Estonian sauna, prostitutes and aggressiveness... | 2020-01-09 08:08 UTC

Baltic states - Estonian sauna, prostitutes and aggressiveness Estonian sauna, prostitutes and aggressiveness

Unfortunately, aggressiveness is the hallmark of our time. People face aggressiveness more and more often. Sometimes the aggressiveness ends without consequences, sometimes innocent people suffer.

This is especially dangerous when attack those people who must defend.

On Saturday night, a NATO soldier was aggressive while in the spa at the largest Estonian spa and sauna centre. Mustamyae Elamuste Keskus staff had to call the police.

The troublemaker turned out to be a 27-year-old NATO soldier. Representative of the NATO enhanced forward presence battle group at Tapa reported that the incident is being investigated.

An eyewitness to the incident told that the soldier was overly aggressive and physically attacked both the spa workers and other visitors. The brawl took place at 2 a.m.

It is worth noting that the spa at such a late hour operates in 21+ mode, that means it is open only to adult visitors, minors are not allowed at this time.

The managers of the largest spa and sauna centre in Estonia declined to comment on what happened. “According to our internal rules, everything that happens in the centre remains in the centre, and we, unfortunately, cannot comment on the actions of our client,” said Andres Tiik, the Executive Director of Elamuste Keskus Mustam.

The circumstances of the incident, the time and age limit of the clients of the center speak for the adult party with alcohol and prostitutes. Though prostitution in Estonia is legalized, such behaviour of soldiers is against generally accepted moral standards. Most likely this is a consequence of inappropriate screening of NATO military personnel who often have a criminal record or problems with drugs and alcohol. The more so, foreign troops feel permissiveness and impunity in the Baltic States because of existing Status of forces agreement which give them immunity while on mission abroad.

Thus, NATO military have become the “untouchable caste”. As usually, nobody will know the truth but NATO soldiers’ reputation is tarnished forever in Estonian sauna.

This is a case in point. Each new case of inappropriate behavior of NATO military personnel makes one think about who has been given the authority to defend ordinary citizens with weapons in the hands? Who are they? What did they do before deploying to the Baltic States? Were they criminals or alcoholics with unbalanced psyche? Do they deserve to be the defendants?

By viktorsdomburs on 2020-01-09 08:08 UTC
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