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Defense spending or house heating in Lithuania | The Baltic Word...
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The Lithuanian government is again trying to please NATO, without thinking about the local population.
By Dominykas1980 on 2021-10-04 07:34 UTC
The costs of Lithuanian local population to NATO...
The Lithuanian authorities are taking away the last money from the population of the republic to finance NATO.

In 2021, Lithuanian defense spending will increase of 53.5 million Euros. The Republic decided to allocate funds for the protection of the state border and the country’s financial
By Dominykas1980 on 2021-09-01 08:19 UTC
Military “HEROES” in the Baltic States...
NATO troops in the Baltics and Lithuanian military will not stop surprising. It is reported that about fights with local residents, then the theft of dry rations, then the rape of comrade-in-arms and so on. Let’s review the sensational events in the Baltic States with the participation of military
By Dominykas1980 on 2021-08-20 14:03 UTC

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