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 2017-07-22 16:30 

Crooks and Liars

El Rushbo Endorses Group Pardon As Answer To Ending Russia Investigation... +

Pardons are the in-thing for people in the in-crowd this week, apparently. Republican Party leader Rush Limbaugh is now chiming in with his blessing on the strategy too. "One way to end this is just pardon everybody that Mueller is investigating, right no...

 2017-07-21 18:35 

Media Matters

Rush Limbaugh: "One way to end" the Russia probe "is just pardon everybody that Mueller is investigating, right now"... +

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Now,The Washington Posthas a story out today that the Trump administration, that Trump and his family are asking expertswho among them can be pardoned and can the president, himself, be pardoned. [...] I think [special counsel Rober...

 2017-07-20 21:11 

The Gateway Pundit

RUSH Backs POTUS: Mueller Probe Most MASSIVE Opposition Research Operation EVER Conducted in America... +

Conservative talk show host legend, Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves Thursday vigorously defending President Trump against special counsel Robert ... The post RUSH Backs POTUS: Mueller Probe ‘Most MASSIVE Opposition Research Operation EVER Conduc...

 2017-07-19 23:27 


Trump let GOP dig its own grave on health care... +

“Isn’t it obvious they don’t want to do anything?” Rush Limbaugh, July 17 The above quote from syndicated radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh reflected his somewhat bemused appraisal of Senate Republicans’ efforts to replace ...

 2017-07-19 14:39 

Western Journalism

Rush Limbaugh Says Establishment Planning Silent Coup Against Trump... +

Were in the midst of a......

 2017-07-19 02:34 


Limbaugh: Career Pols in GOP Staging 'Silent Coup' of Trump... +

Rush Limbaugh charged Tuesday career Republicans in Washington are engaged in a silent coup unwilling to touch Obamacare or implement any of President Donald Trump's agenda....

 2017-07-18 23:50 

The Blaze

Rush Limbaugh has an interesting theory on how the GOP is trying to take Donald Trump out... +

Rush Limbaugh, nationally syndicated conservative radio show host, during the Tuesday broadcast of his show, accused the “Washington establishment” of plotting a “silent coup” in ...

 2017-07-18 21:20 


Rush Limbaugh: Washington Establishment Has Launched Silent Coup Against Trump... +

During his radio show on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh said that the GOP-led Congress is in no hurry to repeal the Affordable Care Act because "they don't want to touch Obamacare."...

 2017-07-18 20:00

Limbaugh on Obamacare Repeal Failure: ‘Three Female Leftists’ in GOP Caucus Are Running the Senate, Not McConnell... +

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh ripped Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) for stalling efforts in the GOP-controlled Senate to repeal Obamacare. By losing tho...

 2017-07-18 19:24 

Media Matters

Rush Limbaugh: "We're in the midst of a silent coup" by the GOP establishment to try "to take this president out"... +

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Since the moment Donald Trump was elected, you could see that the establishment beganto circle the wagons and there was no way this guy was going to be allowed to triumph on anything. There was no way that thisestablishment was going...

 2017-07-18 19:11 

Crooks and Liars

Rush Limbaugh Fumes: 'Three Liberal Women' In GOP Running The Senate... +

Rush Limbaugh was shrill and surly today after the Senate bill collapsed and singled out Senators Collins, Murkowski, and Capito for tanking Trump's plans to destroy health care in America. After his failure to pass a replacement bill in the Senate, Majo...

 2017-07-18 11:29 

Natural News

Health Ranger calls out Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Dan Bongino for "free market" mistake that pushes pharma monopoly... +
 2017-07-18 01:40 

The Blaze

Rush Limbaugh: Feminazis to blame for confusion of traditional gender roles... +

Rush Limbaugh, nationally syndicated conservative radio show host, on Monday blamed “feminazisR21; for the confusion of traditional gender roles, saying that feminists are responsible for ...

 2017-07-17 20:16

Limbaugh Rips WaPo-ABC News Poll Giving Trump Low Numbers — Plus-12% Additional Dems Sampled... +

Monday on his nationally syndicated radio program, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh ripped a poll from The Washington Post and ABC News that gave President Donald Trump a 36 percent approval rating and a 48 percent disapproval rating. Limbaugh took issue...

