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Meta stock plunges 11% as quarterly revenue falls for a second straight time...
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Shares of Meta dropped sharply on Wednesday after the company reported falling revenue for a second straight quarter, and projected another decline in sales for the final quarter.

The Rental Market Is Cooling. Official Inflation Data Won't Show It Any Time Soon....
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One of the heaviest components of the consumer price index is a lagged indicator. That's a confounding problem for the Fed, writes Jay Parsons.

Potential cancer breakthrough: Scientists develop a drug that can block cancer-causing gene...
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A team of Spanish scientists has developed a mini protein that, when injected, can slow the growth process of different types of tumors. The injection was deemed safe for cancer patients.

TRAPPIST-1 Planets May Be Far More Habitable Than We First Thought...
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At 40 light years away from Earth, TRAPPIST-1's four Goldilocks zone planets are one of the prime candidates for finding extra-terrestrial life.

Thirty Progressive House Democrats Urge Biden to Negotiate With Russia...
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A group of progressive House Democrats is urging President Biden to negotiate with Russia and seek a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine. In a letter to Biden signed by 30 House Democrats, the lawmakers said they have supported Bidens Ukraine policy but that the risk of nuclear war and

Quebec separatist party calls on Canada to split with British monarchy...
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Canada's Quebec separatist party on Tuesday called on the federal government to sever ties with the British monarchy, saying the recent transfer of the crown to King Charles was an opportunity to do so.

Fetterman and Oz to face off Tuesday in only debate of marquee Pennsylvania Senate race...
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When Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz debate in Harrisburg on Tuesday, it will be the first time the candidates in the highest profile Senate race of the year have ever met.

People with long COVID at risk of developing POTS ...
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Bringing Taiwan to the World and the World to Taiwan

Japan steps up push to get public buy-in to digital IDs...
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TOKYO (AP) — Japan has stepped up its push to catch up on digitization by telling a reluctant public they have to sign up for digital IDs or possibly lose access to their public health insurance. A...

'Flood Into' Crypto—Bitcoin Poised For An Unexpected S&P 500 Earthquake After $2 Trillion Ethereum, BNB, XRP, Solana, Cardano And Dogecoin Price Crash...
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/contrib/business/, /contrib/cryptocurrencies

Investor and Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary has predicted a long-awaited piece of regulation could be poised to catapult bitcoin and crypto into the S&P 500—warning,

Analyst Who Called 2022 Bitcoin Crash Predicts Imminent Rally for BTC and Ethereum, Issues Alert to XRP Holders...

The crypto strategist who accurately called Bitcoin's collapse earlier this year says rallies are in sight for both BTC and Ethereum (ETH). A short squeeze happens when traders who borrow units of an asset at a certain price in hopes of selling them for a lower price to pocket the difference are

Shiba Inu [SHIB]: Why investors should closely watch the latest burn reaction...
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Contrary to its recent trend, Shiba Inu's [SHIB] burn rate spiked incredibly by 1858% in the last 24 hours. According to Shibburn's data, the hike pushed the total SHIB burned within the period to a figure of 45,165,582 SHIB. In doing so, the tota

Report: Salman Rushdie lives, but loses use of eye and hand...
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/contrib/world/, /contrib/salman_rushdie

Salman Rushdie's agent says the author has lost sight in one eye and the use of a hand as he recovers from an attack at an August literary event.

Canuck Despot Justin Trudeau Reveals "Freeze" on Handgun Sales & Transfers...
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The following article, Canuck Despot Justin Trudeau Reveals "Freeze" on Handgun Sales & Transfers , was first published on Big League Politics . Canada is becoming a hub for woke tyranny. Continue reading: Canuck Despot Justin Trudeau Reveals "

Diesel Supply of Just 25 Days Poses Problem for Biden...
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Diesel demand is surging in the US while supplies remain at the lowest seasonal level ever, according to government data released Wednesday.

Border Patrol reports 2.4 million migrant arrests at southwest border this year, the most ever recorded...
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Migrant arrests, or encounters, for the year were 37% higher than last year, and more than two times the number recorded in 2019.

Student loan forgiveness plan blocked by federal appeals court...
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President Joe Biden's plans to forgive student loan debt has been blocked temporarily by the 8th U.S. iCircuit Court of Appeals, which issued the stay Friday evening.

Verizon's new prepaid plans are cheaper — but not really...
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/contrib/tech/, /contrib/verizon_wireless

Verizon's new unlimited and 15GB prepaid phone plans come with lower prices, but plan discounts have been reduced, too. Without the ability to stack loyalty and autopay discounts, the prices work out to be the same.

The U.S. Is in for Another Super-Dry Winter...
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The latest forecast from NOAA says that La Nia will make for a dry winter—a sign that we can expect another year of drought.

Android 13 is coming to Windows 11, along with some new capabilities...
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/contrib/tech/, /contrib/microsoft, /contrib/android

The Android app experience is ever-improving on Windows.

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