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Verizon Wireless: Fewer dropped calls, more dropped American workers...
Imagine heading into a meeting expecting a raise or promotion. Instead, you're told you'll be laid off in 90 days. To add salt to the wound, your final task at the company is to train your replacement — a foreign laborer willing to work for
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-03-13 15:11 UTC
New Verizon Unlimited Data Plans Will Throttle All Videos: Net Neutrality On Its Way Out The Door...
Verizon replaced its $80 unlimited data plan with new ones that throttle videos. Quality is capped at 480p for smartphones under the $75 Verizon Go Unlimited plan, while the cap is at 720p for the $85 Verizon Beyond Unlimited plan.
By ceres on 2017-08-23 13:39 UTC
Verizon is losing customers like crazy, even with unlimited data plans...
In the first six weeks of 2017, Verizon Wireless lost 398,000 on-contract wireless customers. Consideringthat analysts expected Verizon to add nearly 250,000 customers in the first quarter, that
By rjx32 on 2017-04-20 19:09 UTC

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