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?UK hacker warned of US-extradition risk if he visits sick father in Scotland | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:52 UTC
Gary McKinnon, the computer hacker who won a 10-year battle to avoid extradition to the US, has been warned not to visit his ill father in Scotland, for fear America will mount fresh bids for his arrest.

Ebola Fears Nix Sierra Leone Troop Trip to Somalia
ABC News (US): International | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:49 UTC
A military spokesman for the African Union mission in Somalia says the AU has cancelled a planned troop rotation by Sierra Leonean forces because of the breakout of Ebola. Col. Ali Aden Houmed told The Associated Press late Thursday that the Union decided

Gaza Officials: Israeli Tank Fire Kills 4 Palestinians After Cease-Fire
ABC News (US): International | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:49 UTC
Israeli army says soldier

Prosecutors file quick appeal after judge says convicted French rogue trader can go free
Foxnews: World | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:46 UTC
A Frenchman convicted of one of history's biggest trading frauds was accorded a conditional release from prison only to have freedom denied with a quick appeal by the prosecutor's office.

Hopes 'bleak' for landslide missing
BBC News: Lead Headline | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:45 UTC
Officials say hopes of finding any more survivors from a landslide that buried a village are fading, as the number of bodies found reaches 60.

Ukrainian army suffers losses in separatist attack
France 24: World | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:44 UTC
Ukrainian television reported on Friday that 20 servicemen had been killed in an attack by pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine during the night, but a military source said the death toll was likely lower.

Russia and EU to suffer equally from new Western sanctions | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:44 UTC
The Russian economy will not collapse due to EU sanctions, with the economies of both suffering almost the same, Russia's permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said on Friday.

Grim New Milestone as Gaza Death Toll Nears 1,500
NBC News | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:41 UTC
GAZA CITY, Gaza - The number of Palestinians killed during Israel's three-week offensive in Gaza hit 1,463 on Friday, health officials said. About 8,400 othe...

South Africa: Giraffe's Head Hits Highway Overpass
ABC News (US): International | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:41 UTC
Those responsible for the death of a giraffe whose head struck a South African highway overpass while it was being transported in a truck will likely be prosecuted under animal protection laws, an official said Friday. The accident on a highway between Pr

UN: Iraq Deaths Drop to 1,700 in July
ABC News (US): International | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:27 UTC
Iraq's most influential Shiite cleric is appealing to politicians not to be

Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise on its way to Amsterdam after Russia releases it
Foxnews: World | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:25 UTC
Greenpeace International says a ship held by Russian authorities for nearly a year has been released and is on its way back to the Netherlands.

Down's Baby Abandoned With Surrogate Mother
Sky News | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:22 UTC
An Australian couple pay a poor Thai woman to be a surrogate mother but abandon one twin when they find he has Down's syndrome.

What is it like being Usain Bolt?
BBC News: Lead Headline | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:21 UTC
Adulation, glory, money, weird photocalls, 'selfie' requests and a 'bagman' to get his food - the life of the sprint superstar.

Russian sanctions crushing German business | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:20 UTC
The West is tightening the financial screws on Moscow, but German companies are already feeling the kickback of a slowing Russian economy and weakening ruble.

Louis Smith: Headliner to support role
BBC News: Lead Headline | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:13 UTC
Is there still a place for trailblazer and television star Louis Smith, after being beaten by the gymnasts he inspired?

World Stocks Extend Slump on Wall Street Sell-Off
ABC News (US): International | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:13 UTC
World stock markets sank on Friday, with European benchmarks opening sharply lower after Wall Street's sharp sell-off. Asian stock markets posted modest losses as strong reports on China's economy countered some of the pessimism. KEEPING SCORE: In

With Syria buried in the news, hopes fade for ending world's bloodiest war
Al Jazeera America | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:13 UTC
Syria's violence is setting tragic records as the world's attention shifts focus to Gaza, Iraq, Ukraine and even Libya

Third of Tory voters favour Ukip coalition - poll | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:11 UTC
Nearly a third of Conservative voters would prefer their party to enter into coalition with Ukip if it fails to win next year's general election outright, a new survey reveals.

Uganda anti-gay law invalidated by constitutional court
CBC: World Lead | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:06 UTC
A Ugandan court on Friday invalidated an anti-gay bill signed into law earlier this year, saying the measure is illegal because it was passed during a parliamentary session that lacked a quorum.

Lost Tribe Makes Contact With Outside World
Sky News | Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:01 UTC
The men come from a previously uncontacted tribe and met a group of researchers in the Brazilian rainforest.

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Son of former DC mayor Marion Barry jailed after latest arrest for driving on revoked license
Foxnews: Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 22:10 UTC
Court documents show the only son of former District of Columbia mayor Marion Barry has been jailed after he was caught driving on a revoked license.