 2017-07-17 18:42 

Korea Herald

[Ramesh Ponnuru] Talk of impeachment is premature... +

Rush Limbaugh says we are witnessing a silent coup. The radio host has sometimes been accused of rhetorical excess, bu...

 2017-07-14 19:31 

NY Post

The truth about impeachment, a free tuition plan that works & other comments... +

From the right: The Truths of Impeachment Those for and against removing President Trump office are skirting two truths about impeachment they find unpalatable, cautions Ramesh Ponnuru at Bloomberg. For one thing, it wouldnt be a coup, as Rush Limbaugh su...

 2017-07-14 14:32 

National Review

What It Would Take to Impeach President Trump... +

My new Bloomberg View column concerns some truths about impeachment that its supporters don't want to hear -- and some that its opponents don't. Rush Limbaugh says we are witnessing a silent coup. The radio host has sometimes been accused of rhetorical ex...

 2017-07-13 03:32 

Liberty News Online

Rush Limbaugh: The Silent Coup Against Donald Trump Is Based On No Evidence... +

USA : BEGIN TRANSCRIPT FROM JULY 12, 2017 SHOW RUSH: All right. Just as an overview of things, I just want to repeat a point that I made yesterday in an attempt to establish a framework for this....

 2017-07-12 19:59 

The Gateway Pundit

Rush Limbaugh on Trump Jr. Email Coverage: Im Watching People Lose Their Minds (VIDEO)... +

Coverage of the ‘Donald Trump Jr. email saga’ is reaching a feverish pitch - so much so that conservative talk ... The post Rush Limbaugh on Trump Jr. Email Coverage: ‘I’m Watching People Lose Their Minds’ (VIDEO) appe...

 2017-07-12 01:01 


Citing the MRC, Limbaugh Responds to Damaging Trump Jr. Story: Im Watching the Media Lose Their Minds... +

Conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh spent the bulk of his eponymous Tuesday program responding to the troubling e-mail trail of the Donald Trump Jr.-Russian lawyer meeting by slamming the hyperventilating news media while giving a hat-tip to &ldquo...

 2017-07-11 20:04

Limbaugh: ‘Energy’ Focused on Donald Trump Jr an Attempt to Destroy His Political Career Before It Starts... +

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh said one of the motivations to put such a focus on first son Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential election was to “dir...

 2017-07-11 12:58

VP Mike Pence: ‘We Hope and Pray that Little Charlie Gard Gets Every Chance’... +

During an interview on The Rush Limbaugh Show Monday, pro-life Vice President Mike Pence said he prayed that ill British baby Charlie Gard gets every chance at life....

 2017-07-11 02:26 


Pence: If We Can't Repeal and Replace, Then Repeal Now, Replace Later... +

Vice President Mike Pence said congressional Republicans should pass a repeal only bill if they can't reach an agreement on legislation to replace Obamacare. In an interview Monday on The Rush Limbaugh Show, Pence said President Donald Trump has m...

 2017-07-10 11:50 

Washington Examiner

Drudge, Limbaugh created 2016 'voter insurrection,' Trump win... +

The Drudge Report and radio talker Rush Limbaugh, are being singled out for instigating the 2016 'voter insurrection' that helped Republican......

 2017-07-08 11:40 

The Blaze

Rush Limbaugh calls Russia a third-rate, third world nation and mocks Putin... +

Right-wing talk show icon Rush Limbaugh laughed off the deflated expectations of the media for the meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian Federation ...

 2017-07-08 00:13 


Kurt Eichenwald and Howard Dean want you to listen to Stephen Hawking instead of college dropout Rush Limbaugh... +

Guys, Rush is right on this one....

 2017-07-07 20:12 

Raw Story

Rush Limbaugh calls Stephen Hawkings climate change warnings meteorological porn... +

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh attacked famed physicist Stephen Hawking for warning that the Trump administration’;s agenda on climate change and the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement could have long reaching effects on the E...

