Configuration Information: US Top Stories

This US Top Stories News media category is limited to 900+ equally weighted US sources that are sorted by latest published time.  To provide the latest most relevant top stories in this category we use approximately 100 generic action news type keywords as exampled in the search excerpt below.

Attack | Attacks | bomb | bombing | "Breaking news" | casualties | clashes | censorship | coup | demonstrations | epidemic | explosions | terrorist | war ...

All headlines in this category are automatically generated based on these keywords without any human manipulation to favor any news organization, political party, politician or political ideology.

The Contributed button links to categories that are open to everyone to provide contributed news, research and feedback. We neither endorse or oppose the content, links or news sources submitted to the Contributed section by the user community.  The Contributed archive is completely separate from our news media search index, api/downloadable archives and paid subscriptions.

Q&A: Answers to common questions asked about this category.

Q.  Why does publish headlines favoring ______ or against ______ or from  ________ news source?

A:  The fact is we don't. We like to think of this category as someone walking into a public library and seeing a list of newly available books to pick and chose from.   A snapshot in time of what is currently available and not curated by the librarian.   One would not expect a librarian to endorse all books in a library as one should not expect to endorse all news sources, headlines or any editorial content.

Q.  Where can I find a rundown of headlines from all US news sources not limited by keywords?

A:  Simply selecting the United States category from the "Regions" drop-down menu. The exact link is

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Last updated: 01/09/19