Ray Rice: I Let My Mother, Wife and Daughter Down
NBC News | Thu Jul 31, 2014 22:09 UTC
NFL running back Ray Rice apologizes for his actions that led to a February domestic violence arrest.

Ray Rice: 'My actions were inexcusable'
CNN: Lead Headline | Thu Jul 31, 2014 22:05 UTC
Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens running back suspended after video showed him dragging his then-fiance from an elevator, said his actions were

House GOP halts immigration vote
CNN | Thu Jul 31, 2014 22:05 UTC
On what was supposed to be the last day before summer recess, dysfunction reigned in Congress.

Fla. Man Guilty of Throwing Baby From Car Window
ABC News (US): Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 22:03 UTC
Florida man found guilty of killing ex-girlfriend's infant by throwing boy out of car window

Man Accused of Putting Needles in Packaged Meat
ABC News (US): Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 22:03 UTC
Southwestern Illinois man accused of inserting sewing needles into supermarket's packaged meat

Police: Fla. man upset at not getting mail strikes postal carrier, throws furniture at truck
Foxnews: Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 22:01 UTC
A Florida man is under arrest after authorities say he hit a postal carrier and threw furniture at his truck because he didn't have any mail for him.

Police Search Kidnapping Suspect's Home, Storage Container
ABC News (US): Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 22:00 UTC
Police have searched the home and storage unit of Nathaniel Kibby, the man being held in connection to the disappearance of Abigail Hernandez.

Former New York Yankees outfielder Rusty Torres convicted of sexually abusing young girl
Foxnews: Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:57 UTC
A former New York Yankees outfielder has been convicted of sexually abusing a young girl.

Witness Tampering Alleged in Oklahoma Bomb Trial
ABC News (US): Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:52 UTC
Judge orders FBI agent to respond to charges of witness tampering in bombing-videos trial

Federal prosecutor warns Cuomo over handling of anti-corruption commission
Foxnews: Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:51 UTC
A federal prosecutor has threatened to investigate New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration for allegedly encouraging potential witnesses to defend the Democratic governor's handling of an anti-corruption commission.

New York Air Guardsman Pushed Down Bar Stairs Dies
ABC News (US): Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:43 UTC
New York Air Guardsman dies 2 months after being pushed down bar stairs; bar manager charged

NTSB: Plane That Crashed in Arizona Was Flying Low
ABC News (US): Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:42 UTC
Federal investigator says small plane that crashed in Arizona, killing 2, was flying too low

Man pleads guilty in deaths of Oklahoma girls, fiancee
Foxnews: Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:41 UTC
A man accused of killing two girls along a rural Oklahoma road in 2008, but who wasn't arrested until after being questioned in his fiance's death three years later, pleaded guilty in both cases Thursday.

Colorado to begin issuing licenses to immigrants in the country illegally
Foxnews: Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:40 UTC
Colorado will begin issuing driver's licenses and identification cards to immigrants who are in the country illegally or have temporary legal status.

Immigrant Families To Be Held In Texas Facility
NBC News | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:34 UTC
WASHINGTON, DC -- The Obama administration will use a Karnes City, Texas detention facility to hold adults with children who have been arriving on the border...

Colorado woman guilty of kidnapping newborn nephew
Foxnews: Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:33 UTC
A Colorado woman was convicted Thursday of kidnapping her newborn nephew in Wisconsin and abandoning him in freezing temperatures outside an Iowa gas station as police closed in.

Committee Concerned Over Drivers, Pilots Smoking Pot
NBC News | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:26 UTC
Committee members and witnesses testify over their concerns with people operating planes, trains and automobiles while stoned.

One of FBI's 10 Most Wanted Surrenders in Mexico
NBC News | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:26 UTC
One of the FBIs 10 Most Wanted surrendered in Mexico and has been returned to authorities in Louisiana, the bureau said. Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara, who is ...

Detroit-area soccer player ordered tried on murder charge after punching referee over ejection
Foxnews: Lead | Thu Jul 31, 2014 21:25 UTC
A recreational soccer player will stand trial for the one-punch slaying of a referee who was about to penalize and eject him from a game in suburban Detroit.

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Campus Sexual Assault Bill Relies on Public Shaming of Colleges NY Times A lack of funding for investigators means the real power of the legislation would be the anonymous survey data from students published online.....

French TV Executive Aims to Entertain North Africa, Too NY Times Bouchra Rejani, an Arab immigrant, says she has never felt out of place in a country that has had a troubled history of integrating people from her background.....

Pentagon wants extra $19M to equip, train Ukrainian troops Washington Times The Pentagon has notified Congress of a plan to increase the amount of money that it is spending on bolstering the defense capabilities of the Ukrainian military, w....

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