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Referendum reaction - as it happened
BBC News: Lead Headline | Mon Sep 22, 2014 18:07 UTC

High-Profile Israeli Spy Mike Harari Dead at 87
ABC News (US): International | Mon Sep 22, 2014 18:04 UTC
Israel's secret service agent Mike Harari, who played a major role in planning Mossad's revenge attacks against Palestinian militants implicated in the 1972 Munich massacre of the country's Olympics team, has died. He was 87. Harari was also i

Senior Israeli spy Harari dies
BBC: Middle East | Mon Sep 22, 2014 18:00 UTC
Mike Harari, the Mossad agent who oversaw a string of Israeli operations involving the assassination of Palestinian militants abroad, has died, aged 87.

British manufacturers urge UK politicians to commit to EU membership | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:57 UTC
A group of UK manufacturing companies have called upon the British political establishment to commit to ensuring Britain remains a member of the EU. A failure to do so could hinder UK investment and wealth creation, pro EU advocates claim.

Climate change demonstrations around the world urge action on new global treaty
CBS News : World | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:48 UTC
Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators from around the world united to urge policy makers to take action on climate change ahead of an upcoming meeting at the United Nations. Wendy Gillette reports from New York, where the largest of the marches was held.

WHO: Ebola contained in Nigera, Senegal
Al Jazeera America | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:47 UTC
Two countries appear to manage the spread of Ebola; Sierra Leone records 130 new cases after three-day lockdown

Indigenous groups call for drilling limits to fight climate change
Al Jazeera America | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:46 UTC
The UN is holding the first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples on the sidelines of the General Assembly

Iraq Officials: Car Bomb in Busy Baghdad Commercial District Kills 10 People, Wounds 25.
ABC News (US): International | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:43 UTC
Iraq officials: Car bomb in busy Baghdad commercial district kills 10 people, wounds 25.

Officials: French Citizen Kidnapped in Algeria
ABC News (US): International | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:43 UTC
An Algerian security official says a Frenchman has been kidnapped by militants in an area where North Africa's al-Qaida branch has a hideout. The security official in the mountainous city of Tizi Ouzou, in the region where the kidnapping happened, say

Germany arrests suspected jihadist returned from Syria, checking links to Islamic State group
Foxnews: World | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:40 UTC
Authorities in Germany have arrested a 40-year-old man suspected of having trained and fought for an extremist group in Syria's civil war.

Electric shocks, mustard oil: China reveals cases of torture in police detention
CBS News : World | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:38 UTC
One man was handcuffed to an iron chair and wires from an old-fashioned telephone were tied to his toes

Ground troops to Iraq? Blair ‘last person to consult on invading Iraq’, say activists | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:37 UTC
Stop the War activists say Tony Blair is the ‘last person to consult on invading Iraq’ after the former prime minister called for sending troops to Iraq and possibly Syria. He said airstrikes alone will not be enough to defeat the Islamic State.

Yemen rebels carry out raids day after UN peace deal
Al Jazeera America | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:34 UTC
Raids threaten to undermine peace deal, aimed at ending two weeks of clashes that have crippled the capital

Cuba deploys ‘world’s finest medics’ to Ebola-hit Sierra Leone
France 24: World | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:33 UTC
Cuba is joining the fight against Ebola by sending a 165-strong army of doctors and specialists to West Africa. Despite decades of financial hardship, the communist country remains at the forefront of the world’s medical expertise and know-how.

'Worldly life is frightening:' Famous Siberian hermit prefers taiga to civilization | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:31 UTC
69-year-old Agafia Lykova was born in the wilderness of Russia’s Siberia and has never left the forest, where she has preserved her ancestors' faith and lifestyle. RT visited the country's most famous hermit in her taiga 'lodge.'

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Desperation grows in the Ebola zone
CNN | Mon Sep 22, 2014 18:05 UTC
Ebola ravages Liberia where CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports from the front lines. Ebola is believed to have killed 1,578 in Liberia.

Missing Afghan Soldiers Found At Canadian Border
ABC News (US): Lead | Mon Sep 22, 2014 18:02 UTC
The three Afghan soldiers who went missing from a Cape Cod military base over the weekend have been found at the Canadian border, a United States defense official told ABC News.

Police: Canadian Woman Arrested at JFK With Guns
ABC News (US): Lead | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:57 UTC
Police: Canadian woman arrested at JFK with guns, drugs in checked baggage

Virginia preschool teacher charged with biting toddler
Foxnews: Lead | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:52 UTC
A northern Virginia preschool teacher has been charged with assault and battery for allegedly biting a 13-month-old boy in her care.

LA Attorney Faces Suspension Over Doctored Photos
ABC News (US): Lead | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:50 UTC
Judge recommends suspension for Los Angeles attorney over doctored celebrity photos

Protests take place around the world for climate change
Al Jazeera America | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:49 UTC
Thousands of people from Paris, Berlin, New York City and Rio join in the call for a cleaner planet

World leaders to meet at the UN to discuss several key topics
Al Jazeera America | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:45 UTC
Former Ambassador for the US, Russia and Israel at the UN, Thomas Pickering, previews the issues at hand

Hannah Graham Searchers Returns to Jesse Matthew's Apartment
ABC News (US): Lead | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:45 UTC
A new warrant was issued today to carry out a second search of the apartment belonging to a man who police say was the last person to be seen with missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham.

Security Council resolution expected this week requiring countries to outlaw terror travel
Foxnews: Lead | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:43 UTC
The United Nations Security Council is expected to adopt a binding resolution this week that would require nations to bar their citizens from traveling abroad to join terrorism organizations, part of a U.S.-led effort to galvanize the international commun

Detroit tells judge: We can't give away free water
Foxnews: Lead | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:43 UTC
Detroit's water department defended its shutoff policy Monday and warned that free service to people with unpaid bills could be very devastating to the bottom line.

Montana parishioners meet with bishop after priest says gay couple can't take Communion
Foxnews: Lead | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:42 UTC
A Roman Catholic bishop says a central Montana parish is about evenly divided over a new priest's decision to prohibit a gay couple from receiving Communion unless they divorce, live separately and write a statement affirming that a marriage is betwee

Normal traffic to resume on Washington highway hit by slide
Foxnews: Lead | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:37 UTC
Six months after a hillside gave way in the Washington town of Oso, burying 43 people and blocking a state highway, the community is taking another step toward recovery with the return of normal traffic on the route.

700 infants exposed to TB
CNN | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:33 UTC
TB threat: More than 700 infants and 40 health care workers have been exposed to tuberculosis at a hospital in El Paso, Texas.

Wesleyan University in Connecticut to require fraternities and sororities to become co-ed
Foxnews: Lead | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:30 UTC
Wesleyan University in Connecticut is ordering its fraternities and sororities to become coeducational within the next three years.

More Americans see influence of religion waning: poll
One America News Network | Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:30 UTC
By Mary Wisniewski – Nearly three-quarters of the public think religion is losing influence in American life and a […] The post More Americans see influence of religion waning: poll appeared first on One America News Network.

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