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 2017-03-27 10:43 

Raw Story

Lets be honest Neil Gorsuch has a political worldview... +

Last week, Neil Gorsuch did about as well as a Supreme Court nominee could before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He got some thorough grilling from Democratic members, including Rhode Islands Sheldon Whitehouse and Minnesotas Al Franken, who questioned d...

 2017-03-27 02:29 


Al Franken, Michelle Malkin and James Woods all find fault with Obamacare... +

'Why are they waffling?'...

 2017-03-25 05:00 

American Thinker

Kamala Harris leaves no doubt that she has the stupidest reason for voting against Gorsuch nomination... +

Al Franken made a strong case for himself during the Gorsuch confirmation hearings, but in a last-minute surge, his Democrat Senate colleague Kamala Harris has stolen the crown...

 2017-03-23 23:41 


Al Franken Pens Book on His Life in 'Deeply Polarized' Congress... +

Al Franken, who rocketed to fame on Saturday Night Live and then entered politics as a U.S. senator from Minnesota, has penned a new memoir detailing the highs and lows of his life on Capitol Hill....

 2017-03-22 19:36

Bernie Sanders' Latest Fight is About CEO Pay and Wall Street Reform... +

How much more does the boss make than the employees? Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Bob Menendez and others are railing against a delay to a CEO pay disclosure rule....

 2017-03-22 16:30 


Al Frankens grilling of Gorsuch exposes the heartless cruelty behind conservative legal philosophy... +

Comic-turned-senator rips apart Gorsuch's infamous "frozen trucker" opinion. If only other Democrats would follow...

 2017-03-22 02:33

Sen. Al Franken to Gorsuch: Are You Part of Steve Bannon’s Plan for Deconstruction of the Administrative State?... +

During Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) asked Gorsuch about remarks made by President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Preibus and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon at the recent Conservat...

 2017-03-22 00:03 


Al Franken Crossed the Line With Gorsuch Chastising... +

While Franken is a smart guy and I often like him, he was over the line and out of his element here....

 2017-03-21 23:55 

Hollywood Reporter

Neil Gorsuch Spars With Al Franken, Criticizes Trump at Confirmation Hearing ... +

During his confirmation hearings, Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch also called Trump's attacks on federal judges ...

 2017-03-21 23:06 

Deadline Hollywood

Al Franken Grills Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch: I Had A Career Identifying Absurdity And I Know It When I See It... +

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch kept his cool for the most part during todays one-part-contentious-one-part-treacle confirmation hearing. Mostly the TV news cameras following the hearing lapped...

 2017-03-21 22:43 

Crooks and Liars

Franken Grills Gorsuch About That Awful Trucker Case - 'Absurd!'... +

So after stealing the Supreme Court seat from Merrick Garland, the GOP is trying to push through a truly awful candidate: Neil Gorsuch. His hearings this far have been fairly boring with him trying to tap dance around answering any questions about virtual...

 2017-03-21 21:53 

Yahoo News

Franken calls Gorsuch dissent in trucker case 'absurd'... +

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken recalled his comedic past in a contentious exchange with Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch Tuesday during the judges confirmation hearing. Franken was questioning Gorsuch on the case of Alphonse Maddin, a trucker who was fired ...

 2017-03-21 21:44 


Hey, did anyone make a find a man joke about Sen. Ted Cruz and Justice Neil Gorsuch yet?... +

So while former SNL regular Al Franken was busy grilling Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, journalists were trying their hand at Twitter comedy....

 2017-03-21 21:38 

US News & World Report

Al Franken Hammers Neil Gorsuch on His Political Leanings... +

The senator said the Supreme Court nominee was described by Trump advisers as playing a key role in deconstructing the regulatory state....

 2017-03-21 21:36 


Im Not God: Gorsuch Tells Franken That He Cant Fix Confirmation Process... +

The federal judge appeared to grow exasperated with Democratic Sen. Al Franken's grilling over the political nature of the process....

 2017-03-21 21:35 


Hold up: Did Neil Gorsuch roll his eyes at Al Franken? See for yourself!... +


 2017-03-21 21:33 

Yahoo News

Franken on Gorsuchs Frozen Trucker opinion: Thats absurd... +

On March 21 during Judge Neil Gorsuchs Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Sen. Al Franken asked Gorsuch about his frozen trucker opinion, a case in which a trucker was fired after his trailer broke down in subzero temperatures. Gorsuch concluded it wasnt...

