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DTEK reaches 1 GW of Renewable Energy Generation...
DTEK in the partnership with the Danish company Vestas, the worlds leading wind turbine producer, has accomplished the construction of the Orlivska Wind Powe
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-11-20 05:05 UTC
S&P upgrades Kyiv rating to 'B'...
On Nov. 15, 2019, S&P Global Ratings raised its long-term issuer credit rating on the Ukrainian City of Kyiv to 'B' from 'B-'. The outlook is stable."We
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-11-20 05:04 UTC
NYT uses Ukraine’s map without Crimea, again ...
Ukraine’s Embassy in the United States has appealed to The New York Times over a map of Ukraine without Crimea. According to the Embassy, it wasn’t the first time the NYT used the map that violated the internationally recognized border of Ukraine.
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-11-16 02:02 UTC
Russia deployed more than 30,000 troops in occupied Crimea...
Russia's military presence in the occupied Crimea reached 31,500 troops in Autumn 2019, as well as about a thousand units of military equipment, including tanks
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-11-16 02:01 UTC
Chornobyl tourism is booming...
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Chornobyl tourism is running at twice the level of last year,reports Ukraines State Agency of Exclusion Zone Management. With October recording a m
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-11-16 02:00 UTC
IMF deal is stalled because of Zelensky...
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An IMF deal is stalled because Fund staff members are not convinced President Zelensky will try to recoup the $15 billion stolen from banks closed during the 20
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-11-16 01:59 UTC
Russia obstructs Kazakhstan exports to Ukraine...
The press service of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan reported, on October 25, that Russias current ban on the transit of some Kazakhstani
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-11-16 01:58 UTC
UN court recognized its jurisdiction in the case over Russia's violations...
The International Court of Justice recognized its jurisdiction in the case over Russia's violation of International Convention for the Suppression of the Financ
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-11-16 01:57 UTC
EBRD wants to see an end of the mixed signals on PrivatBank...
Alain Pilloux, the vice president of EBRD of the largest foreign investor in Ukraine, told the investment conference in Mariupol that mixed signals on PrivatBan
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-11-01 00:05 UTC
Ukraine is a risky country with big potential - survey...
According to the American Chamber of Commerces annual Ukraine Business Climate Survey, 82% of 110 top managers of member companies that took part in the surv
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-11-01 00:04 UTC
Kremlin Turns the Orthodox World into a Battlefield...
Religion is a major topic for the pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets.Europe has lost its Christian roots.Jews aim at exterminating all non-Jews.&nbs
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-10-29 23:21 UTC
Russia is desperately seeking recognition for its Crimea annexation...
Crimea is Ukraine. However, the Kremlin and its propaganda machinery will go many extra miles to seek out support of the inaccurate claim that Crimeas status
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-10-29 23:19 UTC
Deconstruction of Russian Propaganda on Ukraine’s History...
Internews Ukraine and UkraineWorld published the book Re-Vision of History: Russian Historical Propaganda and Ukraine. The book hastwo main pillars:
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-10-29 23:18 UTC
Ukraine Peace Talks Get Help From Putin. Crazy, right?...
Russia is letting Zelensky lay out red lines to convince voters he can compromise without capitulating, writes Leonid Bershidsky for Bloomberg from Moscow
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-10-29 23:17 UTC
Glovo plans to double the number of Ukrainian cities where it makes deliveries...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/ukraine
Glovo, the Barcelona-based courier service, plans to almost double the number of Ukrainian cities where it makes deliveries by year-end. From 11 cities today, G
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-10-29 23:17 UTC
Giuliani’s friend is linked to Yanukovych’s stolen cash?...
A business associate ofDonald Trump, Ukraine-born businessman Semyon Kislin, who isdue to give evidenceat the US presidents impeachment inq
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-10-15 10:51 UTC
EU is implementing anti-money laundering program in Ukraine...
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The Council of Europe and the EU Delegation to Ukraine are implementing a 500,000 joint anti-money laundering program.
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-10-15 10:50 UTC
Ukrposhta asks for a limited banking license...
Ukrposhtas bid for a limited banking license is "in progress,"company Director-General Ihor Smelyansky tellsInterfax. Ukrposhta hopes to offer ba
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-10-15 10:48 UTC
AccorHotels is entering Ukrainian market...
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France-based international hotel operator Accor Group has signed an agreement to enter the Ukrainian market with a Swissotel Living hotel in central Kyiv. The new hotel is set to open in the city’s Pechersk district in 2021-2022. It will be located inside an existing historic building that will
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-10-11 15:02 UTC
The numbers don’t lie. Nord Stream-2 is aimed at ending gas transit via Ukraine...
The Nord Stream-2 is not aimed at bringing significant new gas to Germany or Western Europe as promoters often claim - only 9.9 bcma of the total 55 bcma,
By ukrainiantribune on 2019-10-11 15:00 UTC
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