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Brittney Griner facing 'terrible' life at remote penal colony in Russia...
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It is unclear if one of the newest arrivals American basketball star Brittney Griner will take part in this strict regimen or receive special treatment, but experts familiar with the criminal justice system in Russia paint a worrisome picture.

TSA now wants to scan your face at security. Here are your rights....
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16 major domestic airports are testing facial-recognition tech to verify IDs and it could go nationwide in 2023.

Elon Musk alleges SBF donated over $1B to Democrats: "Where did it go?"...

SBF made the "highest ROI trade of all time" by donating $40 million to the right people for getting away with stealing over $10 billion, said Will Manidis, the CEO of ScienceIO.

Trump calls for termination of Constitution to suit his needs...
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Trump is not letting go of his grievances towards his last presidential loss

Cali Reparations Task Force Preparing $223,000 Per Person Recommendation...
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Are we about to see what large-scale, monetary reparations looks like in real time?

Megatsunami swept over Mars after massive asteroid hit the Red Planet...
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A Martian megatsunami may have raced across the Red Planet after a cosmic impact similar to the one that likely ended Earth's age of dinosaurs, a new study finds.

Why Are Middle-Aged Men Missing From the Labor Market?...
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/contrib/US/, /contrib/unemployment

For the past five months Paul Rizzo, 38, has been delivering food and groceries through the DoorDash app. But he

Silent synapses are abundant in the adult brain: These immature connections may explain how the adult brain is able to form new memories and absorb new information...
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Neuroscientists discovered that the adult brain contains millions of 'silent synapses' -- immature connections between neurons that remain inactive until they're recruited to help form new memories.

James Webb Space Telescope view of Saturn's weirdest moon Titan thrills scientists...
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/contrib/science/, /contrib/space_news

Titan is a strange world — a little bit Earthlike, if land were made of water ice, rivers and seas were filled with liquid methane and other hydrocarbons, and the atmosphere were thick and hazy, dotted with methane clouds. And now, the James Webb Space Telescope (Webb or JWST) has observed two of

Ted Cruz sides with Bernie Sanders to give rail workers more sick days...
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WASHINGTON — It's not every day that conservative stalwart Sen. Ted Cruz — breaking with fellow Texas Republican John Cornyn — votes with democratic socialist B

Gannett initiates another round of layoffs, cutting its news division by 6%...
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Gannett started another round of layoffs Thursday, just four months after the company terminated hundreds of employees. The layoffs, which will continue into Friday, are part of Gannett's efforts to [...] The post Gannett initiates another round of la

Hooded Kanye West praises Nazis during Alex Jones interview: 'I see good things about Hitler'...
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/contrib/entertainment/, /contrib/kanye_west

"I see good things about Hitler, also," the rapper who changed his legal name to Ye told Jones on Thursday.

2 Chinese, 6 Russian warplanes enter S. Korea's air defense zone without notice: JCS...

SEOUL, Nov. 30 (Yonhap) -- Two Chinese and six Russian warplanes entered South Korea'...

CNN layoffs: Network's new boss Chris Licht announces mass cuts to staff starting from Wednesday...
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An all-staff memo was sent to employees at CNN by CEO Chris Licht indicating that the network has begun the process of layoffs.

Ex-Secret Service agent testifies to Jan. 6 committee about Trump's demand to lead Capitol attack...
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Ex-White House official and Secret Service agent Tony Ornato faced a grilling Tuesday from the Jan. 6 committee about former President Donald Trump’s demands to be taken to lead the storming of the Capitol.

Ornato was sure to be asked about the bombshell testimony of White House aide Cassidy

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes guilty of seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 case...
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Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was convicted of seditious conspiracy for a violent plot to overturn Democrat Joe Biden's presidential win.

AMC Networks CEO Christina Spade exits after less than 3 months as company warns of mass layoffs...
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/contrib/entertainment/, /contrib/amc

AMC has seen its quarterly revenue fall 16% in the period that ended Sept. 30.

China could have 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035: Pentagon report...
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China's stockpile of nuclear warheads has surpassed 400 in a fraction of the time previously estimated by the United States, a major Pentagon report revealed, with Beijing focusing on accelerating its nuclear expansion as it seeks to challenge the US

Firm with $4.5 Trillion Worth of Assets Under Management Enables Bitcoin Trading...

U.S. asset manager Fidelity has decided to launch Bitcoin (BTC) trading for retail investors, catering to the needs of a growing number of the company's clients.

Kraken decides to settle Iran sanction allegations with U.S. regulators...
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/contrib/cryptocurrencies, /contrib/business/

On 28 November, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has agreed to pay a settlement fee of $362,000 against accusations that it violated sanctions against Iran. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken, was

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