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Baltic States are desperate to increase their influence in Europe...
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The United States and the European Union harshly condemned the incumbent the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko for the situation with the riots and supported the protesters.

In this situation, you need to understand that Washington is acting by the same methods as during the recent protests

Washington continues to take care of the Baltic States...

The United States will deploy a battalion of troops to Lithuania this autumn for a rotation of more than half a year, Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis said on Wednesday.

“A battalion is coming from Poland in mid-September for two weeks of training in Pabradė. After a break of several weeks or a

The Baltic States and sold freedom...

Military personnel from Latvia and Lithuania are participating in joint exercise with the U.S. Northern Strike2020. Northern Strike 20 is held July 19-31 at Michigan’s National All-Domain Warfighting Center, encompassing Camp Grayling Maneuver Training Center and Alpena Combat Readiness Training

Riga blames Moscow for destroying Latvian transit...

The Latvian Ministry of Transport has published transit industry statistics this week. These figures show the total collapse of the transit sector of the economy.

It is surprising, but officials have not admitted that the main reason for the decadence of Latvian ports and railways is Riga’s

Baltic countries are begging troops from Washington...

“Washington intends to relocate 9,500 U.S. troops from Germany to two different countries by the end of September” said U.S. President Donald Trump in his interview with the Washington Post last week. Poland is already in line to receive some of these troops. The second one will be a country that

What is the real goal of NATO in the Baltics? | The Baltic Word...
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U.S. will transfer 2,000 troops and military equipment to Poland. Military infrastructure of NATO continues to be deployed in the Baltic States. The main opponent of the Alliance is Russia.

NATO destroys the image of the Baltic armed forces - The Baltic Word...
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Opinion - NATO destroys the image of the Baltic armed forces NATO destroys the image of the Baltic armed forces

The leaders of the Baltic countries are less worried about the security of their countries, preferring to delegate this responsibility to NATO and the European Union. The situation is that

Baltic independence depends on NATO...
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Opinion - Baltic independence depends on NATO Baltic independence depends on NATO

Baltic countries are on the verge of state bankruptcy...
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- Baltic countries are on the verge of state bankruptcy The coronavirus pandemic spreads throughout the world. And its victims are not only people, but also the economies of states.

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