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 2017-03-24 20:45 


GOP Rep. Justin Amash Blasts Hugh Hewitt Over Healthcare Tweet... +

Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., slammed Hugh Hewitt after the conservative radio host criticized him for opposing the GOP's healthcare bill....

 2017-03-22 19:44 

The Daily Beast

Freedom Caucus: White House Meeting Couldn’t Convince Us to Save Trumpcare... +

Nothing has changed, said Rep. Justin Amash after meeting with VP Pence....

 2017-03-22 15:45 

The Libertarian Republic

Amash: GOP Leaders Are Miscalculating Support For Obamacare Replacement Bill... +

LISTEN TO TLRS LATEST PODCAST: By Rachel Stoltzfoos Republican Michigan Rep. Justin Amash continued to insist Monday night the Obamacare replacement bill doesnt have a chance of passing the House, saying GOP leadershave seriously miscalculated. They haven...

 2017-03-21 19:47 


Rep. Justin Amash: GOP Wrong on Obamacare Replacement Support... +

Rep. Justin Amash: GOP Wrong on Obamacare Replacement Support...

 2017-03-21 12:17 

The Daily Caller

Amash: GOP Leaders Are Miscalculating Support For Obamacare Replacement Bill... +

Republican Rep. Justin Amash continued to insist Monday night the Obamacare replacement bill doesn't have a chance of passing the House....

 2017-03-20 17:26 

The Blaze

GOP congressman rips universally detested Trump/Ryancare bill... +

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) took to Twitter Monday morning, blasting his own party’s legislative attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. President Donald Trump and Republican ...

 2017-03-20 15:04 

Talking Points Memo

GOP Rep. Can't Recall Any Bill 'More Universally Detested' Than AHCA... +

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) said Monday that he can...

 2017-03-14 17:50 


'Am I somebody else's baby?' Justin Amash asks fellow Republican... +

The Michigan congressman has joined others in criticizing a recent tweet from U.S. Rep. Steve King....

 2017-03-14 07:18 

Economic Policy Journal

What Free Market Health Care Would Look Like... +

Murray Sabrin explains all in a letter to theeditor of NewJersey.com:To The Editor,RegardingRepublican hard-liners' Obamacare incoherence(Other Views, March 10):Columnist Avik Roy criticizes Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. and Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., for no...

 2017-03-13 23:56 


Donald Trump Makes Sh*t Up, Justin Amash Misses a Vote, Steve King Disses Immigrants (Reason Podcast)... +

Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Matt Welch talk about why the GOP is screwing up Obamacare replacement and much more....

 2017-03-13 21:40 

Washington Examiner

Fellow Republican Justin Amash asks Steve King: 'Am I someone else's baby?'... +

A Republican lawmaker is butting heads with his fellow House GOP colleague, Rep. Steve King of Iowa, over a tweet posted Sunday that said the U.S. cannot restore its civilization with someone else's babies. Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan tweeted on Mon...

 2017-03-13 20:47 


Justin Amash Destroys Steve Kings Xenophobic Tweet About Immigrant Babies Destroying America... +
 2017-03-11 04:34 

Raw Story

Paul Krugman has the perfect analogy for Republicans Obamacare replacement... +

In their ceaseless quest to strip Americans of any form of state-sponsored health care, Republicans from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) have panned the House GOP’s Affordable Care Act replacement as “Obamacare 2.0.” Fo...

 2017-03-10 23:27 

Detroit Free Press

Rep. Amash just missed his first vote in Congress... +

For the first time since being elected to Congress in 2011, U.S. Rep. Justin Amash missed a vote....

 2017-03-10 22:55 

The Blaze

Justin Amash is so dedicated to his job that he cried after missing his first vote in Congress... +

If there are people who take their job more seriously than Rep. Justin Amash, you would be hard pressed to find them. According to Politico, ...

 2017-03-10 22:46 

The Atlantic

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Amash in Tears... +

Representative Justin Amash cried after missing his first vote since arriving to Congress in 2011....

 2017-03-10 22:26 


Eyewitness BUSTS Politico sensationalizing story on Rep. Justin Amash missing his first vote... +
 2017-03-10 22:24 

New York Magazine

This Congressman Cried After Missing His First Vote in 6 Years... +

GOP Representative Justin Amash of Michigan tweeted an apology to his constituents....

 2017-03-10 22:16 

Washington Examiner

Justin Amash got a bit emotional after he missed a vote, and everyone's missing the significance... +

While there's no crying in baseball, apparently that rule doesn't extend to the U.S. House of Representatives. On Friday, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash reportedly teared up after missing the very first vote of his career. For that display of emotion,...

 2017-03-10 21:23 


[ Politics ]

House Freedom Caucus' Justin Amash breaks vote streak... +

One of the most vocal critics inside the House Republican Conference broke his streak of never missing a single vote in the House Friday after blasting House Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republican health care bill. ...

 2017-03-10 21:04 

The Libertarian Republic

Justin Amash Apologizes For Missing His First Vote, Constituents Rally to Support Him... +

LISTEN TO TLRS LATEST PODCAST: By Kody Fairfield Earlier today, Rep.Justin Amash left a sober and simple message to his constituents in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District after missing his first ever vote as a Congressman. Lucky for Amash, his fa...

