Why you should switch to herbal indigo powder online for colouring your hair?

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Can you name any vibrant natural dye?

Indigo is a natural dye that colours things in deep blue shades. Used in the textile industry since ages, today it has found useful applications in printing technology and is being increasingly used even in fashion—more so, for colouring hair. ‘https://www.buyindusvalley.in/products/bio-organic-indigo-leaf-powder-100g and ‘best herbal hair colour’, hence are fast becoming catch-phrases in the online shopping circles.

The summer season is upon us. Before choosing the best herbal hair colour or searching for herbal indigo powder online, it is important that you learn about herbal hair colours first. Herbal hair dyes are natural hair dyes that only contain plant materials such as basil leaves, reed roots, flower petals and other organics. They might also come with some organic shampoos that work as colour fixers. The best herbal hair colour will not only hide your grey hair completely but will also protect your hair from damages. The best herbal hair colour will not contain any chemicals that can endanger your hair health. Let’s see each of its benefits to understand them better:

1. Chemical hair colours cause hair loss and affect hair health. Whereas, the best herbal hair colour prevents hair damage. Being 100% added chemical free it will never cause your any harm.
2. Normal hair colour can cause side effects. Herbal hair colours, on the other hand, do not cause any side effects unless you are allergic to vegetables and pollen. Also, it will leave your hair naturally silky and shiny.
3. The best herbal hair colour or herbal indigo hair powder online will also work for hair damage repair and control. It will work almost like giving you a hair treatment sitting at home.
4. Herbal indigo powder can be mixed with herbal henna powder, manjistha root powder and chamomile flower powder to render varying shades of black, brown, red and burgundy.
5. The best and purest herbal hair colours are not complicated hair colours. You just have to mix their colouring powder with some hot water, let the paste cool down to lukewarm and apply. Rinsing would be with plain water.

How to choose the best herbal hair colour

1. Go through the ingredients before making the purchase. Herb powders are best for those suffering from hair colour allergies as they have no PPD in them. They don’t even have any mineral oils, parabens, resorcinols or heavy metals like lead, sulphur or aluminum. So, study their ingredient list very carefully before buying. Best would be to go for a certified organic hair colour.
2. Go for powder based dyes since they are 100% natural. Gel based colours might contain some chemicals vis-à-vis the powdered dyes.
3. If you are purchasing herbal indigo powder online then go for the most trusted brands. Check out online articles and online customer reviews. And make sure to buy from a reputed online store, or directly from the company’s website.
4. Your best herbal hair colour would also depend upon your styling preferences. Go for combinations of indigo and henna as they can together colour your hair black and browns.
How to use a herbal hair colour

1. The best herbal hair colours are very easy to use. All you have to do is mix the powder with some hot water, and apply the paste when it cools down to lukewarm. For added care and nourishment, you can mix any essential oil like tea tree. Adding a bit of yogurt can give your hair extra conditioning.
2. Smear the paste throughout your hair length and keep it for about an hour. Then rinse thoroughly with plain water.
3. You don’t have to use a conditioner since the natural herbs carry conditioning elements in it.
4. The colour will last for up to 4 weeks depending on the quality of your hair.

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