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Zuckerberg Loses $24 Billion as Facebook's Market Value Drops $210B...
Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost $24 billion in 24 hours following a bad earnings report, while social media floods with crocodile tears.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-02-03 16:19 UTC
Facebook bans page organizing US trucker convoy to DC...
A popular Facebook group for U.S. truckers planning to protest against vaccine mandates was taken down by the social media platform early Wednesday, leading to accusations of "censorship." The group, "Convoy to DC 2022" had gained upwards
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-02-03 01:52 UTC
StackyPi - Based on Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU...
StackyPi is a small and powerful board that has the RP2040 microcontroller and one set of 2x20 pin headers for connecting Raspberry Pi HATs. It implies that a Raspberry Pi HAT may be plugged in and operated on the StackyPi, allowing the user to execute additional operations.
By diyelectronics on 2022-01-25 10:16 UTC
Social Media Bans of Scientific Misinformation Aren't Helpful, Researchers Say...
There are more effective ways to fight scientific misinformation than banning and removing content, according to the report.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-01-20 18:46 UTC
Russia fines Google $98 million over 'banned content'...
A Russian court levied a 7.2 billion rouble ($98 million) fine against Google on Friday for what it claims are repeated failures by the company to delete content the country has deemed illegal. Though Russia has tagged numerous tech companies throughout t
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-24 21:00 UTC
Silicon Valley and D.C. to meet at CES...
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A slew of lawmakers, agency officials, and other D.C. honchos is headed to Las Vegas next month to weigh in on the state of tech.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-23 15:14 UTC
Twitter Is Giving Special Treatment To Popular And Celebrity Accounts...
Twitter is giving its most prominent users special treatment under a secretive program called 'Project Guardian'. Thousands of Twitter accounts most likely to experience harassment, including those with high follower counts, celebrities and politicians, will have reports of abusive content
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-12-09 15:48 UTC
The Metaverse Is Big Brother in Disguise: Freedom Meted Out by Technological Tyrants...
Welcome to the Matrix (i.e. the metaverse), where reality is virtual, freedom is only as free as one's technological overlords allow, and artificial intelligence is slowly rendering humanity unnecessary, inferior and obsolete.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-11-12 18:37 UTC
Lawsuit: Mark Zuckerberg and Wife's Family Companies Allowed Sexual Harassment, Discrimination...
Two individuals who worked for the household of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have reportedly filed lawsuits against the couple and their family-related corporate entities alleging a series of incidents of sexual harassment and
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-27 17:18 UTC
DOJ announces 150 arrests in darknet opioid trafficking crackdown...
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The Justice Department announced the arrest of 150 alleged darknet drug traffickers and other criminals in a global crackdown on the illicit sale of opioids and other drugs in a sweeping international law enforcement operation conducted across the United
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-26 16:15 UTC
Battery developer claiming 750 mile range raises cash to commercialize...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/, /contrib/auto_industry
One of its battery designs can apparently supply trucks and SUVs with a range of 750 miles — effectively ending the argument over range anxiety in vehicles.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-23 02:12 UTC
Apple Safari browser might become the new Internet Explorer...
WebKit engine is well behind the competition
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-22 14:21 UTC
Netflix is DOWN for Thousands of users worldwide...
Netflix is down for thousands across the globe. Reports began to surface around 3pm ET and is hitting the US, China and other countries in Europe.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-18 20:18 UTC
SSD, HDD Reliability More Similar Than Thought...
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The Backblaze 4U storage pods can save up to 480 TB of user data. Backblaze is setting the record straight on HDD versus SSD reliability. The post SSD, HDD Reliability More Similar Than Thought appeared first on ExtremeTech .
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-18 18:36 UTC
Firefox Now Sends Your Address Bar Keystrokes to Mozilla...
Firefox now sends more data than you might think to Mozilla. To power Firefox Suggest, Firefox sends the keystrokes you type into your address bar, your location information, and more to Mozillas servers. Heres exactly what Firefox is sharing and how to control it.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-09 18:00 UTC
Life's better together when you avoid Windows 11...
Microsoft claims that "life's better together" in their advertising for this latest Windows version, but when it comes to technology, there is no surer way of keeping users divided and powerless than nonfree software. Developing nonfree software is an inherently antisocial act, for it is
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-09 17:58 UTC
Smart Card in Healthcare Market Size, Share & Forecast to 2027...
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Smart Card in Healthcare Market Growth, Trends and Report Highlights

According to a new report Global Smart Card in Healthcare Market, published by KBV research, The Global Smart Card in Healthcare Market size is expected to reach $2.3 billion by 2027, rising at a market growth of 13% CAGR during
By kbvresearch on 2021-10-08 13:26 UTC
XRP Ledger payments could go offline with new Proof of Payments protocol...
Offline payments might soon feature on XRPL as developers at XRP Ledger Labs, the software company behind XRPL-based digital payments solutions, recently revealed the prototype of their Proof of Payments protocol. During a presentation at the Apex Develop
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-07 02:20 UTC
Ex-Google worker recalls 'scary' terminator moment he feared company was 'creating God'...
Google are 'creating God' claims a former employee who watched developers put robotic arms to action. Mo Gawdat admits the artificial intelligence he saw being built during his time at Google, was "really scary".
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-03 03:43 UTC
YouTube Makes 'Mistake,' CENSORS and Then Reinstates Ron Paul Institute Channel...
YouTube responded to Paul about three hours after Paul's complaint on Twitter: "Heard back from our team that this was a mistake and your channel has been reinstated. Thanks for being patient while we sorted this out – we'll be reaching out via email shortly in case you have any
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-10-01 03:01 UTC
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