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Ebola death toll could be three times higher: WHO
France 24 | Thu Oct 23, 2014 00:14 UTC

At least 4,877 people have died in the world’s worst recorded outbreak of Ebola as of Oct. 19, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday, but the true toll may be three times as much.

?Protest against police brutality invades NYC’s Times Square | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:55 UTC

Under the rainy skies of New York City, several hundred people marched into Times Square, protesting police brutality and calling for reform and justice on behalf of those killed by law enforcement.

Lax security blamed for attack on Canada's parliament
ABC Australia | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:49 UTC

Security in Canada's capital is being criticised following the extraordinary attack on Canada's parliament.

Woman charged after remains of 6 infants found in Canada
Foxnews | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:46 UTC

A Canadian woman was charged Wednesday after the remains of six babies were found earlier this week in a Winnipeg storage facility.

'More to do' on disabled hate crimes
BBC News | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:45 UTC

Hate crime convictions are at an all-time high, but disability hate crime convictions have dropped, according to a new report.

Man who faked coma for 2 years exposed by supermarket camera
CBS News | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:45 UTC

Judge calls British man accused of stealing $64,000 "a very accomplished and determined actor"

Head of sphinx unearthed in enormous Greek tomb
ABC Australia | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:44 UTC

The head of a near-intact marble sphinx has been discovered in the largest tomb ever unearthed in Amphipolis, northern Greece.

Military heads admit Afghan mistakes
BBC News | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:40 UTC

Military leaders failed to calculate the magnitude of the conflict in Afghanistan, the former head of the British army, Gen Sir Peter Wall, tells the BBC.

Pentagon: ISIS seized materials airdropped to Kurds
CBS News | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:38 UTC

Officials say wind caused one of the bundles to blow off course, allowing the militants to take it

Police killer Roberts to be freed
BBC News | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:32 UTC

Police killer Harry Roberts is to be released from prison after more than 45 years, after a decision by the Parole Board.

Warning to wild mushroom pickers
BBC News | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:25 UTC

Wild food foragers are being warned to be particularly careful when picking mushrooms because of a rise in cases of mushroom poisoning.

Grangemouth revamp 'on schedule'
BBC News | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:23 UTC

The owners of the Grangemouth plant say radical changes are on track a year after the site was closed by an industrial dispute.

First doses of Ebola vaccine could be used this year
ABC Australia | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:13 UTC

Two of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies planned to work together to speed production of millions of Ebola vaccines, with the first doses expected before the end of this year.

?IDF soldiers handcuff, blindfold 11yo mentally ill Palestinian (VIDEO) | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:08 UTC

A video of Israeli Defense Forces degrading detention and mistreatment of a disabled 11-year-old boy has surfaced on Youtube, once again sparking harsh criticism of abuse and indiscriminately violent treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli military.

Infants's remains found in storage lockers
CBS News | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:08 UTC

During an inventory check of delinquent storage containers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the remains of as many as four infants were found. The victims appear to be newborns. Global TV Toronto has the story.

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US: National TV News Headlines

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White House fence jumper detained
CNN | Thu Oct 23, 2014 00:13 UTC

A man jumped over the White House fence on Wednesday night, but barely made it onto the lawn before being taken down by a K-9 and quickly detained

Another Man Jumps White House Fence
NBC News | Thu Oct 23, 2014 00:08 UTC

Officials say another man jumped the White House fence Wednesday evening the second such incident in as many months.According to a federal official, the fe...

Cops Keep Mistaking Man for Alleged Ambush Killer Eric Frein
NBC News | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:59 UTC

A Pennsylvania man says he has an unfortunate doppelganger: Eric Frien, the man accused of gunning down a state trooper five weeks ago and who has eluded a m...

Fence Jumper Caught Outside White House
ABC News (US) | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:51 UTC

A fence jumper was apprehended tonight outside the White House after he scaled the north fence, a Secret Service spokesman told ABC News.

UAW eyes bargaining rights at VW Tennessee plant within a year
One America News Network | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:50 UTC

By Bernie Woodall and Ben Klayman DETROIT – The United Auto Workers hopes to be recognized as the exclusive […] The post UAW eyes bargaining rights at VW Tennessee plant within a year appeared first on One America News Network.

Protest Against Police Brutality Blocks Ga Freeway
ABC News (US) | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:48 UTC

Protesters block Atlanta freeway in evening rush hour, citing opposition to police brutality

Vandalism Reported at 5 National Parks
ABC News (US) | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:43 UTC

National Park Service: 5 western parks vandalized, incidents under investigation at 5 more

UNC report: Years of academic fraud
CNN | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:10 UTC

Independent report finds that for 18 years, thousands of students at the University of North Carolina took fake

Conflict with Oregon city leaves residents without access to fully-built $1M public library
Foxnews | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:02 UTC

A northern Oregon city is being forced to use a van as its sole library after a blueprint mix-up shut down the new $1.2 million public library building.

Romanian princess gets probation for role in cockfighting business in Oregon
Foxnews | Wed Oct 22, 2014 23:01 UTC

A Romanian princess who helped run a cockfighting enterprise in Oregon has been sentenced to three years of probation and won't have to go to prison.

Family of Dallas nurse Vinson says she no longer showing Ebola: networks
One America News Network | Wed Oct 22, 2014 22:50 UTC

– The family of Amber Vinson, one of two Dallas nurses infected with Ebola, said tests were no longer […] The post Family of Dallas nurse Vinson says she no longer showing Ebola: networks appeared first on One America News Network.

Dallas Hospital Caught in Spotlight in Ebola Case
ABC News (US) | Wed Oct 22, 2014 22:43 UTC

What to know about the Dallas hospital caught in spotlight over 1st U.S.-diagnosed Ebola case

No Verdict yet in Trial of Tsarnaev's Friend
ABC News (US) | Wed Oct 22, 2014 22:34 UTC

Jury in Tsarnaev friend trial finishes 1st full day of deliberations without verdict

How academic scandal at University of North Carolina worked to help athletes, other students
Foxnews | Wed Oct 22, 2014 22:32 UTC

The academic scandal at the University of North Carolina unfolded over nearly two decades and involved about 3,100 students, nearly half of them athletes, according to a report released Wednesda...

Security hiked at Tomb of Unknowns after Canada shooting, although FBI says no known threats
Foxnews | Wed Oct 22, 2014 22:31 UTC

The military increased security Wednesday at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery after fatal shootings at a Canadian war memorial and Parliament, even though the FBI and the Homeland Security Department said there was no specific threa

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Protest against police brutality blocks Ga freeway Washington Post Demonstrators who say they were taking part in a week of resistance to police brutality temporarily blocked rush hour traffic on a busy freeway through downtown Atl....

Vandalism reported at 5 National Parks Washington Post The National Park Service says vandalism has been found within five western national parks and officials are investigating vandalism reports at five other parks.....

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