 2017-03-21 21:31 

Yahoo News

Gorsuch calls same-sex marriage decision 'settled law'... +

Judge Neil Gorsuch referred to the Supreme Courts recent same-sex marriage decision as settled law, using a stronger phrase than he has for other legal precedents. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., asked Gorsuch to explain how his views on marriage equality have...

 2017-03-21 21:30 

Washington Examiner

Al Franken's bizarre questions to Gorsuch belie Dem desperation... +

During the second day of Judge Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) worked hard to pressure Gorsuch into conceding his political biases. Over the course of his hearing, Gorsuch had declined to answer sev...

 2017-03-21 21:27 

Washington Free Beacon

Gorsuch Declines to Answer Frankens Question on Merrick Garland... +

Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn.) was visibly frustrated on Tuesday when President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch respectfully declined to answer hisquestion abouthow Republicans trea...

 2017-03-21 21:25 

Los Angeles Times

Sen. Al Franken brands Gorsuch a partisan and 'absurd'... +
 2017-03-21 21:19

Al Franken Upbraids Neil Gorsuch: 'I Question Your Judgment'... +

The Minnesota senator held nothing back during Tuesday's Senate hearing. Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) called out Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trumps Supreme Court nominee, on Tuesday for what he said was an absurd ruling against a truck driver who w...

 2017-03-21 21:16 


Franken Confronts Gorsuch: Do You Think Merrick Garland Was Treated Fairly?... +

Senator Al Franken repeatedly confronted Neil Gorsuch this afternoon to try and get his opinion......

 2017-03-21 21:08 

Raw Story

Al Franken scolds Gorsuch: I had a career in identifying absurdity and I know it when I see it... +

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) called out Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, on Tuesday for what he said was a “absurd” ruling against a truck driver who was fired after nearly freezing due to malfunctioning equi...

 2017-03-21 20:59 


Doggone it! Al Franken beclowns himself over Gorsuch for the second day in a row... +


 2017-03-21 03:48

Al Franken: Gorsuch Represents Ideology that Has Already ‘Infected the Bench’... +

On the first day of confirmation hearings for Federal Appeals Court Judge Neil Gorsuch to be named as a Supreme Court Justice, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) criticized what he referred to as the "Roberts court" and said Gorsuch taking a seat on the bench woul...

 2017-03-20 19:48 

Washington Free Beacon

Franken Takes Shot at the Late Antonin Scalias Understanding of the Constitution... +

Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn.) questioned the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's understanding of the Constitution on Mondayduring the confirmation hearing for President Trump's nominee to the...

 2017-03-20 19:04 

Crooks and Liars

Gorsuch Hearing: Al Franken Brings Up Merrick Garland... +

Meanwhile, in the not-"Russia hacking our election" universe..... At the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings of Neil Gorsuch this morning, Senator Al Franken followed Senator Ted Cruz (don't get me started) to make an opening statement. Thank...

 2017-03-20 18:08 


Huh? At Gorsuch hearing, did Al Franken admit to being constitutionally illiterate?... +


 2017-03-19 12:55 


Sunday WashPost Puff Piece Champions Al Franken as 'Perfect Senator' and 'Breakout Political Star'... +

To underline how The Washington Post is a Democratic Party newspaper, the Sunday edition has a front-page puff piece on Sen. Al Franken. “Franken takes a judicious approach,” reads the newspaper headline. Online, the love is more palpable: &ld...

 2017-03-19 01:46 

Chicago Tribune

With intense preparation, Al Franken has found a new role in the Trump era... +

It was a half-hour before one of the sparsely attended committee hearings that take place almost every day on Capitol Hill - in this case, a session on energy infrastructure so dry it would not merit even the presence of a C-SPAN camera. But in Al Franken...

 2017-03-18 21:52 

San Jose Mercury

Sen. Al Franken discovers a new role in the Trump era... +

At the dawn of a presidency that stretches the limits of late-night parody, and at a moment when an out-of-power Democratic Party is trying to find its voice, former comedian and satirist Al Franken may be having a breakout moment as a political star....

 2017-03-17 20:33 


[ Politics ]

Sen. Franken meets Somali girl caught up in travel ban... +

US Sen. Al Franken has met with a young Somali girl whose reunion with her mother was delayed by President Donald Trump's travel ban on immigrants from seven countries....

 2017-03-15 22:30 


Sen. Al Franken Will Not Run for President in 2020... +

Sen. Al Franken said he would not run for president in 2020, during an interview posted Wednesday with the Minneapolis website

 2017-03-15 14:20 

Washington Free Beacon

Franken Says He Will Not Run For President In 2020... +

Sen.Al Franken (D., Minn.) will not be running for President in 2020 according to an interview published on Wednesday. Franken was very blunt when the question was posed during theinterview with M...

