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Amber Rose to give fans exclusive behind-the-scenes content on Playboy's creator-led digital platform...
Playboy Announces Model and Entrepreneur Amber Rose as a Founding Creator on CENTERFOLD
By socnet on 2022-05-10 09:58 UTC
Key Date Approaching for Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) Shareholders...
Salesforce Announces Timing of its First Quarter Fiscal 2023 Results Conference Call
By socnet on 2022-05-10 09:45 UTC
The Real Numbers Behind Clover Health (Nasdaq: CLOV) Revealed...
Clover Health Reports First Quarter 2022 Financial Results
By socnet on 2022-05-10 09:31 UTC
The Real Numbers Behind Novavax (Nasdaq: NVAX) Revealed...
Novavax Reports First Quarter 2022 Financial Results and Operational Highlights
By socnet on 2022-05-10 09:28 UTC
Biden critics trend 'My 401k' after stock market continues to crash and burn...
Critics of President Joe Biden had "My 401k" trending nationally on Twitter after the stock market continued to crash and burn on Monday. The Dow Jones industrial index closed down nearly 2% on Monday with 11.86% down so far this year, while the N
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-10 01:19 UTC
Bitcoin Drops Below $30K Amid Broader Market Sell-Off, Hits 10-Month Low...
Bitcoin (BTC) fell below $30,000 for the first time in ten months.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-10 01:15 UTC
A 1,000-pound great white shark just spotted off coast of New Jersey...
A 1,000-pound (453 kilograms) migrating great white shark surfaced off the coast of New Jersey April 28 while seeking rich fishing grounds farther north.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-09 15:04 UTC
China is on the hunt for 'Earth 2.0' with proposed space telescope...
China's Earth 2.0 Telescope would look for Earth-size exoplanets with similar orbits around sun-like stars, in hopes of finding an Earth
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-09 15:03 UTC
New York Gov. Hochul tests positive for COVID, as two omicron subvariants spread across Empire State...
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, becoming the latest political leader to succumb to the virus, which is rising across the state driven by two subvariants of omicron. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul tested positive for COVID-19
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-09 15:02 UTC
Business as usual? Greece helps russia avoid sanctions - Die Welt...
European ports are officially closed to Russian ships due to aggression against Ukraine, but the reality is pretty different. And one European nation, in particular.
By ukrainiantribune on 2022-05-09 12:20 UTC
Does America really want real news on cable?...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/news_media
Much of whats now called cable news didnt actually grow out of journalism its origins are talk radio.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-09 02:57 UTC
NTY outs Ed Koch: He told friends 'I want a boyfriend' while pretending to date Jewish Miss America...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/, /contrib/news_media
Koch, who never came out during his lifetime, was a popular NYC mayor during his three terms in office from 1978 to 1989.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-09 02:55 UTC
Russia's space agency chief said his nation could destroy NATO countries in 'half an hour' during a nuclear war...
Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin claimed NATO countries could be quickly destroyed in a nuclear war. The Russian space agency leader said on Telegram that Russia
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-08 14:30 UTC
Dozens of Ukrainians feared dead after Russian bomb hits a school where 90 people were sheltering...
A Russian bomb destroyed a school in the Donbas region where 90 people were sheltering. Officials said they fear that all 60 people still stuck under the rubble
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-08 14:29 UTC
Two million Ukrainians must be eliminated - russian MP [video]...
russian State Duma deputy Alexei Zhuravlyov said that to "denazify" it is necessary to eliminate two million Ukrainians.
By ukrainiantribune on 2022-05-08 13:00 UTC
CDC calls for masks in 37 New York counties with high Covid levels (updated list)...
Only four NYS counties are still at low risk.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-06 15:57 UTC
US FDA restricts usage of Johnson Johnsons COVID vaccine over blood clot concerns...
The United States FDA stated on Thursday that it is now restricting the approved usage of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine over the risk of blood clots.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-06 15:55 UTC
Russia looks to utilize Nord Stream 2 domestically to boost markets as Europe shuns oil...
Russia is looking to ease strains to its market caused by massive international sanctions and gas boycotts by opening the Nord Stream 2 pipeline domestically.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-06 15:52 UTC
The fertilizer crisis is getting worse...
Data: International Food Policy Research Institute , NPK prices; Chart: Axios Visuals The rolling crises of the past few years rendered visible so many vital commodities that plenty of us never gave much thought — nickel, silicon chips, lumber . The
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-05-06 15:50 UTC
Lithuania against INTERPOL...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/
Lithuania, which is the EU member state, positions itself as a state that strictly observes the norms of international law. Its authorities want Lithuania to be at the forefront of compliance with European and international law. But, in reality Lithuanian officials contradict their statements with
By adomas on 2022-05-06 08:11 UTC
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