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Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for 'tone-deaf' VR tour of Puerto Rico...
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Mark Zuckerberg apologized 'to anyone offended' by a virtual reality video in which he toured disaster zones in Puerto Rico which was supposed to highlight the help being provided.
By viper1 on 2017-10-11 15:53 UTC
You Can’t Block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook [Updated]...
In addition to Zuckerberg, it appears that users cannot block his wife, Priscilla Chan.
By Anonymous Submission on 2017-09-02 17:06 UTC
Trump Reportedly Views Zuckerberg as 2020 Threat...
President Donald Trump considers Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a threat to his reelection campaign in 2020, Politico reported Monday.
By rjx32 on 2017-08-21 23:43 UTC
Zuckerberg's foundation hires Hillary Clinton strategist...
Joel Benenson, a Democratic pollster and former chief strategist to Hillary Clinton, will conduct research for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, according to Politico.
By ceres on 2017-08-03 15:58 UTC
Facebook Employee Making Nearly $20 An Hour Attacks Zuckerberg's Trip To Middle America...
Two Facebook cafeteria workers ripped CEO Mark Zuckerberg for traveling across the United States while ignoring the problems of his employees in Silicon Valley.
By rjx32 on 2017-07-24 23:30 UTC
This Story About Facebook Workers in Menlo Park Is Depressing as Hell...
In his recent adventures beyond the valley, Mark Zuckerberg has made a point of hammering on the issue of income inequality, saying the US should explore ideas like universal basic income to give everyone a cushion to try new things. But Zuckerberg needs
By rjx32 on 2017-07-24 23:00 UTC
Zuckerbergs dystopian vision of the Silicon Valley echo chamber...
Mark Zuckerberg recently released a 5,700 word globalist political manifesto that is utter nonsense - a series of political platitudes trying to be soaring rhetoric. Zuckerberg has not lived in the real world for a long time....What it considers to be fake news or acceptable posts will be slowly
By ceres on 2017-02-19 21:29 UTC
Mark Zuckerberg sparks speculation about political future with 5,800 word global manifesto...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/mark_zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg has sparked further speculation about a future political career after publishing a 5,800-word global manifesto.
By rjx32 on 2017-02-17 01:31 UTC
Zuckerberg Wants Facebook To Stand Against Anti-Globalization Movement...
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Mark Zuckerberg laid out his vision for the future of Facebook, and in doing so took a stand against growing anti-globalization sentiments.
By rjx32 on 2017-02-17 01:29 UTC
Hawaiians call Mark Zuckerberg 'the face of neocolonialism' over land lawsuits...
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Attorneys for Facebooks CEO have filed suits against hundreds of Hawaiians centered around his 700-acre Kauai estate, alarming neighbors who see growing inequality and possible displacement
By rjx32 on 2017-01-24 03:24 UTC

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