 2017-07-07 17:25 

International Business Times

[ Economy ]

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Physicist Stephen Hawking For Climate Change Warning, Calls It 'Meteorological Porn'... +

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh attacked famed physicistStephen Hawking for warning that the Trump administration's agendaon climate change and the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement could have long reaching effects on the Earth's c...

 2017-07-06 23:30 

The Blaze

Rush Limbaugh destroys Stephen Hawkings theory on climate change: Meteorological porn... +

During the July 5 airing of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh took physicist Stephen Hawking to task over his recent comments blasting President ...

 2017-07-06 20:02 


Limbaugh Hammers Little Jim Acosta Making a Fool of Himself; CNN Is A Circular Firing Squad... +

On the heels of his June 28 monologues annihilating CNN over how embarrassingly biased they’ve become in the Trump era, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh again unloaded Thursday afternoon on CNN for devolving into “a circular firing s...

 2017-07-06 17:36 

Crooks and Liars

Limbaugh Attacks Stephen Hawking: Climate Change Is 'Meteorological Porn'... +

Rush Limbaugh attacked physicist Stephen Hawking for "dumbing down" the population by "filling them with "paranoia and fear" on the merits of climate change. Of all the people Rush Limbaugh could attack over their mental capabilities, the award winning a...

 2017-07-06 13:05

Why Are Beltway Republicans Freaking Out Over CNNs Collapse? Isnt This What America Demanded?... +

Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head when he discussed the CNN collapse and the viral Trump meme the network is panicking over. America has, for decades, complained about mainstream media. And American voters elected a man who pledged to do something ab...

 2017-07-05 21:28

Limbaugh: ‘It Is the End of CNN’... +

Wednesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh reacted to the controversies surrounding cable news channel CNN, which has taken an adversarial role in its coverage of President Donald Trump. Limbaugh called the networ...

 2017-07-05 21:27 

Media Matters

Rush Limbaugh blasts Stephen Hawking's climate change warning as "meteorological porn" ... +

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Stephen Hawking blasted Trump's recent decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate change agreement in a new interview, saying it could push Earth over the brink. Hawking told the BBC that Trump withdrawing the U.S. f...

 2017-06-30 00:05 

The Blaze

Rush Limbaugh reveals inside information on Trumps epic takedown of Morning Joe hosts... +

Rush Limbaugh, during Thursday’s airing of his nationally syndicated radio show, went all in on President Donald Trump’s tweets slamming “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski’s ...

 2017-06-29 14:40 


Rush: Media Want to Destroy Trump... +

Rush Limbaugh says he's never seen a Republican president like Trump - one who is unafraid to take the media on and punch back."There's no other Republican White House that would ever deal with this like this," Limbaugh told his audience this week....

 2017-06-28 23:00 


Limbaugh Goes Nuclear on CNN, Little Jim Acosta; The Trump White House Owns CNN Now... +

As only he could, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh spend large swaths of Wednesday’s program trashing the liberal media and particularly CNN, referring to them as “fools” with “little Jim Acosta” behaving like a cat...

 2017-06-28 20:30 

The Daily Caller

Limbaugh: CNN's Acosta 'Chasing Laser Pointer' [AUDIO]... +

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday that CNN's Jim Acosta is ...

 2017-06-28 19:55 

Media Matters

Rush Limbaugh: BP oil spill "didn't do any" environmental damage... +

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Do you remember what I said about this? I said that there is oil seeping into the ocean from the ocean floor daily all over the planet. That the ocean has little things in it that eat the oil. That the ocean has a natural cleaning pr...

 2017-06-28 00:10 

The Blaze

Rush Limbaugh has a theory on what Trumps legacy will be and it involves CNN... +

Rush Limbaugh, nationally syndicated conservative radio show host, thinks there’s a possibility that the ruination of CNN could end up being part of Donald Trump’s ...

 2017-06-27 00:45 

The Blaze

Rush Limbaugh offers an eye-opening alternative to why Obama didnt stop alleged Russian hack... +

Rush Limbaugh on Monday theorized that former President Barack Obama may have, perhaps, not interfered with Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential campaign for ...

 2017-06-26 20:28 


Hannity, Limbaugh Among Featured At MRC's 30th Anniversary Gala... +

Conservatives Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Cal Thomas are among the luminaries slated to appear....

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