 2017-03-10 20:54 


Justin Amash had an important message for his constituents after accidentally breaking his perfect voting record... +

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) prides himself on his transparency and accountability to Michigans Third District....

 2017-03-10 20:53 

USA Today

[ Politics ]

Rep. Justin Amash cries over his first missed vote... +

Rep. Justin Amash had never missed a vote in the six years he was in Congress until Friday. And he feels terrible about it....

 2017-03-10 20:49 

Washington Examiner

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash gets emotional after missing vote... +

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash was so upset about missing a vote on Friday that he was seen being visibly emotional at the Capitol. The House Freedom Caucus member had not missed a roll call vote since coming to Congress in 2011, making him the rei...

 2017-03-10 20:35 


Justin Amash Very Sad After Missing First Vote in Congress. Hug Him If You See Him.... +

Show a libertarian some love....

 2017-03-10 20:23 


Justin Amash cries after missing 1st vote since taking office... +

U.S. Rep. Justin Amash has bragged about his pristine voting record since taking office in 2011, but that streak came to an end in tears Friday, March 10....

 2017-03-10 19:43 

The Daily Caller

Justin Amash Breaks Down In Tears On House Floor After Missing A Vote... +

Republican Rep. Justin Amash broke down in tears on the House floor Friday, when he realized he had missed a vote....

 2017-03-10 05:02 


Justin Amash: Obamacare 2.0 ‘Has No Constituency’—Except The Political Class... +

Obamacare 2.0 has no support outside the D.C. political class and the insurance companies leaning on them to support the bill, according to Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash....

 2017-03-08 23:42 

The Libertarian Republic

Amash Co-Sponsors Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017... +

LISTEN TO TLRS LATEST PODCAST: By Kody Fairfield According toCongress.gov, Rep.Justin Amash (R-MI) has co-sponsored H.R. 1227, named the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017.” THE BILLREADS: Bills 115hr1227ih by Kody Fairfield on ...

 2017-03-08 17:35 


Rep. Justin Amash: GOP is taking the Obamacare framework and trying to call it a Republican piece of legislation... +

Rep. Amash has a reputation for being unafraid to challenge the new Republican president....

 2017-03-07 21:31 


Obamacare Replacement Bill Pleases No One, Women Go on Strike: P.M. Links... +

Conservatives aren't thrilled with the Obamacare replacement bill. Sen. Rand Paul is displeased. So is Rep. Justin Amash. Princeton University bans Storm...

 2017-03-07 20:01 

The Libertarian Republic

Conservatives Do Not Like The GOPs Obamacare Plan... +

LISTEN TO TLRS LATEST PODCAST: By Sarah Hurtubise Conservatives have already come out swinging against the Republican leaderships newly released bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. Republican Rep. Justin Amash led the pack, tweeting that the package was...

 2017-03-07 02:42 

Washington Examiner

Some conservatives pan Obamacare replacement... +

Some conservatives in Congress panned an Obamacare replacement plan released Monday by leadership, spelling trouble for an effort that's already on shaky footing. Rep. Justin Amash, a Michigan Republican who is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, tw...

 2017-03-04 15:10 


Live coverage of U.S. Rep Justin Amash's town hall in Ionia... +

Amash held a town hall on Saturday, March 4 at 11 a.m. at the Ionia Middle School....

 2017-03-02 19:03 


Congressman Justin Amash holding Ionia town hall on Saturday... +

It will be the fifth such public meeting of the year for the lawmaker from West Michigan....

 2017-03-02 18:30 


West Michigan lawmakers diverge on Trump's first speech to Congress... +

U.S. Reps. Justin Amash and Bill Huizenga reacted differently to the president's recent speech....

 2017-02-24 18:32 


[ San Diego ]

Unlike colleagues, Michigan congressman embraces town halls... +

Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan is embracing the town halls that many of his Republican counterparts in Congress have avoided as people lash out at President Donald Trump's early actions....

 2017-02-24 15:02 

Roll Call

Amash Equates Town Hall Anger to Social Media... +

Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., compares the atmosphere surrounding town hall meetings to that found on social media, he told a gathering in his district on Thursday. Get breaking news alerts and more from Roll Call on your iPhone or your Android. I look at...

 2017-02-24 01:16 

The Daily Beast

Michigan Republican Goes Overtime With Angry Crowd... +

Rep. Justin Amash said he wasnt afraid to meet with unhappy constituents and on Thursday he proved it....

 2017-02-23 20:27 


Rep. Justin Amash meets tamer crowds at Battle Creek town hall... +

For U.S. Rep. Amash, it looks like third time's the charm....

 2017-02-23 19:46 

Detroit Free Press

U.S. Reps. Justin Amash, Brenda Lawrence field questions at town halls... +

A rowdy crowd greeted Amash in Battle Creek while Lawrence and Conyers faced a much friendlier crowd in Detroit....

 2017-02-23 18:09 


Members of Congress whining about angry constituents at town hall events are not doing their jobs... +

They should take lessons from Reps. Justin Amash and Mark Sanford on how to treat constituents....

 2017-02-23 15:30 


Live coverage of Rep. Justin Amash's town hall meeting in Battle Creek... +

Join us in the comments for live updates throughout the meeting....

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