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Are You The Fan Following One Of These Bitcoin Rappers?...
Celebrities are jumping into the bitcoin bandwagon.Are you one of the fans following any of these bitcoin rappers who have entered the crypto industry?
By dianadsouza on 2018-11-14 10:55 UTC
Skincoin: The Next-Generation Skin Exchange Solution...
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Skincoin is a new cryptocurrency which allows gamers to trade skins and also bet in the eSports space. Check out the complete Skincoin Review here!
By dianadsouza on 2018-11-12 11:53 UTC
Bitquest: The Minecraft Server Powered By Bitcoin...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/bitcoin
The idea of gamers making money while playing games has always been tossed around in the gaming world. Check out the complete e-sports Bitquest Review!
By dianadsouza on 2018-11-12 11:52 UTC
Bitcoin Technical Analysis...
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The current Bitcoin price is $6374.27 and the market cap is at $111.71 billion with 24-hour trading volume reaching $4.02 billion. Check into details.
By dianadsouza on 2018-11-12 11:51 UTC
Bitcoin Largest Code Contributor Jeff Garzik Distributed $100M Of Bitcoin...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/bitcoin
Mr. Jeff Garzik, the third biggest contributor to bitcoins code and bitcoin pioneer freely served more than $100 million in bitcoin over the years.
By dianadsouza on 2018-11-12 11:51 UTC
Peculiarities Of Cryptocurrency Regulation In The World. Part I...
Can Bitcoin be considered an official currency just like fiat money? In some countries it is. Lets talk about the cryptocurrency regulation in different countries of the world!
By blockspoint on 2018-10-08 09:41 UTC
Top 10 Countries Where Bitcoin is Banned...
Earlier this year, Bitcoin was breaking the internet, flashing in news grabbing everyone's interest along with other cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin now seems to be moving from the market.
By dianadsouza on 2018-10-08 07:02 UTC
Bithumb to Launch Decentralized Exchange Targeting Global Markets...
South Koreas biggest crypto exchange Bithumb announced their plan to launch a decentralized crypto exchange to target the global market.
By dianadsouza on 2018-10-06 07:22 UTC
Goldman-Backed Circle Invest Launch Cryptocurrency Collections...
On 04 October, Circle Invest announced the launch of new cryptocurrencies collections of index funds. The collection includes platforms, Payments, and Privacy
By dianadsouza on 2018-10-06 07:17 UTC
How Clean Energy Helps Bitcoin Mining In Eco-Friendly Businesses?...
Take a look at the evolution of the bitcoin mining community, the challenges, and the rise of an eco-friendly business structure.
By dianadsouza on 2018-10-04 12:13 UTC
“Cryptocurrencies are here to Stay,” Says Crypto Dad...
Cryptocurrency have always been confusing when it comes to lawsuits. Christopher Giancarlo Being crypto dad CFTC says Cryptocurrencies are here to Stay!
By dianadsouza on 2018-10-04 12:09 UTC
Ripple’s xRapid goes live with partnering with three firms...
Cuallix, MercuryFX and Catalyst Corporate Federal credit union are the initial firms using Ripples xRapid product to handle international transactions
By dianadsouza on 2018-10-02 12:28 UTC
The Fate of Québec Bitcoin Eldorado is Yet to be Decided...
The parliamentary elections will notify how electricity will take allocation for bitcoin mining in Quebec which is yet not decided.
By dianadsouza on 2018-10-02 11:50 UTC
Japanese bitcoin exchange is robbed of $60 million worth of cryptocurrency...
Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif has been robbed of $60 million worth of digital coins, its parent company Tech Bureau announced today. Zaif was hacked on September 14th during a two-hour time frame. Three days later, it uncovered server problems and
By ceres on 2018-09-20 18:48 UTC
Cryptocurrency Market Cap Drops $17 Billion in Bearish Correction...
A widespread bearish correction across the cryptocurrency market ledto losses worth more than $17 billion.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-09-06 01:33 UTC
Bitcoin fanatics are storing their cryptocurrency passwords in DNA...
Why save cryptocurrency passwords on a hard drive when you can store it in DNA?
By aphrodite on 2018-08-29 03:43 UTC
The Crypto Market Just Hit a New Low for 2018...
Cryptocurrency investors continue to turn risk averse as the total cryptocurrency market capitalization sinks to a new annual low.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-08-08 18:29 UTC
Massive Losses in Hong Kong as Bitcoin Whale's Bad Trade Leaves Counterparties Holding the Bag...
Bloomberg reports that a massive wrong-way bet on Bitcoin left an unidentified futures trader unable to cover their losses, burning counterparties and threatening to dent confidence in one of the world's largest cryptocurrency venues.The long position
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-08-04 18:36 UTC
Bitcoin Price Must Hit $213,000 to Become Viable USD Replacement: UBS...
Even after weathering a bear market that wiped out more than 60 percent of the flagship cryptocurrency's value, the bitcoin price continues to trade at a mark far above what its critics thought it could ever reach. Nevertheless, it still has a long wa
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-08-04 18:35 UTC
GOLDMAN SACHS: Bitcoin is never coming back...
Chris Hondros/Getty Images Goldman Sachs' investment strategy group says
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-08-04 18:33 UTC
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