Akhmetov’s business may cause a quarrel between Ukraine and Belarus

Newslookup.com: Timoschuk | 2020-04-20 14:39 UTC

Ukraine will purchase electricity from Akhmetov.
The Ukrainian National Commission for State Regulation in the Field of Energy and Utilities adopted Resolution No. 776 "On the actions of electricity market participants during the period of quarantine and restrictive measures related to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)."
The resolution canceled the results of previous annual auctions for the supply of electricity from countries outside the Energy Community (such are Russia and Belarus). It is also prescribed not to allow electricity from these countries for sale at monthly and daily auctions in Ukraine.
And the second document. This April 15 introduction of a special duty of 65% on imports from Russia of all types of coal except anthracite, bitumen and coking. In fact, duties are applied to coal grades used in the production of thermal energy.
These decisions will surely please Rinat Akhmetov, who controls 80% of Ukrainian thermal power generation. Now he will be able to supply his coal to Ukrainian enterprises. And probably at a higher price.
But electricity consumers are unlikely to be happy. Electricity prices are likely to rise.
When someone wins, there is always a loser. Rather, the victim. And in this situation, it turns out to be Belarus.
In the last months of 2019, Kiev purchased Belarusian electricity for $ 43.1 million, for January-February of this year - for $ 7.5 million. Soon, a nuclear power plant should open in Belarus. And the country's leadership probably counted on an increase in electricity supplies to Ukraine.
Now, these prospects are practically absent. Formally, purchases are not stopped forever. In fact, the annual contracts, which are the most stable, were terminated.
And this is not the only slap in the face that Belarus has received from Ukraine recently. In April, Kiev joined the EU sanctions against Minsk. They provide for an embargo on the supply of weapons / equipment that can be used for internal repression, as well as freezing of assets and a ban on entry for four citizens of Belarus. It turns out that they are more of a political nature.
Knowing the decisive character of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, we can say for sure that the current situation will not remain unanswered. The answer will be. And what the cost of Akhmetov’s business for Ukraine is not yet known.

By Timoschuk on 2020-04-20 14:39 UTC
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