 2017-03-12 16:26

Al Franken and Jeff Sessions, secret best friends, visit Weekend Update... +

Franken is an ...

 2017-03-12 12:25 

Raw Story

WATCH: SNLs Jeff Sessions faces off with Al Franken to explain why he met with the Russians... +

SNL regular Kate McKinnon reprised her Attorney General Jeff Sessions impersonation on Weekend Update, in a face to face meeting with fellow cast member Alex Moffat playing Sen. Al Franken - and then proceeded to dodge questions once again about mee...

 2017-03-11 23:03 

The Huffington Post

Kate McKinnon's Sessions Gets Oily With 'Al Franken' On 'SNL'... +

Ersatz attorney general oozes charm to win over senator on ...

 2017-03-09 22:53 

The Blaze

Democrat who blasted Betsy DeVos over school vouchers is a big fan of school choice for his own kids... +

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) was one of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ biggest critics during her confirmation hearing. One major point of contention Franken had with ...

 2017-03-09 12:03 

International Business Times

[ Economy ]

Does Trump Think Jeff Sessions Committed Perjury? President Likes Fox News Tweet Critical Of Attorney General... +

In an uncharacteristic move on social media, President Donald Trump used his personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, to likea Fox Nation tweet Wednesday about a story with the headline 'Franken Says He Thinks Sessions Committed Perjury.'...

 2017-03-08 18:34 

Roll Call

Peterson Exercises Right to Bear Arms to Win Hotdish Competition... +

Its that time when Al Franken makes jokes and eats casserole. Or, as he and his Minnesota colleagues call it, hotdish. Get breaking news alerts and more from Roll Call on your iPhone or your Android. Rep.Collin C. Peterson won the seventh annual Minneso...

 2017-03-08 18:33 

Yahoo News

Rep. Peterson Wins Hotdish Competition With Bear Meat Recipe... +

Sen. Al Franken, who puts on the cooking competition, said this years celebration of Minnesota prairie eats was important following the divisive election (1:19). WCCO 4 News At Noon March 8, 2017...

 2017-03-08 18:23 

Daily Kos

Voters: Jeff Sessions lied and he should resign... +

Did Attorney General Jeff Sessions lie to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his meetings with the Russian ambassador, or was he merely unclear? Sen. Al Franken may have bent over backwards to avoid using the word lie, but the Quinnipiac University poll...

 2017-03-08 16:33 

Roll Call

Franken Returns Donations from Controversial Law Firm... +

Sen.Al Franken, D-Minn., returned $40,822donated to him from a Boston law firm currently being investigated for potentially illegal campaign contributions. Get breaking news alerts and more from Roll Call on your iPhone or your Android. An investigation...

 2017-03-08 04:55 

Yahoo News

3/7: Franken says Sessions committed perjury; Sen. Graham gives Trump his new number... +

Sen. Al Franken on Minnesota told reporters Tuesday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have perjured himself while facing the Senate Judiciary Committee; Once fierce rivals, Sen. Lindsey Graham and President Trump's relationship could be on the m...

 2017-03-08 04:10 

Yahoo News

Franken says Sessions committed perjury... +

Sen. Al Franken on Minnesota told reporters Tuesday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have perjured himself while facing the Senate Judiciary Committee. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid joined CBSN to discuss....

 2017-03-08 03:24 


Sen. Franken: No other conclusion,...... +

Senator Al Franken (D-MN) joins Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss Attorney General Jeff Sessions' statement about meetings with Russia that was later found to be untrue. Sen. Franken says he gave then-Sen. Sessions every opportunity to correct the record....

 2017-03-08 02:42 


Al Franken on Jeff Sessions: Its Hard to Come to a Conclusion Other Than He Perjured Himself... +

Senator Al Franken used the word perjury in relation to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday....

 2017-03-08 02:17 

Fox News

[ Politics ]

Franken says he thinks Sessions committed perjury... +

Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., on Tuesday called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to clarify an answer he gave during his confirmation hearing in January about possible meetings with Russians....

 2017-03-08 02:00 

Crooks and Liars

Sessions' Answer To Leahy's Written Question Should Sink Him... +

A lot has been made about the exchange Sen. Al Franken had with Sen. Sessions during his confirmation hearing, when he denied having any knowledge of Trump officials meeting with the Russians. The Fox and Friends co-hosts attacked Franken for asking a tor...

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