Petition: Boycott NFL sponsors until Goodell cracks down on those who won't stand for our Flag.... | 2017-09-24 21:38 UTC

Since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't have the courage to stand up to those players who don't respect our Flag and the Freedoms it stands for, we the Fans need to remind him it's us who buys the products of the sponsors who pay to advertise on NFL games. If we stop buying from those sponsors, there will be no NFL. Let the NFL and it's sponsors know we WILL NOT buy any of the sponsor's products until Commissioner Goodell addresses the problem, either by making those who refuse to stand stay in the locker room until the National Anthem is played, or by benching them. These players have a 1st Amendment Right to refuse to stand, just as their employer the NFL has the Right to set workplace rules mandating they stand or suffer consequences.

By patriotsports on 2017-09-24 21:38 UTC
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