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Facebook Scandal Could Push Other Tech Companies to Tighten Data Sharing...
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/contrib/tech/, /contrib/facebook

Big Internet companies and small software developers alike are now likely to face scrutiny over how they share customer information.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Google Pixel 2: Camera comparison...
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/contrib/tech/, /contrib/mobile_phones

Two leading phones, two of the best camera experiences available today.We've compared the broad strokes of how Samsung and Google take very different approaches to making a top-end smartphone. The processes are different, but the end results are very

World's largest collection of ocean garbage is now twice the size of Texas...
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/contrib/science/, /contrib/environment

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a collection of floating trash halfway between Hawaii and California, has grown to more than 600,000 square miles, or twice the size of Texas.

YouTube to ban videos about gun sales and modifications...
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/contrib/tech/, /contrib/youtube, /contrib/censorship

YouTube has instituted tougher restrictions for videos about firearms sales and modifications.

Best Buy to stop selling phones from Huawei; Chinese company has been accused of spying...
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/contrib/business/, /contrib/Asia/China/

Huawei has been unable to sign up a U.S. carrier for its phones in the U.S. Lawmakers believe the Chinese tech giant has ties to espionage.

Bill Gates criticizes 'America First rhetoric' ahead of Trump meeting...
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/contrib/politics/, /contrib/bill_gates

Bill Gates criticized President Trump's foreign policy rhetoric hours before his meeting with the president on Thursday, promising to make the case for increased foreign aid.

Natalee Holloway case: Man who claimed to help Joran van der Sloot dispose of teen's body is stabbed to death...
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/contrib/US/, /contrib/natalee_holloway

Ludwick, 32, of Port Charlotte, Fla., a community northwest of Fort Myers, Fla., was stabbed to death Tuesday after he attempted to kidnap a woman from her vehicle in nearby North Port, police said.

Bitcoin's Highly-Anticipated Lightning Network Goes Live As Startup Raises $2.5 Million...
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/contrib/business/, /contrib/cryptocurrencies, /contrib/bitcoin

After more than a year of testing, a beta version of Lightning Labs's Lightning Network software for Bitcoin's mainnet is now available.

US says Russia launched a cyberattack on its energy grid...
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/contrib/US/, /contrib/russia

The US has introduced new sanctions against Russia after accusing the country not only of interfering in the 2016 election, but also launching a cyberattack on its energy grid. Officials say that malware traced back to Moscow had been found to have infect

6-year-old student's 'violent hand gestures' prompt police probe at elementary school...
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/contrib/US/, /contrib/us/pa/

Police said they are treating the case as a terroristic threats investigation.

Report: Trump Indicates He May Yank US Troops From SKorea Over Trade...
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/contrib/business/, /contrib/Asia/South_Korea/

President Donald Trump seemed to imply that he could withdraw U.S. troops from South Korea over trade negotiations.

iHeartMedia, the largest U.S. radio station owner, files for bankruptcy...
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iHeartMedia, the holding company of iHeartRadio Inc., the biggest operator of radio stations in the United States, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The San-Antonio-based group reached an in-principle agreement with creditors to restructure an overwhel

Trump Imposes New Russia Sanctions...
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/contrib/world/, /contrib/russia

The Trump administration is imposing sanctions on 19 Russians for alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. election, including 13 indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller.

California Appoints Illegal Alien to State Office...
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/contrib/US/, /contrib/us/ca/

California has its first illegal alien in state office, after Senate President pro Tem Kevin de Len (D-Los Angeles) appointed Lizbeth Mateo to the California Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee.

New Jersey Muslim Admits Bomb Plot With ISIS to Blow New York Spot...
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/contrib/US/, /contrib/us/ny/, /contrib/terrorism

A Point Pleasant man admitted in court he was working with ISIS to built a pressure cooker bomb and detonate it at a choice spot in New York.

CNN Compares ICE To Nazis...
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CNN is pushing a story that compares ICE to Nazis, citing a Jewish woman who believes that deporting illegal immigrants is similar to the Holocaust.

Judge Napolitano Shocked By California Immigration Law: Nothing Like It Since The Civil War...
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/contrib/politics/, /contrib/US/, /contrib/us/ca/

Andrew Napolitano expressed outrage at the latest immigration laws in California and said he hasn't heard of anything like this since the civil war.

Pro-Lifers To Hand Deliver Letter To Irish Prime Minister On St. Patty's Day WH Visit...
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A myriad of pro-life group presidents wrote and signed a letter they will hand deliver to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar during his Thursday visit to the WH.

NASA Kepler Spacecraft Nears Death: Fuel To Run Out Within Several Months...
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/contrib/science/, /contrib/space_news, /contrib/kepler

The Kepler space telescope will run out of fuel and end its mission within several months, NASA said. The spacecraft, which has survived through several close calls, has detected 2,245 exoplanets and will continue collecting data until it shuts down

ADHD drugs increase brain glutamate, predict positive emotion in healthy people...
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New findings offer clues about how misused drugs affect healthy brains and hint at an undiscovered link between glutamate and mood.

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