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CDC warns against traveling on cruise ships...
Travelers, regardless of vaccination status, have been advised not to vacation on cruise ships amid the global rise in COVID-19 cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-30 21:29 UTC
Maryland doctor says people are 'going to die' after Biden admin uses faulty data to snub antibody treatments...
A doctor in Maryland said he had to cancel potentially life-saving monoclonal antibody infusions for about 250 people over the last week after the federal government stopped distributing treatments made by Regeneron and Eli Lilly because they aren't e
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-30 17:36 UTC
COVID is airborne and out in the community. Here's how good ventilation can make public spaces safer...
Some public places have a higher risk of airborne transmission than others, but there are measures business owners can take to improve the air quality in their premises and lower the risk of customers and staff becoming infected.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-27 19:59 UTC
Loss of smell from COVID most likely means you've got a mild case, study finds...
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( Losing your sense of smell might indicate that you have a mild case of COVID-19, according to a study published earlier this year. Statistics show that patients suffering moderate and severe cases of the infection are far less likely to e
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-27 19:58 UTC
Study finds coronavirus can persist for months in almost every organ system: a step towards understanding long COVID-19...
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The study is the most comprehensive analysis to date on the virus's distribution throughout the body.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-27 19:57 UTC
'Retire the cloth mask': Ohio doctors suggest upgrading face covering...
As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations surge in Northeast Ohio, doctors are recommending wearing hospital-grade masks that are more effective at limiting spread of the virus.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-27 19:55 UTC
Asymptomatic healthcare workers with COVID-19 can return to work after 7 days: CDC...
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is changing the quarantine and isolation period for healthcare workers who are asymptomatic and test positive for COVID-19 from ten days to seven days.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-23 23:18 UTC
FDA authorizes first antiviral to treat COVID-19...
The Food and Drug Administration authorized an antiviral drug that has shown to be highly effective at preventing hospitalizations due to COVID-19, making it a powerful tool that could bolster the shaky medical system facing an omicron wave.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-22 18:38 UTC
CDC advisers recommend mRNA Covid vaccines over J&J shot amid blood clot risks...
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CDC Director Rochelle Walensky must now decide whether to accept the panel's recommendation.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-17 04:54 UTC
800,000 Deaths...
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The number is so enormous that we risk becoming numb to its implications.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-14 19:59 UTC
Omicron variant may have picked up a piece of common-cold virus: experts...
Researchers from Nference, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based data analytics firm, found a piece of genetic code in Omicron that is present in the virus that can bring about a cold.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-05 18:28 UTC
Moderna Stock Climbs; FDA Seeks Rapid Review of Omicron Vaccines...
Moderna climbs on reports U.S. health officials are looking to fast-track omicron-targeted vaccines and drugs.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-03 16:04 UTC
Study suggests past COVID infection may not fend off omicron...
South African scientists are warning that the new omicron variant may be causing more reinfections among COVID-19 survivors than earlier virus mutants
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-03 15:46 UTC
Omicron prompts new virus origin worries...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/covid-19, /contrib/health/
The emergence of the omicron strain of the COVID-19 virus is raising new questions about the still undetermined origin of the coronavirus outbreak and whether it leaked from a Chinese research laboratory in Wuhan in 2019. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief Bide
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-02 16:45 UTC
Did a collision of COVID-19 and HIV forge the omicron variant?...
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The omicron variant, now present in at least 23 countries around the world, was probably incubated in the body of a person with an immune system battered by HIV or ... Click to Continue
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-02 16:45 UTC
BioNTech CEO says current vaccine likely to protect against severe COVID from Omicron...
BioNTech and Pfizer's established COVID-19 vaccine will likely offer strong protection against any severe disease from the new Omicron virus variant, BioNTech's Chief Executive told Reuters, even as the biotech firm protectively makes a bolt for a
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-11-30 16:29 UTC
U.S. FDA evaluating effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against Omicron...
The U.S. Food & Drug Administration said on Tuesday it was evaluating the effectiveness of authorized COVID-19 vaccines against the Omicron coronavirus variant and expects to have more information in the next few weeks.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-11-30 16:28 UTC
South African doctor says omicron variant symptoms 'unusual but mild'...
The South African doctor who first alerted authorities to the presence of the COVID-19 omicron variant reported that it presents
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-11-28 02:56 UTC
Omicron Variant Symptoms and Cases: Everything we know about New COVID variant found in SA...
"This variant has a large number of mutations, some of which are concerning, and preliminary evidence suggests an increased risk of reinfection,
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-11-28 02:55 UTC
Scientists are closely tracking a COVID-19 variant with a 'worrying' number of mutations. They don't yet know if it's more infectious....
Cases of the new variant have been detected in South Africa, Botswana, and Hong Kong.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-11-25 18:06 UTC
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