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 2016-12-06 20:12 

Washington Examiner

Pelosi warns GOP not to put Mattis waiver language in CR... +

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., warned Republicans Tuesday not to put language in a continuing spending resolution that gives retired Gen. James Mattis a waiver from current law that requires officers to be out of the military for seven year...

 2016-12-06 18:46 

Western Journalism

Dem Criticism Of Ben Carson For HUD Is Hypocritical They Never Questioned Obama For President... +

Video Transcript: Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are highly critical of Ben Carsons experience to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development....

 2016-12-06 18:41 

The Blaze

Is Nancy Pelosi racist or just dumb?: Mike Huckabee defends Trump appointment... +

Stalwart Donald Trump supporter Mike Huckabee came out swinging against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) after she criticized the president-electfor choosing Ben Carson for ...

 2016-12-06 16:18 

Taipei Times

Will Ivanka Trump be the most powerful first daughter in history?... +

When House of Representatives minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Donald Trump shortly after the Nov. 8 election, they talked about domestic policy and infrastructure, but when Pelosi raised the subject of womens issues, the president-elect did something ...

 2016-12-06 14:54 


2-BIT HACK! Sheriff David Clarke STOMPS Nancy Pelosi over her criticism of Dr. Ben Carson... +

Pelosi is lucky being dense isn't a crime, otherwise Clarke may have arrested her....

 2016-12-06 14:11 

Fox News

Nancy Pelosi slams Ben Carson. What is she so afraid of?... +

President Obama talks about giving hope to people of color. But anyone can talk. Dr. Ben doesnt talk, he walks the walk. He leads by example....

 2016-12-06 03:25 

The Conservative Tree House

Perfect Pelosi Says No Dem Change In Direction Needed, Rather Invest in Larger Reeducation Camps... +

Oh, the winning odd how it just seems to self-create now. Recently reelected Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi (moonbat via San Francisco California) claims, in the face of another historic...

 2016-12-05 23:16 

Washington Examiner

Huckabee: Is Pelosi 'racist or just dumb' for Carson comments?... +

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is asking whether House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is racist or just dumb after she criticized the choice of Dr. Ben Carson to serve as secretary of the Housing and Urban Development Department. Ben Carson is first HUD...

 2016-12-05 22:26 

Media Matters

WRKO’s Howie Carr Pitches Ad For AquaSonic Wave While Mocking Nancy Pelosi's Face... +

HOWIE CARR (HOST): Today’s poll question is brought to you by the AquaSonic Wave. The jewelry you’re wearing right now three times as dirty as a public restroom. Clean your jewelry at home with the AquaSonic Wave and kill 99.9 percent of those germs. Grac...

 2016-12-05 22:14 

The Blaze

Nancy Pelosi: Democrats dont want a new direction... +

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday that congressional Democrats dont want a new direction in spite of their election loss. During an interview ...

 2016-12-05 22:00 


[ Politics ]

Huckabee asks Pelosi if she's 'racist or just dumb?' on Carson remarks... +

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee slammed House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi for her comments on the decision to tap Ben Carson as head of Housing and Urban Development, asking if she is ...

 2016-12-05 20:44 


Pelosi Calls Carson 'Disturbingly Unqualified'... +

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is calling the decision to tap Ben Carson as head of Housing and Urban Development a disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice. Pelosi says the country deserves someone with relevant experience to protect ...

 2016-12-05 20:40 

Personal Liberty Digest

Nancy Pelosi is the face of Democrat denial and dishonesty... +

Nancy Pelosi on Monday excoriated the president-elects choice to head Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, as a disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice. The post Nancy Pelosi is the face of Democrat denial and dishonesty appeared first...

 2016-12-05 20:00 


Attn. Nancy Pelosi! Michelle Malkin also has a concern about HUD secretary qualifications... +
 2016-12-05 19:10 

The Tibet Post

Tibetan leaders congratulate Leader Pelosi on her re-election... +

Elected Tibetan officials congratulated former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her re-election as the US House of Representatives' Democratic Leader. Leader Pelosi has long been a supporter of Tibetans....

 2016-12-05 16:56 

The Independent

Donald Trump, when asked about women's issues by Nancy Pelosi, handed the phone to Ivanka... +

Donald Trump has appointed his unofficial spokesman for womens issues and gender equality - his oldest daughter. Ivanka Trump, 35, was handed the phone last week when minority leader of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi phoned her father and reque...

