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South Africa Confirms Likelihood of Saudi Arabia Joining BRICS Economic Alliance...
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South African President Cyril Ramaphosa held a two-day summit with Saudi Arabia on mostly economic matters. At the conclusion of the summit, he confirmed the intent of Saudi Arabia to join the BRICS economic coalition, which should not come as a surprise

Years of drought squeezing tomato farmers...
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Between the crushing three-year drought and the rising cost of growing tomatoes, farmers are feeling the squeeze as their margins get sliced and diced.

Amazon's second Prime Day is a flop as inflation takes bite out of consumer spending...
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The Seattle-based e-commerce giant generated just $5.7 billion in revenue from last week's Prime Early Access sale.

A cancer vaccine could be ready in MONTHS: Drug giant Merck teams with Moderna to develop cancer jab...
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The new shot - designed by Boston biotech Moderna for people with high-risk melanoma - is in the second of three trials and a verdict on whether it works or not is expected within months.

The Biggest Nuclear War Threats Since Cuban Missile Crisis...
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Newsweek takes you through the most serious nuclear war near misses since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and compares them with the ongoing Ukraine war.

How the Most Populated Cities in the World Would Be Impacted by Nuclear War...
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A 350-kiloton W-78 nuclear bomb on Tokyo, the most-populated city in the world, would produce 760,490 deaths and almost three million injuries.

Dem senator calls on Biden to cut off sales of antimissile systems to Saudi Arabia...
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Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., called on the Biden administration Thursday to cut off sales of U.S. antimissile systems to Saudi Arabia and provide them instead to Ukraine, Poland or other countries that right now matter more to the United States than Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has screwed over the US and the world yet again. Enough is enough...
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By gouging global oil prices, Saudi Arabia has humiliated Biden and boosted Putin. The US must end this unofficial alliance

New evidence shows how Trump planned to falsely declare victory and steal the election...
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"It was premeditated."... For the second time, the committee played leaked audio first reported by Mother Jones in which Trump adviser Steve Bannon, during an October 31, 2020, meeting, said that Trump had a “strategy” to prematurely assert he had won on Election Day. Explaining the so-called “red

NASA's Swift and Fermi missions detect exceptional cosmic blast...
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Astronomers around the world are captivated by an unusually bright and long-lasting pulse of high-energy radiation that swept over Earth on Sunday, Oct. 9. The emission came from a gamma-ray burst (GRB)—the most powerful class of explosions in the u

The Fed is losing the war against inflation...
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No one expected the Federal Reserve to be able to smother inflation swiftly. But after seven months of rapidly rising interest rates, the central bank has hardly made a dent.

Inflation Report Seals Case for 0.75-Point Fed Rate Rise in November...
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Another uncomfortably high inflation reading for September is likely to keep the Federal Reserve on track to increase interest rates by 0.75 percentage point at its meeting next month.

Everybody is looking at inflation through the wrong lens. The best measure shows it fell to the Fed's target in the past three months....
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The three-month smoothed annual rate is telling us that inflation is under control --- for now.

Reports: Trump aide seen moving boxes at Mar-a-Lago before, after FBI search...
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A longtime aide of former President Donald Trump was captured on security cameras moving boxes out of a storage area at Mar-a-Lago before and after the Justice Department issued a subpoena demanding the return of all cla

Alex Jones Mocks Grieving Sandy Hook Families As He Livestreams $1B Verdict: “Do These People Really Think They’re Getting Any Of This Money?”...

Alex Jones was not in a Connecticut courtroom today as a nearly $1 billion judgement was read against him in the defamation case brought by families of children murdered in the Sandy Hook School Sh

Jury decides Alex Jones must pay $965M for Sandy Hook false claims...
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The jury awarded the cash award to the families of five children and three educators killed in the attack.

Institutional investors 'buying in bulk' as homebuying cools...
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Institutional investors see an opportunity as homebuilders try to unload properties.

Graham told officers Jan. 6 rioters should have been shot 'in the head' — new book...
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Former D.C. police officer Michael Fanone described the conversation in his new book, set for release Tuesday.

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