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Gov't Delivers 100,000 Cheap Visa-Workers to Disney, Hilton, Tourist Industry, for Summer Work...
The scandal-plagued but little-known J-1 visa program gives 100,000 low-wage and low-tax seasonal workers to McDonald's, Holiday Inn, Food Lion, Disney, and a myriad other employers who would otherwise have to recruit Americans workers with offers of
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-08-20 15:18 UTC
Disney heiress 'livid' after going to one of her family's theme parks undercover...
Abigail Disney said distressed workers told her about "foraging for food in other people's garbage."
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-07-16 19:42 UTC
Live-action Lion King a 'disaster'...
The first reviews are in for the highly-anticipated live-action remake of The Lion King — and they have not been kind.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-07-12 13:51 UTC
Megyn Kelly Wonders Why Disney Hired Toxic-Mouthed Sarah Silverman...
On Tuesday ex-NBC host Megyn Kelly started a Twitter feud with comedian Sarah Silverman by pointing out something a lot of people have been thinking for a while: why on Earth would Disney cast the hateful, fouled-mouthed Silverman in a kids' movie lik
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-02-13 22:21 UTC
#BeyondAvengers: You'll see series on Falcon and Winter Soldier soon...
Dinsey is developing a streaming service to take on streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. They are creating original content and their ownership of Marvel Studios gives them an edge of streaming Marvel content. Therefore, two Avengers, Winter Soldier, and Falcon are getting their series.
By shubham400 on 2018-11-01 04:56 UTC
Disney, Legoland employees arrested in child porn sting...
Florida investigators have arrested men employed by Walt Disney World and Legoland in a child pornography sting that nabbed nine other suspects and resulted in the death of another.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-06-06 22:24 UTC

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