at gunpoint

Olympian Jim Thorpe’s remains should not be moved: U.S. court
One America News Network | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:40 UTC

By Jonathan Stempel – Jim Thorpe’s remains will stay in the Pennsylvania hamlet named for the legendary Native American […] The post Olympian Jim Thorpe’s remains should not be moved: U.S. court appeared first on One America New

Officer accused of forwarding nude suspect photos to himself
Foxnews | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:40 UTC

Court documents show a California Highway Patrol officer is suspected of secretly sending nude photos of a DUI suspect from her cellphone to his own phone.

Dogs OK After Tussle With White House Fence Jumper
ABC News (US) | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:23 UTC

The Secret Service dogs that tussled with a White House invader, including one who was violently kicked by the suspect, are recovering today, officials said.

The San Joaquin River in California is in deep trouble
Al Jazeera America | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:20 UTC

Jennifer London reports on how the state's second largest and longest river is dying due to drought

Fraudulent class scheme at the University of North Carolina
Al Jazeera America | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:19 UTC

Report says no work classes served student athletes to boost grade point averages keeping them sports eligible

US Journalist Returns Home After Ebola Recovery
ABC News (US) | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:18 UTC

US video journalist is home in Rhode Island after recovering from Ebola at Nebraska hospital

Nearly half of US adults worry local hospitals can't handle Ebola
Al Jazeera America | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:18 UTC

As virus continues to spread in West Africa, study suggests lack of confidence in US capacity to treat domestic cases

Washington monitoring the attacks in Ottawa closely
Al Jazeera America | Thu Oct 23, 2014 15:16 UTC

Former senior FBI profiler and forensic behavioral consultant Mary Ellen O'Toole discusses the situation

Driver attacked after ice cream truck fatally strikes boy
Foxnews | Thu Oct 23, 2014 14:53 UTC

Authorities say a 7-year-old boy riding a motorized bike was hit and killed by an ice cream truck in South Los Angeles and residents then attacked the driver.

Ice cream truck hits, kills 7-year-old boy in Los Angeles, prompting crowd to attack driver
Foxnews | Thu Oct 23, 2014 14:46 UTC

Authorities say a 7-year-old boy riding a motorized bike was hit and killed by an ice cream truck in South Los Angeles and residents then attacked the driver.

George Will's appearance at Miami University draws protests over sexual assault opinion
Foxnews | Thu Oct 23, 2014 14:42 UTC

An appearance by columnist George F.

Prosecutors: Michigan girl wanted to kill her family so she could run off with adult boyfriend
Foxnews | Thu Oct 23, 2014 14:41 UTC

Prosecutors say a 15-year-old Michigan girl stabbed her 12-year-old brother and conspired to kill other family members so she could run away with her 23-year-old boyfriend.

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Trouble flares up in Lille ahead of Everton match Washington Times French riot police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse large groups of Everton fans gathered on Lille's main square on Thursday afternoon, hours before....

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