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Democrat Debate Viewers Confused: Who Are These People?...
Viewers of the first Democrat debate expressed confusion over who some of the Democrat candidates even were, with more than 20 candidates vying to become the Democrat nominee.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-27 02:58 UTC
Homeland Security secretary, suspected of leaking info about ICE raids, is a Democratic donor...
Government officials and Trump supporters are seething over suspicions acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan sabotaged ICE raids planned for last weekend by leaking sensitive information to the mainstream media. Now, it has been revealed that
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-25 20:00 UTC
DNC says Fox News will not be hosting any Democratic Party debates in for 2020 election...
The Democrats will not be debating on Fox News this year.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-03-07 03:03 UTC
Gallup: 120 Million People Want to Migrate to the United States...
The Gallup survey company found that nearly 120 million foreigners would migrate to the United States if they are allowed to enter the country.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-02-12 19:10 UTC
Democratic Coalition Chair: Trump, Putin May Be Blackmailing Lindsey Graham over 'Sexual Kink'...
Jon Cooper, chairman of the Democratic Coalition, claimed on Sunday that an unnamed Republican thinks Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is "being blackmailed" by President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin over something related to a "serious sexual kink".
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-01-15 02:36 UTC
Trump: 'The centrist Democratic Party is dead'...
President Trump declared Wednesday that the Democratic Party is no long a centrist party, and instead is one that is being pulled toward radical socialism.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-10 12:04 UTC
Why the Democratic Party is being destroyed by their millennial base...
With the rise of President Trump, Democrats have been facing a nationwide identity crisis. Democratic leaders such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., have tried to maintain a rough balance be
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-07-03 01:30 UTC
Keith Ellison Poses With Sign Calling America 'Stolen Land' [VIDEO]...
Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), recently posed for a picture with a woman holding a sign calling America "stolen land."
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-06-25 17:38 UTC
Keith Ellison sports 'I don't believe in borders' T-shirt...
A video posted online Monday shows a Democratic Party leader wearing a T-shirt calling for an end to U.S. borders while participating in a local May Day parade in Minnesota last Friday.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-05-08 01:30 UTC
Revealed: Dream Democrat Agenda Includes Reparations...
A wealthy Democratic donor club plotting the future of the liberal movement hopes to be fighting for reparations by 2022.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-20 01:27 UTC
Twelve Memorials that Must Be Removed if Democrats Are Serious About Erasing Racism...
If Democrats seeking the removal of historical memorials tied to racist history are serious, they should be tripping over one another to get in front of a camera and call for the removal of memorials and namesakes to Presidents Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wil
By rjx32 on 2017-08-16 19:42 UTC

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