 2016-12-05 15:54 

Washington Examiner

The faction that kept Nancy Pelosi in power... +

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi last week survived a serious challenge to her role as the top House Democrat largely because the caucus has in recent years shrunk to a group of mostly liberal lawmakers. The more concentrated caucus of liberals remained...

 2016-12-05 15:43 


Nancy Pelosi, other lefties slam choice of Ben Carson for HUD secretary (but THIS much is certain)... +

Imagine what this criticism would be called in Carson had a ...

 2016-12-05 15:25 

The Gateway Pundit

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Attacks Unqualified Ben Carson as Next Director of HUD... +

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi released a statement Monday attacking Dr. Ben Carson as the new HUD director under President ... The post House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Attacks “Unqualified” Ben Carson as Next Director of HUD appeare...

 2016-12-05 14:56 

Washington Examiner

Pelosi: Carson 'disturbingly unqualified'... +

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., warned Monday that Ben Carson isn't qualified to run the Department of Housing and Development. Dr. Ben Carson is a disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice to lead a department as complex and con...

 2016-12-05 02:43 

The Daily Caller

Pelosi Says Democratic Party Doesn't Want New Direction... +

Nancy Pelosi said she doesn't believe people in the Democratic party want to take a new direction during an appearance on ...

 2016-12-04 22:56 

NY Post

Nancy Pelosi: I dont think Democrats want a new direction... +

WASHINGTON Nancy Pelosi just gave Republicans another reason for celebration. The newly elected Minority Leader insisted Sunday Dems arent looking for a new direction even after the bruising Election Day defeats and a GOP monopoly in Washington. A defian...

 2016-12-04 21:54 


This Nancy Pelosi statement about the partys future is going to further frustrate disgruntled Dems... +

Pelosi says what Dems don't want to hear....

 2016-12-04 21:48 

Washington Examiner

The Pelosi rebellion was just the beginning... +

California Rep. Nancy Pelosi repelled a challenge to her leadership position last week but the discontent that compelled Ohio's Tim Ryan to take her on amid much hand-wringing by House Democrats about their dismal performance on Election Day is far fr...

 2016-12-04 16:56 

Washington Free Beacon

Pelosi: Congressional Democrats Dont Want A New Direction... +

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed Democrats don't want to take a new direction even after a devastating loss for Democratic candidates in the 2016 election on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday wit...

 2016-12-04 16:42

Nancy Pelosi: I Don’t Think Democrats ‘Want A New Direction’... +

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” when asked about the direction of the Democratic Party, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) downplayed the possibility of a new direction. Partial transcript as follows: DICKERSON: The Democratic ...

 2016-12-04 16:33 

Washington Examiner

Pelosi: Dems don't want 'new direction'... +

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi downplayed problems with the Democratic Party, saying that the party's values unify us. I don't think that people want a new direction, Pelosi said on CBS' Face the Nation on Sunday. Our values are supporting...

 2016-12-04 01:53 

Washington Examiner

Dancing with insanity... +

One-hundred and thirty-four House Democrats collectively lost their minds last week. That is how many of Nancy Pelosi's colleagues it took to vote her back into power despite having lost her third consecutive chance at winning back the majority from t...

 2016-12-03 18:19 

Fox News

[ Politics ]

Becerra's exit is true sign of unrest among Capitol Hill Democrats, not Pelosi-Ryan... +

To the casual observer, the leadership contest between House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California, and Rep. Tim Ryan, Ohio, offered a look into the fissures cleaving the Democratic Caucus....

 2016-12-03 01:07 


Ryan Left Red-Faced After His Red Wine Comment... +

Rep. Tim Ryan, who lost his bid to unseat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi earlier this week, Friday apologized for using the term dago red wine while talking with MSNBC's Chris Matthews about the class differences between members of his party.......

 2016-12-02 19:26 

Washington Examiner

Dems to Obama: Release info on Russian hacks... +

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Democrats plan to push for an investigation and disclosure of Russian hacking of party emails that they believe may have damaged their prospects in the November election. And she wants the Obama administration to di...

 2016-12-02 18:24 


[ US ]

Nancy Pelosi Fast Facts... +

Read CNN's Fast Facts for a look at the life of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a representative from California since 1987. ...

 2016-12-02 18:15 

Washington Post

Pelosi vows to fight any Republican attempts to dismantle Medicare... +

Speaking Dec. 2., House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) said Republicans are "more interested in dismantling Medicare than building job creating infrastructure," after President-elect Donald Trump chose Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) to lead the Dep...

