The backlash against journalists and the "Learn to code" meme kynast | 2019-01-28 19:07 UTC

In the past blue collar workers laid off from their jobs in tough times were told to simply "learn to code" by elitist journalists that defended policies that resulted in layoffs in their industries, off-shored their jobs or were put of out work by being replaced by immigrant labor. Fast forward to 2019 we have entered a period of layoffs across news media outlets. Those who were previously offended by the reporting and the disregard for the suffering of those effected by job losses in the past decided to turn the tables on the news media and told laid off journalists on social media outlets to simply "learn to code".

What is perceived as harassment of journalists has now reached a boiling point so much so Twitter has decided to suspend some offenders.

Search results link for "learn to code" provides a number of results where it is not apparently clear of the prior history and the resulting backlash. The summary above should at least provide some context of the hostility between journalists and their detractors.

By kynast on 2019-01-28 19:07 UTC
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