Pastor Preaches Romans 13 to Rebuke Tyrannical Government as Police Block Drive-In Service on Maundy Thursday...

PJ Media | 2020-04-10 02:39 UTC

"A lot of people have quoted Romans chapter 13, that we should submit to authority, but the Bible says in verse number 3, 'for rulers are not a terror unto good works but to evil.' So the Bible says that rulers should not be against good works. It is a good work to have church service. It's a good work to tell people about Jesus," Hamilton preached. The few cars in the audience honked in agreement.

"Their job is to make sure they stop the evildoers ... not the good-doers, not the good citizens," the pastor continued. "So you police officers, the purpose of you being the law is not to stop people from doing something good. The purpose of you being the law is to stop people doing something evil."

Hamilton went on to cite Acts 5:26-29, when Peter speaks before the Sanhedrin and the High Preist, who had charged the apostles not to preach in Jesus' name. "We are to obey God rather than man," Peter said.

By Anonymous Submission on 2020-04-11 01:41 UTC
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