 2016-12-02 11:11 


[ Politics ]

Trio of young House Democrats pressure Pelosi to give up power... +

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi beat back a challenge Wednesday to keep her top leadership post. ...

 2016-12-02 07:42 

The Huffington Post

Nancy Pelosi Has A Plan For Taking On The GOP Majority. It Worked Before.... +

She's dusting off her playbook from 2006, when Democrats climbed their way out of the minority....

 2016-12-01 23:17 

Washington Examiner

The Pelosi House Democrats: Some historic perspective... +

On Wednesday, the House Democratic Caucus re-elected Nancy Pelosi, of San Francisco, as party leader, 134-63, over Tim Ryan, who represents the area around Youngstown, Ohio. This was the narrowest margin for a House Democratic leader since 1991, as Clare ...

 2016-12-01 23:02 

San Jose Mercury

Editorial: Nancy Pelosi needs to build Democratic Party bench... +

Democrats need Nancy Pelosi's leadership to deal with a Trump presidency, but as her re-election to House Democratic leadership showed, party members also want her to broaden her leadership team and help build a bench of possible contenders for higher off...

 2016-12-01 22:51 

Washington Free Beacon

The Worst of Nancy Pelosi... +

With the reelection Wednesday of Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) as the Democratic Party's leader in the Congress, the WashingtonFree Beacondecided tolook back at her fabulously successful tenure. ...

 2016-12-01 20:27 

The Daily Caller

Dem Rep: Pelosi Staying In Leadership Shows 'We Have No Strategy And We Have No Plan' [VIDEO]... +

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver told MSNBC's Craig Melvin Thursday that based on Nancy Pelosi's re-election as House Minority Leader, the Democratic party clearly...

 2016-12-01 20:21

Planned Parenthood Defends Pelosi’s ‘Fierce Leadership’ for Abortion... +

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has reaffirmed its staunch support for newly re-elected House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, praising her for her “fierce leadership” in reproductive rights....

 2016-12-01 19:58 

The Hill

Reelecting Nancy Pelosi proves Dems reject voters' call for change... +

OPINION | Pelosi's old ideas will make Democrats roadblocks to reform....

 2016-12-01 19:53 


OLD gray mare aint what she used to be! Michael Moore has a sad over Nancy Pelosis win... +

Sounds like Michael Moore has been triggered by his own party. Heh....

 2016-12-01 18:53 

Fox News

[ Politics ]

Pelosi cedes some power to House Dems angry over election... +

House Democrats angry over the party's dreary Election Day voted Thursday to strip some power from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi but with her support....

 2016-12-01 18:25 

Washington Examiner

Dem admits: We 'have no strategy,' 'no plan' for retaking the House... +

A House Democrat lamented Thursday that his party has no plan and no strategy for rebuilding a Democratic majority in the House over the next few years. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., told MSNBC Thursday that he voted to keep Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in...

 2016-12-01 18:02 

Washington Examiner

The Democratic Party is on the verge of extinction... +

The Democratic Party is on the verge of extinction. The race between Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Tim Ryan for House minority leader was a proxy war for the future of the party. Democrats in Congress had a choice between a woman in her 70s from San Francisc...

 2016-12-01 16:55 

Washington Post

Pelosi cedes some powers to House Dems angry over elections... +

Democrats angry over the partys dreary Election Day have decided to strip some power from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi but with her support....

 2016-12-01 16:52 

US News & World Report

Pelosi cedes some powers to House Dems angry over elections... +

Democrats angry over the party's dreary Election Day have decided to strip some power from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi _ with her support...

 2016-12-01 16:07 

The Daily Caller

Pelosi Made History In Leadership Election -- But Not In A Good Way... +

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi earned the lowest amount of support of a Congressional leader in recent political history...

 2016-12-01 14:39 

Fox News

[ Politics ]

Capitol Attitude: Pelosi's push for power... +

Its only appropriate that Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, invoked Hall of Fame quarterback Bobby Layne when describing his unsuccessful effort to dislodge House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., from her Congressional leadership post....

 2016-12-01 14:05 

Washington Examiner

Pelosi accedes to critics' changes... +

House Democrats will vote Thursday to adjust how they operate internally in the 115th Congress, a move that Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi hopes will placate members who complained that the caucus leadership is too closed off from rank and file lawmakers. A...

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